Sunday, September 9, 2018

Elon Under Attack... Again!

This talk is dope man!
Yet again, Elon Musk, THE tech-guru of the moment, has been attacked for apparently 'drinking whiskey and smoking weed' live on the Joe Rogan Podcast. This would be a hilariously cool stunt if it were true, turns out it's barely even half true.

We know what the media loves to do with half-truths don't we?

Barely a whimper in the MSM on what Musk actually says in this interview, being totally overshadowed by the 'dope', and executives resigning from Tesla almost simultaneously. Leading to some-kind of tenuous connection between the Podcast and the company balance sheet.

Today I caught a Tweet where CNN publishes an 'Analysis' or hit-piece stating something along the lines of "Elon Musk's 'bizarre behaviour' is hurting Tesla! (Tesla, Inc. specializes in electric vehicles along with many other alternative energy manufacturing). Clearly it's the Media which is hurting Musk and by design, Tesla Inc.

Iggy or just icky liar?
We all know very well that Musk IS Tesla Inc., he's also SpaceX (aerospace and exploration) and he's SolarCity (electric solar panels/batteries) and he's OpenAI (AI research) and he's Neuralink (Neurotec manufacturing literal trans-humanism) and he's The Boring Company (tunnel technology to be more precise).

Musk is anything but boring or bizarre, he's also under attack by very powerful and influential organisations. You have to ask why. Why is he so dangerous to these powers-that-be? It's obviously nothing to do with his self-proclaimed non-drug taking moments, or his wild non-existent nights out in Vegas! So, what is everyone SO afraid of?

Hysteria or just plain hysterical!!!

He says in this latest interview, which sent the social media machine into meltdown, that he's no 'business magnate', he just an engineer with a lot of ideas. He's a hands-on scientist. For year's he's warned about the emerging AI technology becoming 'uncontrollable', yet no one listened to him. Perhaps there is a clue here.

Could it be that all of Musk's experimentation and engineering projects are leading to some kind of 'revelation'? Perhaps, by assisting in the creation of machines that can unravel the mysteries of the universe, he's unwittingly discovering some truths that elites would prefer we didn't know? Perhaps these discoveries are endangering 'someone', moving Musk perilously close to his take-down?

We also know they don't like individuals making their own space rockets and leaving terra-firma without  government 'supervision', or finding cures for cancer, or making alternative energy in their back gardens'! Is this what 'hurting the company' really means?

The Jo Rogan Experience

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Predictive Programming... or

Brooklyn Bridge Collapse (Movie) 
Pacific Rim


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Moment lightening strikes the bridge in Genoa... 'Oh God, Oh God!'

Not The Meg, but MegaShark
Bridge collapses also depicted in Superman, The Core, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek and even in Call of Duty! 

The Silver Bridge disaster

Silver Bridge and Mothman?

Are we all just wandering into the ...Land of the Lost

Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Just HOW Dumb ARE We?

This is the question I’ve been asking again this week. Just how stupid are we? Is there no critical thinking anywhere? Can it be true? We are all just useless eaters?  We devour what human intelligence remains by constantly deferring our common sense to others, consuming and decimating the planet, as we pathetically wander into technological oblivion?

We are accepting the media show, none of us can turn the damn TV or Internet off. We’re ALL brainwashed to some degree now. Whether it’s the World Cup, Donald Trump, BREXIT, Love Island, the Royals or Russia, we are disarmed by the media. We’re cut-off from our own logical brain activity. This One-World thing is taking us all over, one mushy brain on legs after another!

A few news stories this week demonstrate what kind of apocalypse this truly is…

POLICE investigating the Amesbury poisoning have finally identified the source of the deadly nerve agent Novichok, which killed Dawn Sturgess on Sunday, and left her partner critically ill.

Police said the nerve agent come from a small bottle which they discovered in Mr Rowley's house in Amesbury on Wednesday.

Forensic experts confirmed the bottle was the source of Novichok, after it was taken to the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) at Porton Down for further tests.

Scientists are carrying out more tests to determine whether the toxic nerve agent came from the same batch that contaminated former Russian spy Sergei and his daughter, Yulia Skripal in March.

Authorities have yet to understand how the couple came across the contaminated bottle and how it ended up in their house.

