Friday, June 22, 2018

What's the Plan... ?

On a recent trip to my old haunt, that beautiful, but ever precarious island in the Med known as Cyprus, I became aware of an increase in the frequency of airport alerts and incidents. Pondering what this might mean, using recent history and knowledge of the constant geopolitical shenanigans, red flags have been waved again.

On June 18th two incidents occurred, pretty good statistically for Cyprus... "All-clear after yellow alert at Larnaca airport" due to a suspicious package being left behind, and "British Airways passengers scream in terror as cabin pressure skyrockets!" as a plane travelling to Larnaca Airport malfunctions.

Both incidents were a great test of airport security, coming in the wake of April's terrorized tourists having fears of Isis bombing the island drummed into their heads by UK media.
Doomed Helios Flight 522
Britain had joined in bombing Syria, flying from the bases on the island, in response to the (of all ridiculousness) Russian Spy poisoning/Skripal case and possible chemical use by Assad on his own people...yes two events that very clearly were UK/USA orchestrated in the first place. Events that were tagged by the media as somehow being connected!

So obvious are these most recent incidents, that questions arise about the coming months, and what the elites have planned for this season. My guess is that something involving aviation is on the table, perhaps involving an Airbus crashing again, or a terrorist incident, either on a plane, or in the vacinity of the airport.

Funnily enough, even more eyebrow-raising is the incident that happened yesterday that was pretty scary for some passengers...alerted to while writing this post...

All these events bring to mind the strange hijacking incident of 2016, "Cyprus Remands Suspected EgyptAir Hijacker Who Wanted To See Ex-Wife" -

Other airport incidents this year:

What do they have planned for Cyprus this time? It's a scary thought, but none-the-less, I fear there is something in the air (!)

And there's this too,

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Feminist Inside...?

I, and a few others recently noted, Meghan Markle, or the Duchess of Sex, I mean Sussex, is not your typical feminist
Congratulations to the couple on their happy and glorious wedding. Prince Henry of Wales and American TV actress, and purported feminist Meghan Markle, tied the knot on Saturday 19th May 2018, at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

In front of the Queen of England, we were treated to an exciting mix of Royal ceremonial spectacle, and lavish celebrity grotesqueness, with religious sacrilege thrown in for good measure.

It was a delight to see everyone's faces as Bishop/Pastor Michael Curry delivered his sermon about the Black struggle, slavery and poverty. I awaited the 'Can I get a Witness -Hallelujah - Thank You Jesus!' chant from the pulpit, but alas I was disappointed.

Not surprising then, that the latest addition to the Royal family-tree should come with some large baggage, and very dubious connections, one of which is 'World Vision'. A 'charitable' organisation that I've covered on this blog in the past.

The World Vision name is now emboldened onto the House of Windsor/Royal Family website, under the bio for Megan Markle.

I'm just reading through it now to see if it mentions the Hamas funding terrorists scandal, or the sex-for-favours in Haiti & Oxfam debacle, or her stint in Argentina

I'm also looking for any mention of the Duchess of Sussex and her glamorous feminist statement made on America's 'Deal or No Deal' Game Show. Hmmm... no luck yet....

Yes, I think I see a feminist of sorts here...
Hmm... I'm still looking for that feminist... gosh...which one is she again...?
Her work on US TV legal comedy-drama 'Suits' garnered her the chance to work for young people, as a UN Ambassador. She was invited to the role, she was never an activist, as claimed in most media and on the Palace's website.

Lies, when told enough times, have a funny way of morphing into truth...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Break in the Line?

Spot the difference?
Prince Harry may not be marrying a commoner, after all—research finds that Meghan Markle actually has royal blood in her!!!

The actress is a direct descendant of England's King Edward III, who ruled from 1327 until 1377, according to genealogist, Gary Boyd Roberts. That technically makes her and Harry 17th cousins.

According to the research, Markle, a Los Angeles-born American citizen, is a 24th generation descendant of King Edward III. The lineage was discovered through Rev. William Skipper, a royal descendant who arrived in New England in 1639. He's an ancestor of Markle's father, Thomas Wayne Markle.
Thomas Markle and his little princess
With this new found genealogical connection, Markle's other royal very-distant cousins include Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Diana, the organization states. She's also distantly related to U.S. presidents like George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and Calvin Coolidge.
Markle and Ragland families
Old but interesting News - Royal bloodline questioned as scientists conclude 529-year "missing person" search for Richard III.

