Tuesday, April 24, 2018

11.01 The Prince and The Pauper

The latest Royal addition yesterday, "There is no God but A......!"
Whenever there's Royal Baby news, it's always worth looking at the synchromystic values attached. Not surprising then that the latest new baby for the House of Windsor should be apparently born at 11.01.

Among other things, 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit.

According to the Hebrew dictionary... 1101 בּלל balal  means...  root; to mingle, mix, confuse, confound, and sometimes 'anointed'!

So now we wait with baited breath to hear the name of this 'special', 5th in-line-to-the-Royal-throne, child!

Protesters try to storm the Hospital and rescue poor Alfie Evans - Police barricade
On the opposite side of this spectrum comes a poor little boy called Alfie. This child has not been as lucky as the Wales' new-born. Alfie is fighting the British State for his right to stay alive, believe it or not.

The shocking story via The Sun Online: ALFIE Evans has been at the centre of a life support battle between his parents, health officials and the British justice system for several months.

The tot's life support was switched off after his family lost the most recent of a series of legal appeals.

Alfie Evans has been living in a coma for well over a year after being struck down with a mystery illness.

The 23-month-old missed numerous developmental milestones in his first seven months, his family said.

He started making "jerking, seizure-like movements" and was taken to the doctors, but his parents were told he was "lazy and a late developer", the family claim.

But he caught a chest infection that caused seizures and was placed on life support at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool in December 2016.
Alfie's father Tom - Even the Pope wishes that the UK Government change its decision
Alfie, who was born on May 9, 2016, is in a "semi-vegetative state" and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Some experts believe he might have a mitochondrial condition - the same as Charlie Gard.

After he was admitted to Alder Hey, his parents were told he wasn't going to make it - but he fought back to beat the infection and started breathing on his own.

But he caught another chest infection and had to go back on a ventilator when he began having more chronic seizures.

Alfie is described as being in a semi-vegetative state and doctors at Alder Hey have said it is in his best interest to stop mechanical ventilation.

Alfie Evan's parents are Tom Evans and Kate James, both in their 20s and from Liverpool.

The couple have consistently placed pressure on the justice system in a bid to keep their son alive.

Tom Evans has been particularly vocal in speaking out in public, slamming every one of the court rulings.

The couple appear to be religious, with Tom citing the 10 commandments in a court case, reminding the court "thou shalt not kill".

Writing after judges at the European Court of Rights rejected the case, Tom said that he and his partner were "in bits, distraught, in pain", and the decision meant their son was "about to be murdered".

On April 20, Tom and Kate suffered their latest blow when the Supreme Court dismissed the most recent legal bid to keep Alfie alive.
Baby Alfie Evans, before being taken off life-support at Alder Hay Hospital yesterday
They had taken their battle to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal agreed with Alder Hey that Alfie "could not be saved" and that it would be "unkind" and "futile" to continue treatment.

They have already lost a previous challenge at the Court of Appeal and failed to have the decision overturned at the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Speaking outside Alder Hey hospital on Friday April 13, Tom said he had been told he could face prison if he removes Alfie from hospital, adding that there are police officers on the ward to stop him taking his son.

Following one appeal, Lord Justice Davis, ruled that Alfie's life support must be turned off and told lawyers that doctors had agreed that there was "no hope".

He said: "We cannot have a kind of legal Groundhog Day where you come back again and again and again on the same point."

Supporters blocked the road outside Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital and attempted to storm the building after the the European Court of Human Rights rejected Alfie's parents appeal.

Alfie's life support was turned off at 9.17pm on the evening of Monday, April 23.

However, the following morning his dad said that the little boy was still battling on and breathing unassisted nine hours later.

More up to date details from Liverpool here:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More ПРОПАГАНДА from the British Media

A beautiful little girl being used again, in another attempt to destroy everyone's lives.
Latest Update below

Launching air strikes on Syria, over unsubstantiated claims of war crimes is no joke. After getting into people's hair on Twitter about whether the strikes were legal, I found myself being personally attacked for my views (not the first time).

What struck me the most was a simple question I posited, which garnered my highest read Tweet to date...49,301 views!

April 14th 2018

WHY did they bomb BEFORE the Inspectors had even started their investigation on the ground?

