Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drowning Out

Dark water
Last night I dreamed that a little girl drowned and I was trying to save her, but lost her underwater. Later, in my dream, she turned up as an older child who just wasn’t answering her mobile, and I thought in my dream, thank goodness, she didn’t drown after all!

I believed this dream was prompted by the sad news of a small boy, Dylan Cecil, drowning near my home town in the U.K. Notorious rough tides off that south-west coast (Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset), literally dragged the four-year-old into the water from a jetty. His parents leaped into the murky depths, in a desperate attempt to rescue him, unfortunately, to no avail.

I had the radio on this morning, listening to the news from the U.K. as usual. I heard that a five-year-old British girl, Lara Lewis, had also drowned yesterday, along with her grandfather, while holidaying at a coastal resort in Portugal. This shocked me as I recalled my dream.

Then I started to inevitably think about the drowning deaths I had read about in the media. Of course, Tony Scott’s recent death came to mind, was it the leap or the water that killed him?

I remembered reading how Prince William had just saved a teenage girl from drowning off the coast of Wales, in his magical rescue helicopter.

Adding to all these stories of drowning, I now read that Natalie Wood’s death certificate has been changed in line with new investigations into her mysterious death-by-drowning back in 1981.

The certificate has been changed to reflect some of the questions surrounding her death. The document was amended from “accidental drowning” to "drowning and other undetermined factors". It also states that the circumstances of how she ended up in the water off Catalina Island, in November 1981, are "not clearly established".

My question is this, why so much emphasis on drowning in the media these past few days? I hardly remember a time when there was so much focus on one particular ‘style of death’, as macabre as that sounds. This gives me a feeling of uneasiness, as I ponder the significance of ‘drowning’ in the world.

Then there's this... American Everyman blog  also picked up on an Aurora linked drowning here...


Anon said...

Strange connections!

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

It makes me think about the account of Noah, when the wicked angels/demons, who came down to the earth to father children with the daughters of men, had to see their wives and offspring die in the flood. Returning to heaven but finding no place there, they obviously blame God for their self-inflicted misfortune.

Since these demons are today influencing the world partly by controlling the media, it's interesting that you can often see in movies and music videos, scenes where there are people drowning and especially the corpses of women floating in water, and these scenes are often completely unmotivated from the story. These scenes are an accusing finger toward God saying: "See what you did to our women!"

Another interesting fact is that if you research the Bible it says that the flood came on the 17th of the second month (moon calendar btw), and the year in those times began roughly in the middle of september (september 11th?) and thus the day of the flood would fall at or very near the end of october/beginning of november. And what do you have there?
Halloween: A deeply occult, demonic holiday celebrating the souls of the dead ones...