Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cyprus... Still here!

It's October 18th 2011 and Cyprus is still here, no earthquake destruction, no tsunami, no end-of-the-world... it didn't happen, but this did....

...and this....

...and this....

My apologise to readers, I've been out of touch for a while... too much BS to deal with lately! If anyone is watching the news about what is happening in the Med. and near east region, you may have heard about Turkish threats to invade Cyprus again, if oil and gas drilling continues.

It's obviously a very tricky political game and it's anyones guess what will happen next. What I can tell you is that I have my passport with me at all times, just in case. Sounds mad doesn't it... that's what they said in Beirut and Tripoli and what they said back in 1974. The world is a different place now, but people haven't really changed that much.

Message to Rogerio: Don't blame the ‘crop-circle making inner-earth people or benevolent aliens’ - they can't win every time!

It has just been announced that there are confident estimates of billions of dollars worth of oil and gas off the coast... Soon everyone is gonna want to come to Cyprus (for a piece of the action)... and I'm not sure that's a good thing!

P.S. To the AWESOME Living Tiki of The Age of Volcanoes blog - I salute you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apocalypse Elenin or Psy-Op-War - You Choose!

A picture of Cyprus taken by NASA astronauts from ISS, the International Space Station (2010). But what’s this? A rogue Comet ‘Elenin’, influencing earth, and most specifically Cyprus? Have I fallen into yet another dimension?

The Discovery

This morning I discover a Brazilian psychic is claiming to have direct contact with extra-terrestrials discussing the fate of Cyprus? He thinks they may actually be inner-earth inhabitants or descendants of Lemuria. I ask myself again, what’s going on?

I have somehow managed to miss this year’s Avebury crop circle formation referencing Cyprus and the coming destruction. Where have I been?

Yes, we have electricity back, but the country is still in the grip of political and economic crisis. We are now at the mercy of the EU, US, UN, CIA, FBI, IKEA, and any other suitably acronym’d organisation that has enough power to destroy the calm of the collective’s psyche. I must include in my recent discovery, KYP… aka, the Cypriot Secret Service.

As I stared at my computer and replayed the ominous video produced by one Rogério Godoy, of a blog called ‘contatoalienigena’, things began to click. Cyprus is in the midst of a Psy-Op-War–style operation, which started long before the explosion at the naval base, and probably has been in the pipeline for years. How do I know this?

The Significance of… Cyprus

The significance of Cyprus on the world stage is pivotal, though its role is never highlighted. In some circles the island is called ‘America’s Aircraft Carrier’ because of its proximity to all the ‘hot’ zones in the middle-east. You can sail a yacht to Lebanon and just as easily launch a Patriot on Syria, with nothing in your way except for a few sea-gulls or a passenger airliner full of tourists.

Those blogs and sites that talk about mass-population mind-control should research Cyprus. There is a wealth of information demonstrating how the entire country has been manipulated over the years. For such a small country it’s had more than its fair share of tragedy and tribulation.

What else is there to notice about Cyprus? There are a few American and British Air Force Bases scattered around, it’s a route for Extraordinary Rendition flights as well as debriefing for returning soldiers from Afghanistan, it’s an Echelon Station, a HAARP Station, a hot-bed for chemtrails and UFO sightings, and there’s a human-cloning lab apparently.

Even the researchers over at ‘The Atlantis Project’ say that Cyprus is the location of that famed advanced civilization. I kid you not. Just go online, type any of the terms I’ve mentioned into Google and you will see a microcosmic universe of conspiracy open up in front of your eyes!

Let’s get back to the real point for this post.

I know that this sounds like something you couldn’t make up… and I didn’t. Not wanting to send people to this guy Rogério’s Blog (he already has more readers than I do) I will summarise.

Rogerio is a 52 year old psychic blogger from Brazil. His site is usually written in Portuguese, but for some reason the 'aliens' have sent him a message that he should post on the destruction of Cyprus in English (go figure). I contemplated contact with him to confirm his contact with the extra-inter-terrestrials, but then changed my mind (as you do).

