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She Looks Like an Angel... She Walks Like an Angel...

She's the man!
A little late to the party...

World Vision is an Evangelical Christian organization with a mission that includes “serving as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Perhaps the best known program of World Vision is their child sponsorships.

World Vision explicitly states on their website that they “do not proselytize or work with those who insist on proselytism. Proselytism takes place whenever assistance is offered on condition that people must listen or respond to a message or as an inducement to leave one and join another part of the Christian church.” The organization ascribes to Red Cross standards prohibiting conversion activities. But consider the next paragraph from their website:

“At the same time, World Vision shares the Church’s commitment to disciple followers of Jesus Christ who bear witness to the Gospel by life, deed, word and sign, with the goal of encouraging people to respond to the Gospel. We do this through the life of service that we lead, the deeds of Christian love we perform, the words that we share about our faith and the signs of prayers answered as we visibly and concretely improve the lives of others.”
We're told Meghan has worked very hard to improve the lives of others, deciding that modelling, instead of Politics, was the route to take!
People in disaster zones and small children, the two primary populations served by World Vision, are both particularly vulnerable, and because of this they are particularly vulnerable to influence. All over the world, vast differences in power and resources say to desperate people: Christians have what you need; Jesus is the answer. The World Vision mission, in its own understated way, acknowledges this.

Make no mistake. In evangelical circles, the word “witness” is code for seeking converts. If it’s just the competent, compassionate aid, that you care about, then you’re likely better off sending your money to an organization further down the list like Doctors without Borders or the Red Cross. Valerie Tarico - Huffington Post

Consider the below article as a worrying hint to what these organisations are really doing behind the scenes...
Allegedly a front operation for moving money to places it's not supposed to under the guise of being 'humanitarian'!
An Australian government probe has found no evidence taxpayer money was misused by the NGO World Vision in the Gaza Strip, after Israel alleged millions of dollars were diverted to Hamas.

In August 2016, Israel accused World Vision’s Gaza head, Mohammad El Halabi, of siphoning off millions of dollars a year to the Islamist group that rules the Palestinian enclave – claims the NGO said it had seen no evidence for.

Australia had given millions of dollars to the charity’s work in the Palestinian territories in previous years and immediately suspended its funding for their Gaza programmes, with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) announcing a review. The Guardian

Apparently she's quit World Vision - as of yesterday!!! Despite Meghan attending a Catholic girls school. She is apparently Protestant so will be baptized into the Church of England before her marriage - make sense?
Meghan's best friend and travelling companion for many years is Markus Anderson. He's a director at private members club Soho House, which is now a world-wide brand offering, exclusive private parties for the rich and famous among a lot of other things. You need to be recommended by two other members to join, and should come from an entertainment/media or wealthy-some-how background!!

Close friends... just friends
Meghan's father Thomas Markle, was a lighting engineer, who worked for many years on the US TV hit series 'General Hospital', to which he won a joint Emmy Award back in the 80s. In fact, an Internet search shows that Megan's very first 'role' was on 'General Hospital', but as yet there is no video anywhere to back this one up.
Thomas Markle and "Daddy's Girl" Meghan (right) in her Disney Popcorn Princess T-shirt. The baby is apparently her nephew. According to her step-brother, as a kid, Megan's father would "parade her in front of his Hollywood friends"! He also said that they would pretend to strangers that Megan's mother was "the maid because of her blackness"! Not surprisingly, her brother is now estranged from the family!
There's a lot said about her 'Suitcase girl' stint, while modelling on 'Deal or No Deal' TV game show. Something apparently she'd rather forget.

She makes a great handler for Harry, don't you think? 

Harry's Girl - as seen on a London street recently. 
Strangely, Meghan also worked in Argentina, at the US Embassy, while in her 20s she studied Politics, but then decided she preferred to be a penniless waitress and actor in LA. Go figure!

The Bosch Palace, Buenos Aires - Argentina - Where Meghan once worked

Friday, November 24, 2017

No Life on Mars?

Martian surface apparently
NASA discovery of water on Mars was actually sand!

"Liquid water has been found on Mars," declared NASA in 2015 - but new research suggests what they saw was actually sand or dust.

An announcement by NASA in 2015 that liquid water had been found on Mars was premature, according to new research.

At a news conference that year, NASA's director of planetary science declared: "Liquid water has been found on Mars."