Total engagements1,253

I'm quite proud of this response, because it means not all the sheeple are sheep, however much the British media tries to brainwash them into being mindless useless eaters!

I can also boast another achievement over this whole disgusting Syria incident, and how my questioning Tweets seem to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

Most high profile attacker to date? Well, the Deputy Editor of The Sunday Times, Sarah Baxter! What prompted her to attack me? I commented on the above Front Page image, it's clearly doctored, but I simply said that it was shameful war propaganda.

If she's reading this (I doubt it) then I'll tell her that I do prefer The Independent to The Sunday Times any day of the week.

Robert Fisk's reporting from Douma, published in The Independent, echoes what I've been asking about since the attack took place. The UK/USA/France attack I mean! The one that has nothing to do with 'regime change', or altering the status quo etc. etc.

Robert Fisk, another journalist on the ground early in the Eastern Ghouta Tunnels used by the rebels

The Sunday Times should have run an expose piece, say about 'The White Helmets', done some proper journalism, and not be a mouthpiece for the propagandists. My hope that they were just misled is probably quite naive. It's shameful to think that so few seasoned, hardened, journos asked/ask the most obvious questions.

Update 19th April 2018: 

Citizen Halo https://twitter.com/haloefekti - A fellow blogger/Twitter commentator, who I've been discussing all sorts of news stories with, for a few years now, alerted me to the fact that she too has been attacked, far worse than I. This time by The Times Newspaper no less! They have even gone so far as to accuse her of being a Russian Disinformation Troll and Bot!

As crazy as this seems, it continues to be serious business. What occurred after the UK/USA/France 'one-off' attack on Syria last weekend, seems to have been a coordinated effort to discredit anyone questioning the 'chemical attack' narrative. It appears that many observers opposed to the latest bombing, have been specifically targeted in the media, especially online through social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

A nerve has well and truly been hit this week. A nerve belonging to those rather shady government actors.

The Times article, a case for the courts perhaps, or just bad reporting?
Even the BBC News have gone all-out to attack the questioners, deriding them as 'conspiracy theorists'. They even quoted from Twitter's Sarah Abdallah in their latest attack on free speech here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-43745629

Remember, question the ПРОПАГАНДА and you may just find yourself under attack too.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Spielberg Takes us Back in Time with Kubrick... Ready, Player One?

Room 237
If you're planning to see the latest Spielberg movie (and I highly recommend you do) please be aware there are spoilers in what I'm about to write.

Spielberg pays major homage to Stanley Kubrick by reconstructing, in meticulous detail, pivotal scenes from The Shining (1980). The original book that 'Ready Player One' is based on, has references to Blade Runner and not The Shining. Apparently, it wasn't even in the original script for Spielberg's film at all, but was added in later, believe it or not.

It's known that Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark was partly filmed on the left-over sound stages that Kubrick used for his movie. In a recent documentary Spielberg talks about this, and the fire that burnt down part of Elstree studios.


The dizzying SFXs of 'Ready Player One' are choc-full of 80s references, and from the onset it's clear that this movie has a lot to do with time-travel, as well as the future of VR (Virtual Reality). Saying this however, it hides a lot more of its true meaning in VR/AR. There is obviously a high synchromystic element to this, that others will probably decipher better than I can.

The Delorean that Parzival drives in The Oasis AR (Alternative Reality)
'Ready Player One' is supposed to be very much aimed at a new young audience. Also, the young-at-heart, who can appreciate contemporary gaming and new technologies, as well as 80s pop-culture they grew up with.

However, the film seems to disrespect a lot of the audience, by cramming in a myriad of very fleeting references, and illogical gaming 'mechanisms' that don't make sense,  or as some IT guys I know have told me, have no place in VR/AR . The media is currently full of stories by tech engineers and gamers saying exactly this. The film then must be viewed from a different angle it seems.

If 'Ready Player One' is not satisfying the tech-savvy gamers, then who is it working for? At a superficial level, it's probably gaining worldwide attention, and huge box-office numbers, due to the brilliance of Steven Spielberg, the master storyteller.

