Saturday, July 11, 2015

But it IS...only... a Trick of the Light?

So, what is really going on in the world lately? Can you see? Can you guess? Can you see through the glare of the press? A 'Gladio' style operation on our door step?

Remember, it's the height of the summer, but we must not venture off to a hot Mediterranean holiday, nor to a city centre hot spot. For you never know what dark deeds are afoot. You can only guess who might be lurking behind the shadows of the umbrella.

The powers-that-be, currently engaged in the Brussels ‘Let's Destroy Democracy' war games, would have us all believe that, if we trust our government, we will be protected.

This doesn’t mean that we shirk our responsibilities. We must keep ourselves informed and alert to the dangers. Remember, it only takes a lone student gunman terrorist, wandering around a holiday resort killing tourists at random, to erect a memorial in Hyde Park these days, and we don’t need any more of those now do we?
Diving is good
Of course, the suspension of disbelief is a must, and should be adhered to, as much as is possible. For example, family of twelve, including an 11 month old baby, and Cancer ridden great-grandmother, have decided to end their holiday to Bangladesh by joining Isis in Syria. You must believe it, especially when it’s been on the BBC, Channel 4 and SKY News.

When these mass-media reporting straight from Gaza tell you that Hamas says it doesn’t believe, support, or condone Isis, you have to wonder why? For years Syria and Assad were a target for the West, due mainly to the fact that the former was a strong-hold and supporter of Hamas. Now it’s home to Isis? How does this make any sense?
A Speargun for enthusiasts
Kind of like the British press, when they report on lone-gunmen, then go on and tell us this…

Daily Express, Tuesday, June 30th – Anil Dawar

I saw second gunman on beach says Briton.

A RETIRED British police officer caught up in the Tunisian massacre yesterday told how he saw a second gunman open fire on tourists.

Steve Johnson who was on the beach when Seifeddine Rezgui went on his rampage, described seeing a man in red shorts also armed with an automatic rifle shooting sunbathers. His sighting contradicted official accounts suggesting that Rezgui, dressed in black, was operating as a 'lone wolf' attacker.

Mr Johnson, 65, an ex-Leicester Rugby Club captain and England B player, now a BBC commentator, was on holiday with his wife Val 64, and another retired policeman Michael Perry, 66, and his wife angela, 59.

He said: 'We were on the beach when I heard gunshots and I just told people to run - run and got off the beach as fast as I could. I looked back and I saw a man in red shorts machine-gunning someone on a sun lounger. He can't have been more than 20 yards away from us'.

When a Tunisian policeman later escorted them back to the hotel they passed a body covered with a sheet in a corridor. 'I could see he was the right build and colouring of the shooter I had seen.' he said, 'and he had the red shorts on.'

'When we got the news we saw that it was being reported that there was just a single shooter. But the second shooter is still not being reported and I don't know why'.

The former policeman praised local officers. He said, 'They did the lock-down very quickly I don't think anywhere in the UK, except maybe in London, could have done it quicker!'