Posted on 1st August 2011

“Alien message: Elenin alignment cause earthquake in Cyprus October 17, 2011”

On July 29, 2011, I received a telepathic message from inner earth people or by benevolent aliens, different from the previous messages I received weeks before.
"The message is this:

“Cyprus, CO2, posts in English, Harbor."

Rogerios goes on to explain this message of destruction with scientific information from NASA and his own research (he is working on his pineal gland right now). Perhaps I sound like I am judging him, and perhaps he really is a 52 year old psychic blogger from Brazil, who communicates with aliens, and see’s images of greys stamped on his bathroom carpet (really, he does). You want the link to his YouTube page so you can see it for yourself don't you?

Normally such drivel would only warrant a couple of one-liner jokes on my part. But living in Cyprus now, I’m sensing something more sinister in the works. There is no doubt there appears to be an increase in events of ‘high-strangeness’ here.

A Message to you Rudy

On his blog, Rogerios shows a picture of the British Airforce Base of Akrotiri as the supposed epi-centre of a mega 9.8 quake. I begin to see red flags popping up in the distance.

Last week I received a late-night text from my boss. He was warning all employees to be vigilant because his wife had been given some startling news while visiting Geneva. For obvious reasons I am not able to discuss my current job situation right now, but I can discuss the text. His wife was informed via e-mail, that the UN has issued an advisory to its staff based in Cyprus about ‘increased earthquake activity in the area’.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence around Cyprus so we rarely get anything officially announced. When Rogerios says that he was told by the ‘aliens’ that the destruction will take place on Monday 17th October 2011, I think that something definitely is coming. Whatever it is, it’s not going to be pretty. It may not happen on this date, but the powers-that-be have something in the works for Cyprus…

It’s worth mentioning the really unsettling coincidence that there are rumors of vast reserves of oil and gas located off the coast of Cyprus in its exclusive economic zone. Test drilling is due to begin at the end of September. Cyprus desperately needs to maximise on its natural resources as the energy crisis intensifies. The island has never been more significant than it is right now.

As much as I would like to dismiss Rogerios and his ramblings, I can’t help but believe that, whoever is suddenly opening YouTube accounts and blogging about Cyprus must be doing it for a reason.

Like those crazy embedded-coded messages and symbols that stare us in the face during movies for example. I would like to send my own message out to any ‘crop-circle making inner-earth people or benevolent aliens’ that may be listening…


(You will rarely hear me swear!)


When stories like these begin to appear, you know 'something' is up!


N.B. Cypress is a Tree - Cyprus is a Country! Although this Sorcha article is full of disinfo and coded freaky BS, there are some interesting links.


Could it be those inner-earth people upset about America's Nobel Energy Inc. drilling for oil and Gas beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Med. again?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toxic or radioactive substances from the explosion in Cyprus? Thanks Clinton!

July 12, 2011 | Source: onalert.gr

What was the ammunition that exploded in Cyprus, spreading death? The Greek Weapons Control Center has its own suspicions and estimates, which refer even to toxic or radioactive substances.

“Watching the devastation of the surrounding area one can realize that the power of the explosion was extreme.

We observe the typical well at metal constructions and even in cars that indicate that the blast was a force of at least some tones of nitroglycerine.”

Such effects are observed only in nuclear explosions and the case is one of the most incredible military accidents in history.

We have several suspicions about the materials that were inside the containers, said Director of the Center for Arms Control in the media and stressed that remains of the explosions should immediately be sampled because of suspicious of toxic or radioactive substances.

According to the calculations of Dr. Theodore Liolios an explosion of a one kiloton nuclear bomb (about a tenth of the Hiroshima bomb) creates a crater with a diameter of 60 meters and a depth of 15 meters.

If media reports are accurate a 50 meter diameter crater was created, so we can figure the force of the explosion. (Of course the calculations relate to the blast).