On the surface, the film works fabulously as an adventure with a heart, full of great action sequences, and stupendous visuals ramping up the nostalgia for the 80s. Twitter is in overdrive talking about all the great arcade games, and X-Box, and Play Station, and so on that appear in the movie, as well as the soundtrack and iconic film characters.

All of this has no relevance or relation to Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. Spielberg is also pumping up his ego by referencing his popcorn hits at the same time. Which makes his choice even more strange. Why Spielberg didn't choose to recreate a teenage mainstream horror from the 80s, say like The Evil Dead, and the likes - which would be more in line with the rest of  'Ready Player One' - seems odd without knowing his views on Kubrick.

Steven Spielberg clearly loves Stanley Kubrick, and he wants to pay homage so takes us back inside the Overlook Hotel, with all its horrors. The vehicle he chose to do this in, allowing his indulgence to be seen by a very young audience, is out-of-place and highly suspect to me.

Why did Spielberg recreate Kubrick's 'Room 237/The Shining' in 'Ready, Player One'?
Blood on the dance floor? Let's not go there!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Cambridge Analytica and the X List?

The latest update on the Cambridge Analytica data-protection crisis makes for some very disturbing reading. I came across a Twitter comment last night which then led me to the website of "Bella Caledonia" online magazine... this is what they have discovered about the explosive data-harvesting saga...

"SCL Group says on its website that it provides “data, analytics and strategy to governments and military organizations worldwide.”

The organisation boasts that it has conducted “behavioral change programs” in over 60 countries and its clients have included the British Ministry of Defence, the US State Department and NATO.

A freedom of information request from August 2016, shows that the MOD has twice bought services from Strategic Communication Laboratories in recent years.

In 2010/11, the MOD paid £40,000 to SCL for the “provision of external training”. Meanwhile, in 2014/2015, it paid SCL £150,000 for the “procurement of target audience analysis”.

In addition, SCL also carries a secret clearance as a ‘list X’ contractor for the MOD. A List X site is a commercial site on British soil that is approved to hold UK government information marked as ‘confidential’ and above. Essentially, SCL got the green light to hold British government secrets on its premises.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has a contract for $500,000 with SLC. According to an official, this was to provide  “research and analytical support in connection with our mission to counter terrorist propaganda and disinformation overseas.” This was not the only work that SCL has been contracted for with the US government, the source added.

In May 2015, SCL Defense, another subsidiary of the umbrella organisation, received $1 million (CAD) to support NATO operations in Eastern Europe targeting Russia.

The company delivered a three-month course in Riga which taught “advanced counter-propaganda techniques designed to help member states assess and counter Russia’s propaganda in Eastern Europe”.
The NATO website said the “revolutionary” training would “help Ukrainians better defend themselves against the Russian threat”.


Tonight, after a judge finally granted access, enforcement officers, from the Information Commissioner's Office were sent into the CA premises to gather what they can - Not much it would seem, as several media outlets showed pictures from earlier yesterday of unmarked crates being removed from the location.
55 New Oxford Street, London
The story continues...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mr Nix... the Original Mr Fix It!

Latest update at the end of this post!
Channel 4 News, one of the UKs primary TV news channels, airs explosive undercover footage of Marketing King Alexander Nix explaining the strategy and working practices of Cambridge Analytica – the London based firm now embroiled in a worldwide data protection scandal which threatens to bring down high-profile business and politicians, not to mention tech. high-flyers.
Cambridge Analytica Logo - Connect the Dots!
A saga about the buying and selling of intelligence worthy of any Pulitzer Prize spy novel, as they say, you couldn’t write it. So unbelievable that it may even be the catalyst to bring down the US President, perhaps?

Cambridge Analytica and its ‘Political’ arm – or CA with its Brain-connection logo – has been responsible for marketing and ad campaigns for some very big players including: Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, John Bolton, to name only a few. Most recently Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again drive for the White House too.

CA’s website gives us the by-line of ‘Data Driven Marketing’, and it boasts that it can ‘measurably improve your brand’s marketing effectively by changing consumer behaviour’. It does this by employing, ‘data analytics, and behavioural psychology to understand every individual’. It uses ‘Personality Data’ and ‘Predictive Analytics’ (BOTS) and works over five continents.