Scientists reasoned that water must be present on the red planet to explain mysterious darkish streaks that appeared to ebb and flow with the seasons.

However, while there is water on Mars - existing on the polar caps, ground ice, as well as in frosts and hydrated minerals - the evidence suggesting larger volumes of liquid water is ambiguous, according to researchers from the US Geological Survey.

In a new paper published in Nature Geoscience, they claim that Recurring Slope Lineae (RSL) in Eos Chasma, a deep depression on the planet, are "inconsistent with models for water sources".

The researchers - working in cooperation with the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project - found that the RSL were instead "identical to the slopes of sand dunes where movement is caused by dry granular flows".

"Water almost certainly is not responsible for this behaviour, which would require the volume of liquid to correspond to the length of slope available, producing more liquid on longer slopes.

"Instead, the 151 RSL examined by the study authors all end on similar slopes despite very different lengths."

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Death of Gaia

Gaia (right) and her cousin Marienna
Police are facing questions over the handling of the search for Gaia Pope, whose body was found near a coastal path 11 days after she vanished from a Dorset seaside town.

Three members of one family arrested last week on suspicion of murdering the 19-year-old have been released from further investigation after a postmortem found no indication that anyone else was involved in Pope’s death.

A relative of the arrested trio claimed police could have found Pope sooner had they not focused on the theory that she had been the victim of foul play.

Pope’s family said they also had questions to ask but thanked the police and other emergency services for their efforts. They paid emotional tributes to Pope, describing her as a “wise, magnificent soul,” and vowed to stay strong for the sake of her two sisters.

Specialist police search teams found Pope’s body on Saturday afternoon close to a craggy stretch of coast on the Isle of Purbeck, not far from where items of her clothing were found on Thursday. The spot is about a mile from the outskirts of Swanage, from where she vanished on 7 November.
The search by family and friends while body is found a mile away
Police said she had not suffered any injuries that would suggest anyone else was involved. The cause of death may not be known for some time because toxicology and other tests are being carried out.

Dorset police said no further action would be taken against Rosemary Dinch, 71, her son Paul Elsey, 49, and her grandson Nathan Elsey, 19, who were all arrested on suspicion of murder.

Dinch’s ex-husband Greg Elsey criticised the police over the arrests. He said the spot where Pope’s body was found by police was one of her favourite places and should have been searched carefully earlier.

He said he believed Pope went to Dinch’s house in Swanage on the day she vanished because it was a safe place. Elsey said: “She knew Rosemary was an elderly, kind lady so she felt safe to go there. She [Pope] was in a terrible state.”

Elsey argued that if police had concentrated more on Pope’s distressed state they might have launched a more effective search. “I think a bigger search would have taken place immediately. They could have put helicopters up and they may have found her alive,” he said.

“They [the police] decided my family were involved when all they did is show kindness. If they had handled this properly, Gaia would have been found a lot earlier, but instead of that they have totally mishandled it.”

He said the investigation had taken a “terrible toll” on his family and that Dinch and Nathan Elsey “collapsed on the floor crying” when they learned Pope’s body had been found.
TV actress Natasha Pope
Natasha Pope said her daughter was “a light that will radiate for all eternity”. In a statement, she said: “My beautiful Gaia … a wise, magnificent soul that burns far too bright for this world. Her spirit overflows with love and compassion for others.”

Asked whether he had questions that needed answering, Pope’s father, Richard Sutherland, told ITV News: “Yes, we want to know more. I think we know that she was really struggling. A lot of issues and she clearly just couldn’t cope with that. With the epilepsy, she was just struggling badly.

Sutherland said he last spent a day with Pope just over a week before she went missing. He said:

“I took her to the hairdressers. She told me she would be 45 minutes, she was getting some highlights done in her hair, she was very excited about it. She was about three and a half hours. Then we went for something to eat and had a lovely time together. It was good. She was in a happy mood at the time."

“I want everybody to know that we fight on for the sake of her sisters. She lives on through her sisters and we fight on for them. We love you, we stick together, we will come through this together.

Addressing his daughter directly, he said: “Our beautiful bird has flown. She’s not with us now in body but she will remain in our hearts and with us forever, so while the loss of her in one way is immeasurable, we will treasure you, Gaia, and honour you always. You’re not in pain any more my darling. We love you. I love you.”

