Monday, May 4, 2015

Charlotte The Black Queen

The 'Black' Queen

The news is full of stories about racial tensions in America and the 'immigration debate' in the UK. Today we hear the latest, that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby daughter will be known by the name Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. 

The name doesn’t do anything for me, sounding more like some kind of made up stereotypical-character princess, than a respectable aristocrat with any heritage."You're wrong!" I hear you cry.

Of course equality and civils rights and babies, what do they have in common in this latest story? Not much, except when trawling Twitter for feedback on the royal birth yesterday. I discovered a gem of a synchronicity that literally dawned today.

From a very interesting blogger David Lindsay we read…

A Touch of Colour
I suspect a stroke of genius.

The name Charlotte entered the Royal Family in the person of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, the wife of George III, who gave her name to the city in North Carolina.

She, a direct ancestress of the present Queen, was descended from the part-black old Royal House of Portugal, and was in fact referred to in her lifetime as having "Negroid" features.

Portraits often show her looking much like many mixed-race Britons of today. Yet even they were probably, so to speak, toned down.

No wonder that Thomas Jefferson would suffer no son of hers as his King.

Over here, though, we have had her descendants on the Throne for 195 years, and counting.

Every one of them, including this latest addition, legally black in Jefferson's Virginia. Or in North Carolina, USA.


The Guardian has an older article which elaborates on the 'Charlotte' America knows and the possible links of a black lineage to the current Royal Family…

What is ironic and synchromystic is the Twitterverse joke about how monumental the news of a royal birth is. 

People going all tongue-in-cheek about the event, claiming that Kate Middleton gave birth to a... black baby!

Kate Middleton gives birth to black baby via /r/funny 
Kate Middleton gives birth to black baby
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Kate Middleton gives birth to black baby

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The Future Black Queen