The explosive force (on land) at the Cyprus naval base, was one of the largest blasts recorded after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prometheus Bound

The above demonstration took place Wednesday night outside the Presidential Palace.

The disgraced President made a public appearance on Thursday, but forgot to apologize, and made a second appearance yesterday to say that 'it goes without saying that he regrets what happened'.

There is going to be a major protest taking place on Monday night, the 18th July, in Freedom Square. I am planning on being there. I'm not sure what will happen before then.

Ironically the annual 'Ancient Greek Drama Festival' continues this week. On Monday night it's the turn of 'Prometheus Bound', written by Aeschylus 430BC.

Pandora's Box

The blast wave of the explosion of 'gun powder' caused extensive damage but the trees in this picture are untouched! There is also a huge discrepancy about 'times' of the event. Apparently there was a fire at 4.00am or 4.15am but the explosion occurred at 5.45am, other news sources say a fire started at 3.45am (not the usual time for bush fires) and an explosion at 4.00am... Its been five days, and still no clear picture.

The Local Financial Express Newspaper reported the incident like this. I have made some emphasis and added corrections.

ZYGI, (Cyprus), July 11: A fire and explosion at a Cyprus naval base that damaged (destroyed) an adjacent power plant may have killed as many as fifteen people and knocked out 50 per cent (60-70%) of the island's electricity supply. The fire, which started in dry grass around 4 a.m. local time, spread to explosives stored at the Evangelos Florakis naval base in Zygi on the southern coast and set off munitions (containers with unconfirmed/unchecked military weaponry) seized from a ship in 2009, CyBC said. (After demands made by the US Government)

Among those killed were four (5) soldiers, two sailors and five (6) firefighters. As many as 43 (67) people were injured and an unknown number are missing, CyBC reported. Many of those injured were driving past the plant and hit by flying metal, Health Minister Christos Patsalides said.

The force of the explosions blew out virtually every window in the nearby fishing village of Zygi, whose seafront restaurants are popular with the many tourists who frequent the resort island.

The island's largest power station at Vassiliko right next to the base was virtually levelled by the blast, causing widespread power cuts that are likely to last for months.

Three of its four main buildings were virtually levelled along the generator's two main fuel tanks, the correspondent said.

The main motorway connecting the capital Nicosia with the island's second-largest city Limassol runs less than a kilometre (half a mile) from the plant and motorists passing at the time of the blasts reported debris flying through the air.

State television broadcast images of damaged vehicles, twisted road signs and debris strewn across the central reservation.

Five hours after the blasts, an AFP correspondent saw four fires still raging at the plant.

Interior Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis told the state CNA news agency that the village of Mari just east of the base was devastated by the explosion with virtually every home damaged.

Police prevented journalists from approaching the village or the Evangelos Florakis naval base itself, named after a military commander who died in a helicopter crash exactly nine years to the day before the blasts.

But the speaker of parliament, Yiannakis Omirou, who is a former defence minister and visited the scene, said the explosion had been so massive that the entire arms cache had been destroyed without trace.

President Demetris Christofias also visited the stricken base ahead of an emergency cabinet meeting. (Then promptly went into hiding for four days before appearing on TV and NOT apologizing for the terrible events)

According to public radio, the fire brigade was called to a wildfire near the base at 4:24 am (0124 GMT) and that the explosions followed at 5:50 am (0250 GMT) as the fire raged out of control.

Five firefighters were among the 11 dead (12, and today 13), who also included four members of the Greek Cypriot National Guard and two sailors, CNA said. State television said at least 12 people were killed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

No Comment

They continue not to report the disaster as a bombing, they are saying that the explosives got HOT and blew up by themselves. Can you believe it? The President won't resign and thousands of people are protesting every night outside the Presidential Palace... I witnessed two car crashes in front of my eyes already this week, due to there being no traffic lights!

Anyway, we have no power for rolling periods of two to three hours every day, water rationing will be starting soon. Who knows what will happen with petrol! There are MAJOR problems with the country's infrastructure and the future looks bleak in this era of financial crisis. The tourist industry is going to be wiped out!