You can engage with the company through LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, but strangely not Facebook! It has offices on 5th Avenue New York, in Sao Paulo Brazil, and Selangor Malaysia, as well as London.

CA uses the information it gains to ‘engage, persuade, and motivate people into action.It can run the Polling statistics and political broadcast messages, as well as produce adverts on TV and Digital platforms. It has been profiled by The Financial Times, BBC News, CBS and Wired, (who all ran articles on how CA ‘assisted’ the US presidential campaign bid of Donald Trump)

Bloomberg.com gives us some tantalising clues about what Mr Nix’s company really does, and who HE really is…

Before becoming CEO of Cambridge Analytica he was an analyst for Baring Securities in Mexico, he then joined Strategic Communications Labs (SCL) which had formed in 1993, born out of Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) of 1990 created by someone called Nigel Oakes, who had a background in TV production.
These companies, which are sister companies, are described as being involved in the study of mass behaviour and how to change it using psychologists and anthropologists. Their work expanded into the Military and Political arenas pretty quickly – Otherwise known as Psy-Ops.

Mr Nix, an old Etonian with apparent dubious contacts in MI5 and MI6, presents himself as a kind of advertising genius – a sort of Steve Jobs of Marketing – but dresses like a conservative politician – a caricature of the business elite. Even his name NIX has odd connotations, with a meaning of dark-night – seriously!

What does all of this mean? Well, I have never been too trusting of news coming out of Channel 4, especially after their biased journalism over the Syria conflict and ‘nerve gas’ attacks. So, now with the Skripal affair, and their Russo-phobic handling of that, this alarming story appears, literally out of the blue, to shake the foundations of all social media. Why and Why now?

Notice how the emphasis all over the news today is about  Facebook losing our data (or our data being harvested by CA) via another apparent faux-whistleblower – when the real story is what a handful of ‘Fix-It’ specialists are doing over at No. 55 New Oxford Street, London.
Whistle while you work!
The Channel 4 Special Report is eye-opening for more reasons than one – check it out if you haven’t already, but do remember to read between the lines as you connect those dots!

Update 21 March 2018: The story has taken on monumental proportions - threatening to literally spiral out of control - hold onto your digital hats - as CEOs, MPs, Journos, Tech High-Flyers, not to mention the POTUS himself become embroiled in the scandal that could bring down governments around the world... We're talking literally here!
According to various media Boris Johnson also met with CA and Mr Fix-It in 2016
Steve Bannon and that Breitbart headache just won't be going away anytime soon
Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy won't be left out in the cold on this story either, with Wikileaks and Hilary's e-mails thrown in for good measure!
One of the incriminating memos? Well not really, but it's a red flag that no one noticed from Dr Kogan and his research given to SCL
We hear today that Mr Nix and his backers and financiers have already created a new company that would take over the SCL and CA brand - Emerdata


The UK Government is about to pass new legislation regarding Data Protection and sharing and our rights, including the responsibilities of corporations. This could prove interesting.

As a side note... today the UK Met Police in London cordoned off the road around 55 New Oxford Street and Cambridge Analytica's offices were evacuated due to a false alarm... people were seen removing crates of documentation from the building according to Channel 4 News tonight... Yet the Commissioner has still not been able to enter the building to seize evidence... Are there people within the UK Government who are protecting CA (SCL) for some reason? It's a question worth asking.

Here's the full whistle-blower article from The Guardian Online... makes for very interesting reading. I suggest again though, read between the lines when connecting all these dots... Who is the real target in this story... Is it Putin? Is it Trump? Is it you and me perhaps?


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Spies Like Us?

Cheers from Zizzi Restaurant!
Update: The Skripal case continues to intrigue and, as expected, has taken on gigantic 'international incident' proportions, with threats by the UK government against Russia and specifically Putin.

Ridiculous paths are now being walked along in this most obvious 'false flag' event. On a personal note, being a current employee of the NHS sees me receiving an e-mail from my CEO today... advising me on what to do should I come into contact with 'anyone who was in Salisbury at the weekend'!! 

I apologise to the people of Salisbury, Wiltshire, on behalf of the entire NHS for this scare-mongering!

The Telegraph gives us the latest installment... now you have to watch your back at Sainsbury's Supermarket too!