Scientists say a “possible question mark” over the lines of succession in the medieval monarchy could break the bloodline between Richard III, in the 16th century, and Henry Somerset, who died in 1803, although it is “far more likely” to be found nearer the medieval period.

No match has been found between the DNA of Richard III and his existing paternal relatives. Experts have no evidence of precisely when the break occurred, but believe it would affect the claims to the throne of the Plantagenets rather than more modern Royals.
Apparently, allegedly, Princess-to-be Meghan and her lesbian lover in Toronto recently!
“There are one or more breaks in the chain from Richard III to Henry the 5th Duke of Beaufort,” says Professor Kevin Schürer, of the University of Leicester team who confirmed a genetic match between the King’s skeleton and his maternal descendants.

“There are 19 links in that chain, so there is an equal probability of any one of those 19 being broken. From a historical view point, where the break occurred has differential consequences.

“There are five links in that chain between Richard, up through Edward, and then to John of Gaunt. And then the remaining majority of the links are down through the Somersets and the Beaufort line.

“Now if - and it is a very big if - the break in the chain is one of those five, between John of Gaunt and Richard III, historians could ask questions - theoretically - about the inheritance of a number of the Plantagenet monarchs.

“And since Henry Tudor’s mother was also a Beaufort descended from John of Gaunt, there is a question here too. 

Schürer, who specialises in English Local History, and Dr Turi King, from the university’s Department of Genetics, reaffirmed the momentous evidence that the body found under a Leicester car park was Richard III.

“Our paper covers all the genetic and genealogical analysis involved in the identification of the remains of Skeleton 1 from the Greyfriars site in Leicester and is the first to draw together all the strands of evidence to come to a conclusion about the identity of those remains,” reflects Dr King, calling the project “an over 500-year-old missing person’s case.”

“Even with our highly conservative analysis, the evidence is overwhelming that these are indeed the remains of King Richard III.

“The fact that we do not find a match between the living male-line relatives and the skeletal remains is not at all surprising to me.

“We knew from work that I, and others, have carried out in the past that the incidence of false-paternity, where the biological father is not the supposed father, is historically in the region of one to two percent per generation.

“Even using a conservative rate, we knew there was a 16 percent chance of finding there would be a false-paternity in this chain.”

Richard “probably” had blond hair and “almost certainly” saw the world through blue eyes, bearing a resemblance similar to one of the earliest portraits of him, held by the Society of Antiquaries in London.

“The break in the Y-chromosome line is not overly surprising given the incidence of non-paternity,” echoes Professor Schürer.

“But it does pose interesting speculative questions over succession as a result.

“Especially important is the triangulation of the maternal line descendants.”
The findings have been published online in Nature Communications - Culture24 Online.

Meghan Markle’s great-great-great grandfather chose a new surname after slavery was abolished in 1865. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan wrote in an essay about her mixed-race heritage in 2015…

"Perhaps the closest thing to connecting me to my ever-complex family tree, my longing to know where I come from, and the commonality that links me to my bloodline,  is the choice that my great-great-great grandfather made to start anew. He chose the last name Wisdom. He drew his own box.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


3rd May 2018 Mount Kilauea erupts

A great article about Hawaii Cursed Rocks and Jennifer Lawrence sacrilegious activities at the below link!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

11.01 The Prince and The Pauper

The latest Royal addition yesterday, "There is no God but A......!"
Whenever there's Royal Baby news, it's always worth looking at the synchromystic values attached. Not surprising then that the latest new baby for the House of Windsor should be apparently born at 11.01.

Among other things, 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit.

According to the Hebrew dictionary... 1101 בּלל balal  means...  root; to mingle, mix, confuse, confound, and sometimes 'anointed'!

So now we wait with baited breath to hear the name of this 'special', 5th in-line-to-the-Royal-throne, child!

Protesters try to storm the Hospital and rescue poor Alfie Evans - Police barricade
On the opposite side of this spectrum comes a poor little boy called Alfie. This child has not been as lucky as the Wales' new-born. Alfie is fighting the British State for his right to stay alive, believe it or not.