Today the rumors include Politician's chatting about 'Depleted Uranium'.

I've just heard from a colleague that the country's other two very old power stations are having problems (he has a cousin who works for the electricity authority) and one of them shut down today for maintenance so half the country was out for four hours! The rumor is that we will be facing a full black-out in August as there just isn't enough energy to go around. The desalination plant located next to the power station that was destroyed cannot be restored either so August is going to be a nightmare in 49 degrees.

I woke up to air-raid sirens this morning. They mark the anniversary of the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island. An invasion that took advantage of the fact that the country was in turmoil.

Guess what people are saying this evening?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Destroy a Country

MARI, Cyprus, July 11 (Reuters) - Residents of a village in southern Cyprus thought it was an earthquake before an orange cloud emerged over the hill and clumps of metal started falling from the sky.

The explosion at a munitions dump in a nearby military base killed 12 people and knocked out the island's biggest power station. Authorities said Iranian munitions, confiscated by Cyprus from a ship sailing to Syria in 2009, caused the blast.

This is how it was reported, and then swiftly forgotten by the world’s media. But for Cyprus and its people, things are far from over. Tonight thousands of residents of the capital city Nicosia converged in the central Freedom Square for a march to the Presidential Palace. They are demanding action and heads to roll for what happened on 07 11 11.

The demonstration, like so many, deteriorated a few minutes ago, into a stone throwing, tear-gas frenzy between riot police and anarchists who attacked the Palace gates in front of the eyes of relatives of the dead and injured, and TV camera crews filming the unprecedented event live.

But why?

Twelve, possibly fourteen, people are dead. The main power station of Cyprus (which supplies 60-70% of the country’s electricity) has been destroyed. The electricity supply is being cut-off every two hours to save what can be saved, causing schools and businesses to shut-down, numerous car crashes and electrical fires and blow-outs.

The tourism industry, at the height of summer, has collapsed in ruin within twenty-four hours, threats to all public services, including availability of petrol for transportation and drinking water being rationed.

The Minister of Defence resigned immediately after the ‘explosion’ yesterday. An explosion of apparent ‘gun-powder’ stored in 42 degree heat only meters away from the power station inside Cyprus only naval base. A fire was reported at 4.14am, and the rumor mill was in full swing by 12.00pm…from a tanker explosion to bush fire getting out of hand, to bombs dropping on the naval base from an ‘unnamed super-power’.

Gun-powder that use to belong to Iran, heading for Syria and intercepted by the U.S. Navy and confiscated (stored) by Cyprus at their behest. It made news in 2009. But today we are told there are more containers. Not gun powder this time, but arms, and apparent army ‘clothing’, from Afghanistan, stored at the International Airport.

The tragedy of all of this is that it appears the government knew all about the danger before it happened and did nothing. The tragic and avoidable loss of young lives. The country is crippled, but the international media are not covering the destruction of Cyprus. I guess there is more serious trouble elsewhere?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Carry on Camping

Once again the end of the world didn’t happen. Well, it was the end for a few people these past three weeks. Good ole Bin Laden, allegedly sent to a watery grave, Obama the expert orator, blowing it in front of the Queen of England. Not forgetting the other kind of blowing going on over in an upscale Manhattan hotel with ex-IMF Chief DSK.

It’s been ‘sayonara baby’ all the way from the Sea of Japan to Joplin, Missouri. Iceland’s Grimsvotn Volcano just added some extra trepidation for those who were disappointed the Rapture didn’t take off as… scheduled.

I’ve taken some time away from the blogging universe due to my unexpected brush with death. That’s right, I almost died. At least I thought I was going to die, for about 48 hours. My entire body went into shock, unable to eat or sleep, or stop physically shaking, even after all manner of injections and treatments.

The doctor’s couldn’t find out what exactly was happening to me. Thank God I seemed to recover miraculously within a week. I still have pain in my upper arm, and occasional numbness in the soles of my feet, I’m 90% recovered.