It took over 11 days to find her!
The Mirror.Online from 20th November:

Vulnerable Gaia Pope was terrified of coming face to face with attackers who subjected her to a terrifying gang assault when she was just 17, it was reported.

The 19-year-old, whose body was found in a field on Saturday, 11 days after she vanished, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder following the attack two years ago.

No one else was involved in her death, police said last night.

Gaia's father Richard Sutherland, feared her epilepsy may have played a part in her disappearance as she had been warned by doctors that she was at risk of sudden death from the condition.

Mr Sutherland said his daughter struggled with her ill health and the "trauma" of the attack, which he said had a "really devastating effect on her".

He told MailOnline: "She was involved in a situation where some guys assaulted her. I think this had been coming back into her head. She was scared."

He added that Gaia had been confused and suffered from memory loss.

Gaia herself appeared to allude to the attack in one of her last posts on social media.

On November 5, two days before she vanished, the teenager posted a screenshot of what appeared to be texts on her phone with the hashtag #sexualassault.

Detective Superintendent Paul Kessell of Dorset Police said on Sunday: “The postmortem examination has not identified any i­njuries to suggest any other person was involved in her death. The cause of death is undetermined pending toxicology.

“The coroner is involved in the oversight of these examinations but at this time this remains an investigation into an unexplained death.”
Gaia, twin sister, and cousin (I may have them mixed up here, apologies)
The Sun.Online tells us:

TRAGIC Gaia Pope once reported a revenge porn sex beast to cops, it has been revealed, as the troubled teen's parents said she was "no longer in pain".

The 19-year-old, whose body was found close to cliffs near Swanage, Dorset, on Saturday, made an accusation about "Connor Hayes" currently serving a prison sentence for an unrelated offense.

Hayes, 24, was jailed alongside friend William Wright after posting a tape of them having consensual sex with a teenage girl - who is not connected to the tragic student - online.

The pair were jailed in April at Bournemouth Crown Court for charges related to taking an indecent image of a child under 18.

Although the girl was over the age of consent, she was under 18 meaning was illegal to make or possess indecent images of her.

Richard Sutherland had said his daughter Gaia, who suffered from epilepsy, was agonised by an assault by a group of men when she was 17 and suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

He said: “This had a devastating effect. I think this had been coming back into her head. She was scared, confused.”

He also said that Gaia's behaviour had become increasingly erratic in the days leading up to her disappearance and she had shown up the home of her friend’s grandmother in a “distressed and agitated state”.

Cops last night said they had ruled out murder after a post-mortem examination “has not identified any injuries to suggest any other person was involved” in Gaia's death.

Questions have now been raised over the police's handling of the case, with Rosemary's ex-husband Greg Elsey hitting out at a "witch hunt" and saying the family are "considering legal action".

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mystery of Missing Gaia... Updated

Missing Gaia as Alice in Wonderland 
Synchronicity of numbers 11 7 17  -  7 3 11 - 71 - 19 - 21  

A desperate search for Gaia Pope, 19, was launched after she vanished without a trace last Tuesday.


Nathan Elsey, 19, was last night arrested alongside his grandmother Rosemary Dinch, 71. They have since been released under investigation.

Today Gaia's family released a statement through police, which read: "To Gaia. We all love you forever. We miss you beyond words.

"We will find you darling girl. The thought of seeing the sunshine of your smile again soon keeps us all going and hoping."
Gaia with Russell Brand at Anti-Austerity Protest
Neighbours say Gaia had recently been staying with her auntie Talia Pope in Swanage, just a few streets away from Mrs Dinch and her grandson Nathan Elsey who appeared as an extra in war epic Dunkirk.

In a TV interview before her arrest, the 71-year-old told the BBC how a distressed Gaia banged on her front door asking for help on the day she disappeared.

She said: "She looked upset. Very upset. I am just so pleased because I gave her a cuddle and then she responded.

"Of course I want to find her and I have no idea where she is. She just seems to have disappeared."

Gaia, from Langton Matravers, Dorset, was captured on CCTV running past a house on Morrison Road at 3.39pm last Tuesday.

The last reported sighting of Gaia was at an address in Manor Gardens on Morrison Road at around 4pm.
Despite a huge search operation, the teenager hasn't been seen since.