The shocking story via The Sun Online: ALFIE Evans has been at the centre of a life support battle between his parents, health officials and the British justice system for several months.

The tot's life support was switched off after his family lost the most recent of a series of legal appeals.

Alfie Evans has been living in a coma for well over a year after being struck down with a mystery illness.

The 23-month-old missed numerous developmental milestones in his first seven months, his family said.

He started making "jerking, seizure-like movements" and was taken to the doctors, but his parents were told he was "lazy and a late developer", the family claim.

But he caught a chest infection that caused seizures and was placed on life support at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool in December 2016.
Alfie's father Tom - Even the Pope wishes that the UK Government change its decision
Alfie, who was born on May 9, 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Some experts believe he might have a mitochondrial condition - the same as Charlie Gard.

After he was admitted to Alder Hey, his parents were told he wasn't going to make it - but he fought back to beat the infection and started breathing on his own.

But he caught another chest infection and had to go back on a ventilator when he began having more chronic seizures.

Alfie is described as being in a semi-vegetative state and doctors at Alder Hey have said it is in his best interest to stop mechanical ventilation.

Alfie Evan's parents are Tom Evans and Kate James, both in their 20s and from Liverpool.

The couple have consistently placed pressure on the justice system in a bid to keep their son alive.

Tom Evans has been particularly vocal in speaking out in public, slamming every one of the court rulings.

The couple appear to be religious, with Tom citing the 10 commandments in a court case, reminding the court "thou shalt not kill".

Writing after judges at the European Court of Rights rejected the case, Tom said that he and his partner were "in bits, distraught, in pain", and the decision meant their son was "about to be murdered".

On April 20, Tom and Kate suffered their latest blow when the Supreme Court dismissed the most recent legal bid to keep Alfie alive.
Baby Alfie Evans, before being taken off life-support at Alder Hay Hospital yesterday
They had taken their battle to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal agreed with Alder Hey that Alfie "could not be saved" and that it would be "unkind" and "futile" to continue treatment.

They have already lost a previous challenge at the Court of Appeal and failed to have the decision overturned at the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Speaking outside Alder Hey hospital on Friday April 13, Tom said he had been told he could face prison if he removes Alfie from hospital, adding that there are police officers on the ward to stop him taking his son.

Following one appeal, Lord Justice Davis, ruled that Alfie's life support must be turned off and told lawyers that doctors had agreed that there was "no hope".

He said: "We cannot have a kind of legal Groundhog Day where you come back again and again and again on the same point."

Supporters blocked the road outside Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital and attempted to storm the building after the the European Court of Human Rights rejected Alfie's parents appeal.

Alfie's life support was turned off at 9.17pm on the evening of Monday, April 23.

However, the following morning his dad said that the little boy was still battling on and breathing unassisted nine hours later.

More up to date details from Liverpool here:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More ПРОПАГАНДА from the British Media

A beautiful little girl being used again, in another attempt to destroy everyone's lives.
Latest Update below

Launching air strikes on Syria, over unsubstantiated claims of war crimes is no joke. After getting into people's hair on Twitter about whether the strikes were legal, I found myself being personally attacked for my views (not the first time).

What struck me the most was a simple question I posited, which garnered my highest read Tweet to date...49,301 views!

April 14th 2018

WHY did they bomb BEFORE the Inspectors had even started their investigation on the ground?

Total engagements1,253

I'm quite proud of this response, because it means not all the sheeple are sheep, however much the British media tries to brainwash them into being mindless useless eaters!

I can also boast another achievement over this whole disgusting Syria incident, and how my questioning Tweets seem to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

Most high profile attacker to date? Well, the Deputy Editor of The Sunday Times, Sarah Baxter! What prompted her to attack me? I commented on the above Front Page image, it's clearly doctored, but I simply said that it was shameful war propaganda.

If she's reading this (I doubt it) then I'll tell her that I do prefer The Independent to The Sunday Times any day of the week.

Robert Fisk's reporting from Douma, published in The Independent, echoes what I've been asking about since the attack took place. The UK/USA/France attack I mean! The one that has nothing to do with 'regime change', or altering the status quo etc. etc.