Stress can bring on a lot of things people tell me, and I guess that stress played a part in this. But I can’t help wondering if my lower back injury, brachial nerve problem, and bad acupuncture, had something to do with it! I was seen by four (highly qualified and expensive) independent doctors, and they all said that they couldn’t say what was wrong with me!

While I paced from one end of the room to the other at 4.00am, trying to stop myself from actually collapsing to the floor, it occurred to me that if I died that night, I would not be a very nice sight. So I decided to fix my hair, put on some clean underwear and decent dress, brush my teeth, and apply some make-up, just in case the emergency room doctor was cute. Up to now, I had been quite unlucky in this respect.

Well, if you’re gonna go, you ought to do it with a measure of style. As I stood in the middle of the living room at 5.00am, still pacing up and down in my heels, I prayed to God and asked him to forgive my sins and to help me – if I was going to die please, make it quick! But as it turned out, the end didn’t come for me yet.

Three days later, after another visit to a new doctor, I walked along a street in the ‘old town’ and came across a man giving out pamphlets. He was standing next to a sign that read, ‘If you died tomorrow, where would you go?’…

I laughed out loud, more out of fear than anything else. I thought of this as a good sign. I continued laughing, but it was at the pure irony of it all.

Back home I tried to capitalise on my experience (what?) I thought that for such an event to have occurred to me, a person that is always proclaiming that they are not afraid to die, must surely have some kind of meaning, a message perhaps, that I should be heeding.

I searched on my desk for some paper to write on and noticed that some books had been disturbed on my shelf. Two books I started to read but never finished. The back cover of Gods of the Dawn, by Peter Lemesurier has, ‘Truth is often stranger than fiction’. The other was a sci-fi novel by Iain M. Banks, called Against a Dark Background. Irony was fully in overdrive.

Now I’m laughing at myself over the situation, but at the time it was anything but funny. Real fear is not a fun feeling. The folks on that Youtube video of the Joplin tornado can testify to that.

Waiting to die, or rather thinking that you are about to die, can be a life-altering event. The Libyan people are wondering what is going to happen to them. The Syrian’s are wondering too, the Japanese, and countless others around the world suffering through war, natural and not so natural catastrophe, or illness. I am still trying to figure out exactly how fear has altered me.

If I died tomorrow, where would I go?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Until the End of the World

Turning on the TV or radio news is like tuning into some Hollywood disaster movie trailer. At a safe distance we glimpse apocalyptic footage of a devastated landscape somewhere on planet Earth, and momentarily wonder if all the prophets of doom have got it right about 2012.

In this strange universe, I find myself yet again pondering the meaning of my life, the escalating coincidences, and weird way everything is connected. I sit in on a hedge fund managers meeting, as the Mayan Long Count Calendar and the end of the world is discussed. Half-heartedly believed by some members in the room, while others sip their espresso, snivelling under their breath, or gulp their Perrier in amazement, and I narrowly avoid choking on the surreal.

Once again, tricked by that old Cosmic Joker – LMAO – he seems to say – as I have to pinch myself into the realisation that God does move in mysterious ways. As it turned out, the RGB wasn’t such a BIG deal after all. Now hired as a general all-in-one Admin, I’m back where I started . This time I get my Herman-Miller chair and underground parking space again, but no corner office or staff to supervise. Sounds good? Well remember, the Cosmic Joker always gets the last laugh.

Someone once said, and I can never remember who, to punish us God gives us what we wish for. Indeed, I am finding this to be close to the truth. Not to bore you with details, each day, each week my progression swings on a pendulum, along with my fears and regrets. Some days I feel good, others not so much. I go from discussing HR issues with the CEO one moment, taking out the office garbage the next. What does ‘dogsbody’ mean? (We use to call idiots that back in the U.K.)