"The search for clues to the assassination attempt on Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter has widened again as police sealed off a car park ticket machine in Salisbury.

The ticket dispenser at the Sainsbury’s car park, in the city’s Maltings Shopping Centre, was covered by a yellow and white forensics tent and a cordon placed several yards wide around it on Tuesday morning. Two police officers were guarding the scene.

Russian apparently, only six miles from the UK MOD chemical warfare research facility of Porton Down, managed to get their 'revenge'!

The move suggests police believe Mr Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia - who are both still in a critical condition - parked in the car park and obtained a ticket at the machine before going on to Zizzi Restaurant and the Mill pub, both of which were sealed off last Monday, the day after the attack took place."

There are hidden messages to Putin in this current event... messages that few people deciphered about why they targeted Russia. The synchromystic numbers made headlines today.This Novichok Nerve Gas attack has the signature of state sponsoring all over it, UK state that is.  Why is this? Does Syria play a part somewhere? Is this a punishment for Russia winning the war for Assad?

The other 'Sissi Restaurant', in Aleppo, Syria where Kings, Queens, and Presidents have dined for years before the current troubles... and where the spies liked to hang-out! I was told Assad visited weekly.
The Mills of Hama, Syria, UNESCO Ancient World Heritage site
The story continues of course...

Police began examining sections of the same car park on Monday for any traces of the Novichok nerve agent used to poison the pair. That reinforces the belief that the agent may have been introduced into Mr Skripal’s BMW car by the attacker, infecting him and Yulia when they first climbed into the vehicle, possibly to make their way into Salisbury city centre on Sunday, March 3.

It came as a former chemical weapons inspector warned that the Novichok used in the attack is “very persistent” and could linger for a “reasonable length of time” as a "dusty agent".

The same pose for a third picture - not Zizzi or Sissi this time... why so many pictures of the same pose...a bit odd to say the least!
Apparently Novichok means New or Newbie!!
The very strange case of Sergei Skripal - the Russian Spy who was poisoned (apparently by Putin's agents)  in Salisbury, Wiltshire - has a lot more intrigue that at first appears. Judging by the latest pictures released, it's pretty clear to see that something isn't quite right about this entire story.

There have been several updates to the story below. Most inconsistent details released regarding the events so far include the reports that Skripal's house has been cleaned out by the authorities, his car taken away, the injured Policeman Nick Baiiley's car removed from the scene, and now there is talk of exhuming the graves of his family members in Salisbury, including his son's cremated remains! What any of this has to do with an attempted state-sponsored murder through use of nerve gas has yet to be explained.
Almost passed us by, Porton Down, the notorious chemical research lab is only seven miles away from Salisbury. What luck!
There's CCTV footage of the local shops where Skripal bought eggs, went to lunch with his daughter, who appears to have many different faces, and walked with a mystery blonde through the high street, just before he was found unconscious.

Adding to this, a doctor happened on the scene and gave immediate CPR to the daughter (Yulia) without suffering ill effects herself from touching the apparent contaminated victims, even though Haz Mat and various chemical cleaning 'agencies' have now quarantined the area.
Eggs and Milk?
You know there is deliberate obfuscation occurring with this story. A deliberate misdirection commonplace when agencies, such as the security services, are trying to cover up. The obvious doctored photos below show that something about Skripal - who he is - what he is doing in the UK - is not as it appears.


The first news report about Fentanyl use, causing major confusion, seems to have come from nowhere - the media can't trace the origin of the story, and the double pictures of daughter Yulia - two different woman in the same pose - why? Perhaps these people are not who we are told they are? Perhaps Skripal is not a double agent, but a triple agent. and he has something they want... straight out of a John Le Carre novel?

To recap the very first breaking of the story with the help of The Telegraph Online...

Russian agent convicted of spying for Britain was fighting for his life last night amid suspicions he was poisoned in a shopping centre in Wiltshire.

Sergei Skripal, 66, was in intensive care after being exposed to a mysterious substance as he sat on a bench in the centre of Salisbury. A 33-year-old woman who was with him, is also in critical condition. Both had collapsed and were unconscious when they were discovered.

Reports suggest Col Skripal had recently gone to police claiming he was fearing for his life.