Football team lost in cave in Thailand are found by Brits - looking gaunt and starving but still alive after 9 days
Then there’s this…

Kyle Jenner, the youngest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner and a star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, launched her cosmetics brand two years ago and "has sold more than $630 million worth of makeup since, including an estimated $330 million in 2017," Forbes reports. The Forbes Magazine estimates that the company is worth nearly $800 million, and Jenner owns 100 percent of it.
She's reportedly earned additional millions through her television appearances and by endorsing products including Puma Shows and PacSun clothing, and Forbes estimates she's taken $60 million in after-tax dividends from her company.

For good measure we have the miraculous, and rather suspicious events of ...

Thai Cave Rescue boys, their reason for entering the cave being ‘ritualistic’, and their ultimate ‘removal’ by world-renowned British expert divers. (Among the many hands taking part, even Elon Musk offered his help with a one-man sub.)

Miraculously the boys have had a bite to eat now, and muscled up and also grown taller!

Thai cave ‘football team’ boys, fully sedated and stretchered out for rescuing...

Brit divers looking less than 'happy'

Returning home via Heathrow - still not too happy about the miracle, what do you think?

Musk to the rescue!

It's cool!
Let's not forget The Donald is in the UK this week... what a week... as above so below!

Pictures of the missing boys - look familiar???

Friday, June 22, 2018

What's the Plan... ?

On a recent trip to my old haunt, that beautiful, but ever precarious island in the Med known as Cyprus, I became aware of an increase in the frequency of airport alerts and incidents. Pondering what this might mean, using recent history and knowledge of the constant geopolitical shenanigans, red flags have been waved again.

On June 18th two incidents occurred, pretty good statistically for Cyprus... "All-clear after yellow alert at Larnaca airport" due to a suspicious package being left behind, and "British Airways passengers scream in terror as cabin pressure skyrockets!" as a plane travelling to Larnaca Airport malfunctions.

Both incidents were a great test of airport security, coming in the wake of April's terrorized tourists having fears of Isis bombing the island drummed into their heads by UK media.
Doomed Helios Flight 522
Britain had joined in bombing Syria, flying from the bases on the island, in response to the (of all ridiculousness) Russian Spy poisoning/Skripal case and possible chemical use by Assad on his own people...yes two events that very clearly were UK/USA orchestrated in the first place. Events that were tagged by the media as somehow being connected!

So obvious are these most recent incidents, that questions arise about the coming months, and what the elites have planned for this season. My guess is that something involving aviation is on the table, perhaps involving an Airbus crashing again, or a terrorist incident, either on a plane, or in the vacinity of the airport.

Funnily enough, even more eyebrow-raising is the incident that happened yesterday that was pretty scary for some passengers...alerted to while writing this post...

All these events bring to mind the strange hijacking incident of 2016, "Cyprus Remands Suspected EgyptAir Hijacker Who Wanted To See Ex-Wife" -

Other airport incidents this year:

What do they have planned for Cyprus this time? It's a scary thought, but none-the-less, I fear there is something in the air (!)

And there's this too,

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Feminist Inside...?

I, and a few others recently noted, Meghan Markle, or the Duchess of Sex, I mean Sussex, is not your typical feminist
Congratulations to the couple on their happy and glorious wedding. Prince Henry of Wales and American TV actress, and purported feminist Meghan Markle, tied the knot on Saturday 19th May 2018, at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

In front of the Queen of England, we were treated to an exciting mix of Royal ceremonial spectacle, and lavish celebrity grotesqueness, with religious sacrilege thrown in for good measure.

It was a delight to see everyone's faces as Bishop/Pastor Michael Curry delivered his sermon about the Black struggle, slavery and poverty. I awaited the 'Can I get a Witness -Hallelujah - Thank You Jesus!' chant from the pulpit, but alas I was disappointed.

Not surprising then, that the latest addition to the Royal family-tree should come with some large baggage, and very dubious connections, one of which is 'World Vision'. A 'charitable' organisation that I've covered on this blog in the past.

The World Vision name is now emboldened onto the House of Windsor/Royal Family website, under the bio for Megan Markle.

I'm just reading through it now to see if it mentions the Hamas funding terrorists scandal, or the sex-for-favours in Haiti & Oxfam debacle, or her stint in Argentina

I'm also looking for any mention of the Duchess of Sussex and her glamorous feminist statement made on America's 'Deal or No Deal' Game Show. Hmmm... no luck yet....