It’s true, I do get depressed quite often now, because I fear that 2012 isn’t going to happen, and I am destined to spend the rest of my life poor, and being someone or other’s general dogsbody/PA/Admin/maid/slave. Where are those cinematic promises of joining a resistance guerrilla army, to fight the New World Order, or Aliens, whichever comes first?

I know it’s up to me to make a decision to change but… just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. No longer struggling with the morals and ethics of the abortion ‘industry’, I’m back to showcasing my talent as the most highly organised Admin. Manager this side of the Med. So, why am I not satisfied?

I’ve been looking for an agent to sell my writing, struggling with self-doubt, self-esteem, and self-pity. Will I ever do anything with my crazed autobiography, book on dreams, or sci-fi screenplay converted into a novel? Up to now I’ve had little time to concentrate, working late most days, the freelancing stalled on the backburner.

“Enough of your procrastination Marie, what about hedge fund managers and the end of the world, what are they saying?”

Sceptics abound, but when you hear a reputable stock market trader talk about how much the US government is spending on underground bunkers in preparation for ‘something big in 2012’, you’ve got to ask yourself, "Should I be doing anything about it?"

Then your M.D. drops a book on your desk called, ‘How to Live in a Dangerous World’, and says “It’s yours, take it home and read it!” Do you start to worry? Should I sell everything and move to Australia?

I don't know if you would call this predictive programming back in the 50s, but the below trailer is a MUST SEE!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Plan B

Something VERY strange is happening. I took a leaf out of the EnterTrainment Blog's book (http://g8ors.blogspot.com) and similar sites, not to forget MK Culture and The Celtic Rebel's blog, on the growing Syncro path to enlightenment. I decided to see if I could sync the events in my life since Friday, with the Japanese Quake... this is what I discovered. Please tell me if it's just me?

On Thursday I began to listen to some great music, and was suddenly mesmerised by a certain band. Friday I began to message friends (I don't tweet) before I knew anything about Japan, talking about my favourite music of the moment. A British band and singer that has really captured my imagination, called 'Plan B'.

I spent a lot of time reading about, watching, and listening to Plan B... I'm a writer in my spare time so I was inspired to write all sorts of things. Thinking about my recent comments like, 'they shake the planet', 'they hit like a meteorite', 'you can feel the earth move', 'it's a mass extinction event', etc. (I was having fun) BUT I suddenly noticed some strange connections.

I looked for pictures of the quake, and I happened upon the logo used of Japan for the new relief T-shirt - not the Red Sun, but the JP intertwined... It reminded me of the Plan B logo of PB intertwined, only reversed...it also directly converts into a J P logo... I thought it was just plain weird.

Then I noticed the big B in the 'Brits' logo, which is directly related to Plan B's recent award. J, B, P suddenly prominent letters. Then I noticed the big 'M' on clothing in various video clips. I found the logo of the Marounouchi Building in Tokyo, Japan matched almost exactly with Plan B's 'M' and Mobo Awards video clips. What does it mean... except that it was some sort of 'warning'... Perhaps?

Can the collective mind really will something into existence like this? Do we all really have THIS MUCH power in us? The photos below illustrate what I discovered. Notice the thumbnail image for Plan B's single 'Love Goes Down' located on various websites around... it doesn't take much to realise it is the Japanese Navy flag. Taking it even further, remixes of Plan B music come with some tantalizing graphics... as the video below demonstrates.

Watch with the sound off!

I am now on the look out for other similar warning signs. However, the problem remains, how do we recognise them before it's too late?

Sending love to the courageous people of Japan at this time.

Update: Today a so-called friend tried to sell me on joining a pyramid scheme, thinking I am dumb and powerless. She showed me an online presentation, which ended with the words...What's your Plan b ?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Gaddafi and Friends - Smiley Happy People

What a day it’s been today. A cold, wet, and rainy Bank Holiday for Cyprus. But I shouldn't complain.

With all their troubles, like the rebels, the un-sellable oil, having to release the British S.A.S. team, those VIPs (that I always seem to attract) found time to think of me and my predicament.

