Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apocalypse Elenin or Psy-Op-War - You Choose!

A picture of Cyprus taken by NASA astronauts from ISS, the International Space Station (2010). But what’s this? A rogue Comet ‘Elenin’, influencing earth, and most specifically Cyprus? Have I fallen into yet another dimension?

The Discovery

This morning I discover a Brazilian psychic is claiming to have direct contact with extra-terrestrials discussing the fate of Cyprus? He thinks they may actually be inner-earth inhabitants or descendants of Lemuria. I ask myself again, what’s going on?

I have somehow managed to miss this year’s Avebury crop circle formation referencing Cyprus and the coming destruction. Where have I been?

Yes, we have electricity back, but the country is still in the grip of political and economic crisis. We are now at the mercy of the EU, US, UN, CIA, FBI, IKEA, and any other suitably acronym’d organisation that has enough power to destroy the calm of the collective’s psyche. I must include in my recent discovery, KYP… aka, the Cypriot Secret Service.

As I stared at my computer and replayed the ominous video produced by one Rogério Godoy, of a blog called ‘contatoalienigena’, things began to click. Cyprus is in the midst of a Psy-Op-War–style operation, which started long before the explosion at the naval base, and probably has been in the pipeline for years. How do I know this?

The Significance of… Cyprus

The significance of Cyprus on the world stage is pivotal, though its role is never highlighted. In some circles the island is called ‘America’s Aircraft Carrier’ because of its proximity to all the ‘hot’ zones in the middle-east. You can sail a yacht to Lebanon and just as easily launch a Patriot on Syria, with nothing in your way except for a few sea-gulls or a passenger airliner full of tourists.

Those blogs and sites that talk about mass-population mind-control should research Cyprus. There is a wealth of information demonstrating how the entire country has been manipulated over the years. For such a small country it’s had more than its fair share of tragedy and tribulation.

What else is there to notice about Cyprus? There are a few American and British Air Force Bases scattered around, it’s a route for Extraordinary Rendition flights as well as debriefing for returning soldiers from Afghanistan, it’s an Echelon Station, a HAARP Station, a hot-bed for chemtrails and UFO sightings, and there’s a human-cloning lab apparently.

Even the researchers over at ‘The Atlantis Project’ say that Cyprus is the location of that famed advanced civilization. I kid you not. Just go online, type any of the terms I’ve mentioned into Google and you will see a microcosmic universe of conspiracy open up in front of your eyes!

Let’s get back to the real point for this post.

I know that this sounds like something you couldn’t make up… and I didn’t. Not wanting to send people to this guy Rogério’s Blog (he already has more readers than I do) I will summarise.

Rogerio is a 52 year old psychic blogger from Brazil. His site is usually written in Portuguese, but for some reason the 'aliens' have sent him a message that he should post on the destruction of Cyprus in English (go figure). I contemplated contact with him to confirm his contact with the extra-inter-terrestrials, but then changed my mind (as you do).

Posted on 1st August 2011

“Alien message: Elenin alignment cause earthquake in Cyprus October 17, 2011”

On July 29, 2011, I received a telepathic message from inner earth people or by benevolent aliens, different from the previous messages I received weeks before.
"The message is this:

“Cyprus, CO2, posts in English, Harbor."

Rogerios goes on to explain this message of destruction with scientific information from NASA and his own research (he is working on his pineal gland right now). Perhaps I sound like I am judging him, and perhaps he really is a 52 year old psychic blogger from Brazil, who communicates with aliens, and see’s images of greys stamped on his bathroom carpet (really, he does). You want the link to his YouTube page so you can see it for yourself don't you?

Normally such drivel would only warrant a couple of one-liner jokes on my part. But living in Cyprus now, I’m sensing something more sinister in the works. There is no doubt there appears to be an increase in events of ‘high-strangeness’ here.

A Message to you Rudy

On his blog, Rogerios shows a picture of the British Airforce Base of Akrotiri as the supposed epi-centre of a mega 9.8 quake. I begin to see red flags popping up in the distance.

Last week I received a late-night text from my boss. He was warning all employees to be vigilant because his wife had been given some startling news while visiting Geneva. For obvious reasons I am not able to discuss my current job situation right now, but I can discuss the text. His wife was informed via e-mail, that the UN has issued an advisory to its staff based in Cyprus about ‘increased earthquake activity in the area’.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence around Cyprus so we rarely get anything officially announced. When Rogerios says that he was told by the ‘aliens’ that the destruction will take place on Monday 17th October 2011, I think that something definitely is coming. Whatever it is, it’s not going to be pretty. It may not happen on this date, but the powers-that-be have something in the works for Cyprus…

It’s worth mentioning the really unsettling coincidence that there are rumors of vast reserves of oil and gas located off the coast of Cyprus in its exclusive economic zone. Test drilling is due to begin at the end of September. Cyprus desperately needs to maximise on its natural resources as the energy crisis intensifies. The island has never been more significant than it is right now.

As much as I would like to dismiss Rogerios and his ramblings, I can’t help but believe that, whoever is suddenly opening YouTube accounts and blogging about Cyprus must be doing it for a reason.

Like those crazy embedded-coded messages and symbols that stare us in the face during movies for example. I would like to send my own message out to any ‘crop-circle making inner-earth people or benevolent aliens’ that may be listening…


(You will rarely hear me swear!)


When stories like these begin to appear, you know 'something' is up!


N.B. Cypress is a Tree - Cyprus is a Country! Although this Sorcha article is full of disinfo and coded freaky BS, there are some interesting links.


Could it be those inner-earth people upset about America's Nobel Energy Inc. drilling for oil and Gas beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Med. again?