Robert Fisk, another journalist on the ground early in the Eastern Ghouta Tunnels used by the rebels

The Sunday Times should have run an expose piece, say about 'The White Helmets', done some proper journalism, and not be a mouthpiece for the propagandists. My hope that they were just misled is probably quite naive. It's shameful to think that so few seasoned, hardened, journos asked/ask the most obvious questions.

Update 19th April 2018: 

Citizen Halo - A fellow blogger/Twitter commentator, who I've been discussing all sorts of news stories with, for a few years now, alerted me to the fact that she too has been attacked, far worse than I. This time by The Times Newspaper no less! They have even gone so far as to accuse her of being a Russian Disinformation Troll and Bot!

As crazy as this seems, it continues to be serious business. What occurred after the UK/USA/France 'one-off' attack on Syria last weekend, seems to have been a coordinated effort to discredit anyone questioning the 'chemical attack' narrative. It appears that many observers opposed to the latest bombing, have been specifically targeted in the media, especially online through social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

A nerve has well and truly been hit this week. A nerve belonging to those rather shady government actors.

The Times article, a case for the courts perhaps, or just bad reporting?
Even the BBC News have gone all-out to attack the questioners, deriding them as 'conspiracy theorists'. They even quoted from Twitter's Sarah Abdallah in their latest attack on free speech here:

Remember, question the ПРОПАГАНДА and you may just find yourself under attack too.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spielberg Takes us Back in Time with Kubrick... Ready, Player One?

Room 237
If you're planning to see the latest Spielberg movie (and I highly recommend you do) please be aware there are spoilers in what I'm about to write.

Spielberg pays major homage to Stanley Kubrick by reconstructing, in meticulous detail, pivotal scenes from The Shining (1980). The original book that 'Ready Player One' is based on, has references to Blade Runner and not The Shining. Apparently, it wasn't even in the original script for Spielberg's film at all, but was added in later, believe it or not.

It's known that Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was partly filmed on the left-over sound stages that Kubrick used for his movie. In a recent documentary Spielberg talks about this, and the fire that burnt down part of Elstree studios.

The dizzying SFXs of 'Ready Player One' are choc-full of 80s references, and from the onset it's clear that this movie has a lot to do with time-travel, as well as the future of VR (Virtual Reality). Saying this however, it hides a lot more of its true meaning in VR/AR. There is obviously a high synchromystic element to this, that others will probably decipher better than I can.

The Delorean that Parzival drives in The Oasis AR (Alternative Reality)
'Ready Player One' is supposed to be very much aimed at a new young audience. Also, the young-at-heart, who can appreciate contemporary gaming and new technologies, as well as 80s pop-culture they grew up with.

However, the film seems to disrespect a lot of the audience, by cramming in a myriad of very fleeting references, and illogical gaming 'mechanisms' that don't make sense,  or as some IT guys I know have told me, have no place in VR/AR . The media is currently full of stories by tech engineers and gamers saying exactly this. The film then must be viewed from a different angle it seems.

If 'Ready Player One' is not satisfying the tech-savvy gamers, then who is it working for? At a superficial level, it's probably gaining worldwide attention, and huge box-office numbers, due to the brilliance of Steven Spielberg, the master storyteller.

On the surface, the film works fabulously as an adventure with a heart, full of great action sequences, and stupendous visuals ramping up the nostalgia for the 80s. Twitter is in overdrive talking about all the great arcade games, and X-Box, and Play Station, and so on that appear in the movie, as well as the soundtrack and iconic film characters.

All of this has no relevance or relation to Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. Spielberg is also pumping up his ego by referencing his popcorn hits at the same time. Which makes his choice even more strange. Why Spielberg didn't choose to recreate a teenage mainstream horror from the 80s, say like The Evil Dead, and the likes - which would be more in line with the rest of  'Ready Player One' - seems odd without knowing his views on Kubrick.

Steven Spielberg clearly loves Stanley Kubrick, and he wants to pay homage so takes us back inside the Overlook Hotel, with all its horrors. The vehicle he chose to do this in, allowing his indulgence to be seen by a very young audience, is out-of-place and highly suspect to me.

Why did Spielberg recreate Kubrick's 'Room 237/The Shining' in 'Ready, Player One'?
Blood on the dance floor? Let's not go there!