It appears that Gaddafi heard I was looking for a new job, as I opened my e-mail box today and was stunned to receive this wonderful offer from one of Muammar’s sons…reproduced below. What do you think? Should I reply?

To: undisclosed-recipients:

Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 14:20:21 +0200

Subject: Effort to Contact You...Reply Back Asap Status: Normal

CC: From: Muhammad Moammar Gadhafi

Reply-to: muhamgadhafi@gmail.com

Good Day...

I am urgently in need of your assistance and commitment on this Business that will benefit both of us, If you are interested and willing to be of assistance and support, then contact me on this email below for more details.

Thank you for your understanding.

Muhammad Moammar Gadhafi
(Son Libyan President)
Email: m_mgaddafi@msn.com

Perhaps I'll wait for Mr. Blair to call instead. I heard he's in the area. Israel I believe, on some kind of... peace mission.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Colours Red, Blue, or Nothing... You Choose

Today, the last day of the month, saw me being interviewed for a very high-calibre job where I.T. skills are a must, driving to the airport to send off relatives that had over-stayed their New Year’s welcome, and attending my uncle’s funeral. Squeeze in a half hour for lunch.

Does anyone know what ‘the RGB’ is? This is my thousand dollar question for the day, for the month, for the year even. I just lost a lucrative position because I didn’t know what ‘the RGB’ is. I pondered this question while sipping coffee at my Uncle’s wake, and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, with long-lost and re-discovered cousins.

I’m searching for a new avenue to wander down on the disillusion road, and suddenly find myself thrust back-in-time, as I interview for jobs I use to do a long time ago, and that I am over-qualified for now, only because money talks. Without money in our pockets, we’re dumb and powerless, as opposed to just dumb.

Today, I was made to feel very dumb by a twenty-something over-paid mathematics graduate, because I didn’t know what ‘the RGB’ was. I know I can do just about any job given to me, I can put up with unprofessionalism, and events and scenarios that are contra to my personal values. I can survive the insults; ignore the injustice, all because of the money. What a sell-out I am. What a hypocrite.

If you say to me, “Choose a colour”, I think I can pretty much decide on one without much thought going into it. If you say to me, “Now change that colour”, I’m sure I can make that decision without too much weight on my conscience. It’s not exactly a life or death question. If you instruct me to change ‘the RGB’…well that’s where I stumble.

I realised how colour and light when mixed can affect everything around us, people’s faces, their moods, nature, the cosmos, that feeling in the pit of your stomach. How important is colour in your life? I noticed the sun-weathered faces of the old-folk, the pink skin of the baby, the black suits, the white table cloth, and the blood-shot eyes.

Being selfish, I thought about my own problems. I’ve simply had enough of the abortion clinic now, and the unprofessional way my current employer treats a person, which includes me. I’m sick of seeing those blue and yellow baby blankets, the shiny silver needles, and see-through sample- tubes, white latex gloves, and towels with blood-red accents.

What is ‘the RGB’? It’s the three primary colors of Red, Green, and Blue. Incidentally, when mixed they make white, or as some people like to point out, ‘nothing’.

cost me a thousand dollars today. What does ‘the RGB’ have to do with business administration or accounts management you may well ask? Absolutely nothing would be my answer. So now I am left, stuck in the box, or matrix, again, nothing really has changed.

I watch the news and see more bodies pulled out of the rubble in Christchurch, New Zealand. I realise that the colour spectrum, and ‘the RGB’, is pretty inconsequential now. I noticed the local airport fill with refugees from the troubles breaking out all over the Middle East, and say to myself, does colour make that much of a difference?

It’s the first day of March of another year, and I’m still questioning myself and my motives. Does ‘the RGB’ really matter? What a crazy immoral world we live in when ‘nothing’ can be more upsetting than the sight of a dead body in the morning. I'll shut up and swallow my pill now.

As it turns out, I've just discovered that the M.D. of the company with the high-calibre job I didn't get because my nerves got the better of me, was a former analyst and associate for ENRON... now there's a nice sync for you!