Maya and Gaia
A desperate post on social media by Gaia's twin sister Maya Pope-Sutherland revealed the teenager has epilepsy and had been suffering from seizures before she went missing.

Describing Gaia as an "angel", Maya said: "Gaia is either in medical crisis or is still running.

"Please if you have seen her let us know, she last told us she was unwell and lost and that she was having lots of seizures.

"If you have seen something don't be frightened.

"She is at risk to herself and at risk of being harmed by OTHERS so please contact the police ASAP we are working tirelessly to find her.

"I just want my Gaia back, the last time I saw Gaia she would think of me. I just can't stop thinking about you girl."

The teenager is believed to have been feeling anxious about a man getting released from prison who was jailed for assaulting her two years ago.

She had been due to attend an appointment with her GP on the afternoon of November 7 but it is thought she never made it.

May Queen/Goddess imagery?
Gaia's mum Natasha Pope is an actress who has appeared in shows such as Inspector Morse and The Bill.

Police are still searching for Gaia and say she was wearing a red checked shirt with white buttons, grey and white woven leggings and white trainers shortly before she vanished.

Senior Investigating Officer Neil Devoto, of Dorset Police's Major Crime Investigation Team, said: "We have looked through CCTV that covers the Swanage area, including transport hubs, and there is nothing to suggest she has left the area.

"Her disappearance is completely out of character and, following our extensive enquiries, we sadly now believe that she may have come to harm."
Dunkirk 2017
The above story caught my eye, not just because of the mystery disappearance, but because of the names associated with it. Gaia being Earth/Mother Earth and Pope being Holy Father/Father. Looking into it a little further, it's clear to see that it's part of a family tradition, probably derived from a TV actress mother, who was a child of the sixties. Naming her daughters Maya and Gaia etc.

It's conjecture, I could be wrong. Even the word 'Sutherland' appears. Then you find anti-war protests, and Russell Brand in the mix, followed by some great hand gestures in pics from Instagram and Facebook.
Mysterious disappearances are always compelling, even with the theory that a medical condition may be the cause of this poor girl's plight. However, further reading shows a sinister angle, were she appears to be 'afraid' of someone.

We hope she's found alive and well, but sadly, with a huge forensics team on the scene, and negative Police statements, it may be unlikely this far down the road.

It's a raw story, so the details are still emerging, and some 'facts' may change. I will keep checking for updates on the situation.


Missing Gaia Pope is caught on CCTV buying an ice cream in a petrol station an hour before she vanished as her heartbroken mother claims daughter, 19, may be 'being held against her will in a van'

She was last seen alive on CCTV on November 7 at 3.40pm - when she was spotted sprinting down Morrison Road in Swanage, Dorset, before banging on 71-year-old Rosemary Dinch's front door in Manor Gardens.

Mrs Dinch and her grandson, aspiring actor Nathan Elsey, also 19, were arrested on suspicion of murder on Monday afternoon but released 24 hours later. The elderly suspect's son, Paul, 49, was also been quizzed by police officers at the time of Gaia's disappearance.

His father Greg Elsey said Paul offered officers his phone and bank card to prove he was working away in Weymouth when she vanished. Mr Elsey claims he now doesn't know where his son is.

Today police have revealed new images that show her at a petrol station in Valley Road between her hometown Langton Matravers and Swanage where she bought an ice cream at 2.55pm - two miles away from Manor Gardens.

She was driven to the petrol station by a member of her family, where she was seen on CCTV looking pale and tired. 

Supposedly, this is Gaia above, well before her strange disappearance and below, at the petrol station last week. You'd be forgiven for thinking she looks like a completely different person now. 


The father of a third suspect arrested on suspicion of murdering Gaia Pope has tonight insisted his son is innocent, hours after police found a pile of clothes feared to belong to the missing teenager.   

Greg Elsey confirmed that his son Paul was arrested today after he attended Poole Police station accompanied by a solicitor.

Speaking outside his home, the 69 year old said: 'My son is 110 per cent innocent. You would not believe what has gone one on. You will be gobsmacked as how the police have performed. Absolutely disgusting.'  

Officers cordoned off an isolated area close to 70ft Dorset cliffs and a quarry earlier today after a walker found a pile of clothes - but no body has been found.
Interesting art
Forensics officers were seen photographing and bagging up clothes feared to be Gaia's. She was wearing grey and white woven leggings, white trainers and a red checked shirt with white buttons when she vanished. 