Yes, I think I see a feminist of sorts here...
Hmm... I'm still looking for that feminist... gosh...which one is she again...?
Her work on US TV legal comedy-drama 'Suits' garnered her the chance to work for young people, as a UN Ambassador. She was invited to the role, she was never an activist, as claimed in most media and on the Palace's website.

Lies, when told enough times, have a funny way of morphing into truth...

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Break in the Line?

Spot the difference?
Prince Harry may not be marrying a commoner, after all—research finds that Meghan Markle actually has royal blood in her!!!

The actress is a direct descendant of England's King Edward III, who ruled from 1327 until 1377, according to genealogist, Gary Boyd Roberts. That technically makes her and Harry 17th cousins.

According to the research, Markle, a Los Angeles-born American citizen, is a 24th generation descendant of King Edward III. The lineage was discovered through Rev. William Skipper, a royal descendant who arrived in New England in 1639. He's an ancestor of Markle's father, Thomas Wayne Markle.
Thomas Markle and his little princess
With this new found genealogical connection, Markle's other royal very-distant cousins include Her Majesty the Queen and Princess Diana, the organization states. She's also distantly related to U.S. presidents like George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and Calvin Coolidge.
Markle and Ragland families
Old but interesting News - Royal bloodline questioned as scientists conclude 529-year "missing person" search for Richard III.

Scientists say a “possible question mark” over the lines of succession in the medieval monarchy could break the bloodline between Richard III, in the 16th century, and Henry Somerset, who died in 1803, although it is “far more likely” to be found nearer the medieval period.

No match has been found between the DNA of Richard III and his existing paternal relatives. Experts have no evidence of precisely when the break occurred, but believe it would affect the claims to the throne of the Plantagenets rather than more modern Royals.
Apparently, allegedly, Princess-to-be Meghan and her lesbian lover in Toronto recently!
“There are one or more breaks in the chain from Richard III to Henry the 5th Duke of Beaufort,” says Professor Kevin Schürer, of the University of Leicester team who confirmed a genetic match between the King’s skeleton and his maternal descendants.

“There are 19 links in that chain, so there is an equal probability of any one of those 19 being broken. From a historical view point, where the break occurred has differential consequences.

“There are five links in that chain between Richard, up through Edward, and then to John of Gaunt. And then the remaining majority of the links are down through the Somersets and the Beaufort line.

“Now if - and it is a very big if - the break in the chain is one of those five, between John of Gaunt and Richard III, historians could ask questions - theoretically - about the inheritance of a number of the Plantagenet monarchs.

“And since Henry Tudor’s mother was also a Beaufort descended from John of Gaunt, there is a question here too. 

Schürer, who specialises in English Local History, and Dr Turi King, from the university’s Department of Genetics, reaffirmed the momentous evidence that the body found under a Leicester car park was Richard III.

“Our paper covers all the genetic and genealogical analysis involved in the identification of the remains of Skeleton 1 from the Greyfriars site in Leicester and is the first to draw together all the strands of evidence to come to a conclusion about the identity of those remains,” reflects Dr King, calling the project “an over 500-year-old missing person’s case.”

“Even with our highly conservative analysis, the evidence is overwhelming that these are indeed the remains of King Richard III.

“The fact that we do not find a match between the living male-line relatives and the skeletal remains is not at all surprising to me.

“We knew from work that I, and others, have carried out in the past that the incidence of false-paternity, where the biological father is not the supposed father, is historically in the region of one to two percent per generation.

“Even using a conservative rate, we knew there was a 16 percent chance of finding there would be a false-paternity in this chain.”

Richard “probably” had blond hair and “almost certainly” saw the world through blue eyes, bearing a resemblance similar to one of the earliest portraits of him, held by the Society of Antiquaries in London.

“The break in the Y-chromosome line is not overly surprising given the incidence of non-paternity,” echoes Professor Schürer.

“But it does pose interesting speculative questions over succession as a result.

“Especially important is the triangulation of the maternal line descendants.”
The findings have been published online in Nature Communications - Culture24 Online.

Meghan Markle’s great-great-great grandfather chose a new surname after slavery was abolished in 1865. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan wrote in an essay about her mixed-race heritage in 2015…

"Perhaps the closest thing to connecting me to my ever-complex family tree, my longing to know where I come from, and the commonality that links me to my bloodline,  is the choice that my great-great-great grandfather made to start anew. He chose the last name Wisdom. He drew his own box.”