The incident comes a little over a decade after the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian agent who was poisoned by radioactive polonium in a London hotel.
A clearly doctored image of Sergei and his daughter
Colonel Skripal, 66, a former Russian intelligence agent with the FSB, was jailed in Moscow for spying for Britain but had arrived in the UK in 2010 as part of a prisoner exchange. Anna Chapman, a Russia-born secret agent who had acquired British citizenship and who was detained by US authorities, was sent back to Russia along with nine other agents.

Litvinenko’s widow Marina Litvinenko told the Telegraph last night: “It looks similar to what happened to my husband but we need more information. We need to know the substance. Was it radioactive?”

Colonel Skripal and his female companion was discovered on Sunday afternoon. An eyewitness told how she saw the pair seemingly "frozen" in place.
Haz Mat
Georgia Pridham, 25, had been for a hen do lunch and was walking back to her friend’s car when she saw the couple slumped on a bench.

She told the Telegraph: “He was quite smartly dressed, which caught my eye. He had his palms up to the sky as if he was shrugging and was staring at the building in front of him.
“He had a woman sat next to him on the bench who was slumped on his shoulder. She looked grey and had her hood up.

“I thought 'that is quite odd, they must be on something'. I remember looking back at him thinking he would catch my eye but he was staring dead straight. He was conscious but it was like he was frozen and he was slightly rocking back and forward.
Emergency times three!
"She was just slumped onto his shoulder. She had a Parka jacket on with her hood up. I thought maybe she was asleep or passed out. He had a jacket and some smart trousers on. He didn’t look like the type to get high.

”The couple were unconscious when they were rushed to Salisbury District Hospital. Authorities later declared a major incident and its Accident & Emergency unit had to be closed.

On Monday night police said Zizzi restaurant, which was close to where Col Skripal and the woman were found, was closed in connection with the incident following consultation with Public Health England, suggesting one or both of them may have dined there beforehand.
A walk in the park can become a bad dream
Police wearing protective suits on Monday night were examining the area around the bench where the couple had collapsed. One well-placed source told The Telegraph a number of police officers who had initially attended the scene had also been treated for possible contamination although this newspaper was unable to verify that.

One report suggested a ‘specialist chemical response unit’ had removed an ‘unknown substance’ which had been wrapped in several protective layers.
The prospect of a state-sponsored assassination on Colonel Skripal was immediately raised by opponents of President Putin.
Daughter one
Garry Kasparov, the former chess world champion and high profile critic of the Russian leader, tweeted: “After the UK’s pathetic response to Litvinenko’s assassination with polonium in London, why wouldn’t Putin do it again?”

Colonel Skripal is thought to have been living quietly in Salisbury for the past seven years. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2006 after being found guilty of “high treason in the form of espionage” in a Moscow military court.

Russia alleged that Colonel Skripal had been paid $100,000 by MI6 in exchange for passing them the identities of Russian secret agents operating in Europe. He was branded a traitor and a disgrace.

A Russian nuclear expert Igor Sutyagin, who had been convicted of spying in 2004, was also sent to the UK with Colonel Skripal as part of the spy swap. Dr Sutyagin, now a senior research fellow with the Royal United services Institute in London, last night said he only knew Colonel Skripal for the duration of their flight from Moscow.

“If everything points to these people, then that’s a problem for them,” he said.
Daughter one again... but a similar pose. Clearly a completely different person?
Dr Andrew Foxall, Director of the Russia and Eurasia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, said: “If confirmed, this would be the second case of a former Russian ‘spy’ being exposed to an unknown substance in the UK. The first, of course, was Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned by polonium-210 in 2006.

“While it is too soon to attribute responsibility, it would be foolhardy if the authorities were not to explore the Russia connection in relation to Mr Skripal’s illness.”In a statement, temporary Assistant Chief Constable, Craig Holden of Wiltshire Police, said: “The two people – a man aged in his 60s, and a woman aged in her 30s – were found unconscious on a bench in The Maltings in Salisbury.
Another doctored photo of Skripal
“Police officers, as well as colleagues from the ambulance and fire services attended the scene and cordons were put in place.”

The statement continued: “The pair, who we believe are known to each other, did not have any visible injuries and were taken to Salisbury District Hospital. They are currently being treated for suspected exposure to an unknown substance. Both are currently in a critical condition in intensive care.”

“Because we are still at the very early stages of the investigation, we are unable to ascertain whether or not a crime has taken place.”
Skripal left holding the 'baby' - it seems doctored again!
Mark Galeotti, an expert on the Russian secret services, said: “The Russians have more animus towards ‘traitors’ than dissidents, as it were.”

But he said it would be unusual to target an ex-spy who had been jailed debriefed and exchanged, adding: “One thing that made Alexander Litvinenko a target was that he was still working with the security services here and with others.

“If there was a belief, rightly or wrongly, that Skripal was working for the security services, or done something else to make him a person of interest, it would put him back in the cross hairs.”

Swap: Anna Chapman, the Russia-born secret agent who had acquired British citizenship, was sent back to Moscow along with nine other agents in 2010
A fictional spy?
Miss Chapman, 36, who had married an English husband and had lived in London, had been arrested on spying in the US in 2010. The spies were swapped at Austria’s Vienna airport in scenes reminiscent of exchanges from the Cold War.
Haz Mat having a laugh?

Early reports suggested that colonel Skripal and the unnamed woman may have been exposed to the synthetic drug, Fentanyl, which is up to 10,000 times more powerful than heroin and has been linked to scores of deaths in the UK.

Not Salisbury but Solsbury in Somerset!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Amelia Earhart Found! ...on International Women's Day! ...what are the odds?

Amelia with her Lockheed Electra
Yes indeed! What are the odds of the announcement today that Amelia Earhart has been found... on International Women's Day no less! 

Bones found on a remote Pacific island are most likely those of the lost aviator Amelia Earhart, a new forensic study has concluded.

The pilot, who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, disappeared over the Pacific in 1937 while attempting to become the first woman to circumnavigate the globe by air.

In the decades since numerous theories and conspiracies have emerged as to her fate, including that she was captured and held by the Japanese.

However a new study by a professor at the University of Tennessee, Richard L. Jantz, has concluded that bones found on the island of Nikumaroro three years after her disappearance are those of the missing pilot.

The bones were initially ruled out as those of Earhart after a first examination concluded they were male.

Professor Jantz has argued that forensic techniques were not fully developed at the time and that the bone measurements closely match Earhart’s records.

He said: "The only documented person to whom they may belong is Amelia Earhart."

Amelia Earhart Barbie Doll released on the same day!
A pioneering aviator, Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932 and in 1937 she was attempting to fly across the globe with her navigator Fred Noonan.

At the time of her disappearance the 39-year-old was trying to reach Hawaii before completing her journey onto California.

It had previously been accepted that the pair perished when their plane crashed close to Howland Island in the central Pacific Ocean, amid poor visibility and low fuel levels.

In her last radio transmission, Earhart said they could not find the island and their Lockheed Electra L-10E was running low on fuel.

For weeks the area was searched by the US Navy, but the plane was never found and Earhart was legally declared dead in 1939.

In 1940 an exploration party sent by the Phoenix Island Settlement Scheme, which aimed to colonise remote islands, stumbled across bones on Nikumaroro.

The officer in charge then ordered a wider search of the area which turned up more bones, part of a woman’s shoe and personal artefacts including a sextant box and a bottle of the herbal liqueur, Benedictine.

The remains were examined by the principal of the Central Medical School, Fiji of the Dr. D. W. Hoodless, who concluded they belonged to a “stocky male” around 5ft 5ins.

As bones have since been lost, Professor  Jantz, an expert in forensic anthropology at the University of Tennessee, used the bone measurements taken by Hoodless and compared them with what is known of Earhart's body type.

Professor Jantz used Earhart’s driver’s and pilot’s licence records and photos of the aviator to piece together her bone measurements.

Summing up the process, he said: “If the skeleton were available, it would presumably be a relatively straightforward task to make a positive identification, or a definitive exclusion.

“Unfortunately, all we have are the meagre data in Hoodless’s report and a premortem record gleaned from photographs and clothing.

“From the information available, we can at least provide an assessment of how well the bones fit what we can reconstruct of Amelia Earhart.”


What ever happened to Amelia Earhart?