Teams have also been scouring woodland and dredging ponds in a desperate bid to find her after she disappeared on Tuesday November 7.

The discovery of Gaia's clothes came hours after her father Richard broke down in tears on TV as he said his family were 'distraught' but remain hopeful they will find her alive.

She also who has severe epilepsy and PTSD after a 'traumatic incident' two years ago where she was 'assaulted by some guys', he said.

The business development manager emotionally told ITV news: 'Gaia, you know we love you, you know that. I just want that big hug please, I just want a big hug. We'll get you back and we'll have that big hug.' 

Gaia's mother with PM hopeful Jeremy Corbyn MP

Less than two hours after announcing the discovery of the clothes yesterday, Dorset Police confirmed they had made a third arrest over Gaia’s disappearance.

The man was identified by his family as Paul Elsey, a carpenter who specialises in church restorations. He is the uncle of Nathan Elsey, 19, who was arrested on Tuesday along with his grandmother Rosemary Dinch. They were later released.

Paul Elsey shares a first-floor flat with his mother, Mrs Dinch, 71, in Swanage, where Gaia was last seen. CCTV footage of Gaia on November 7 shows her running down the road towards Paul Elsey’s flat at 3.40pm.

She is said to have banged on his door in a distressed state and Mrs Dinch claimed she then stripped to her bra. 

The pensioner then says she convinced Gaia to put her clothes back on, except for a black jacket which was later recovered from the address. 

Detectives had been trying to track Paul Elsey down since he went missing on Tuesday afternoon, a week after Gaia disappeared. 

They seized his VW Golf and obtained a warrant to search his father’s £460,000 bungalow in Romsey, Hampshire, on Tuesday. 


A 49-year-old man arrested over the suspicious disappearance of Gaia Pope has been released by police under investigation.

Paul Elsey was named by his family as the third person to be arrested in an inquiry into the missing 19-year-old who vanished on November 7 in Swanage.

Shortly before his son’s arrest, Greg Elsey told the Daily Mail: ‘Paul could not stand Gaia. He wanted nothing to do with her. He said her family were bad news.’


Two days before her disappearance Gaia posted a message on Instagram that said she was worried about being 'shut up and put in a cell' with the hashtag #sexualassault and one follower urged her to 'run somewhere safe'.

And on the day of her disappearance, her father said she had become upset following an 'interaction on Facebook'. Shortly after, she fled her aunt's home, where she had been staying, and ran to Nathan Elsey's house. 

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Paradise Papier Mache!

Long time readers of my blog may recall some of my posts from the past, about the years I spent working for offshore banks, trusts and hedge funds, or dodgy tech/media companies. In those posts I never talked much about the ins and outs of the business. Not because of any confidentiality agreement, but just due to the sheer boredom of it.

Now the ‘Paradise Papers’ are out, and the media is in a frenzy about how the so-called super rich are  trying to hide their millions, or intentionally evading the tax authorities by moving and investing their monies abroad.

Well, for anyone who is not familiar with this type of financial shenanigans.. Simply put…it’s all a load of pap… Like the Panama Papers before them, these Paradise Papers will do nothing to hurt the rich, only cause more regulation for US.
European Central Bank in Frankfurt
Not just the super rich, but just about anyone with any large amount of money can, may, and usually does, have their funds invested (or even just held) abroad. Everyone’s doing it!

Individuals and corporations, in using these facilities abroad, avoid multiple-taxation, and get to actually keep some of the money they ‘earn’. Naturally, it’s also very easy to move money around into other accounts, and sort of ‘lose’ it in the system; which can be very convenient for some.

To put it very simply, the reason these paradise island banks exist in the first place is to do exactly this! Avoid the restrictions that apply in places like the UK for example.

Allegedly, when I worked for an offshore institution, we used ‘instruments’ which moved shell-company monies through various banks using the Belgian SWIFT system through Europe to Asia, or the Pacific VIA the US and Germany. We even transferred monies to places like Iran – where you’re not supposed to – by using the same US and German banks.
Offshore banks a plenty in the Cayman Islands - Hurricane destruction
Now, how many people do you think were involved in offshore banking practices like this? How many people do you think knew about it? It was quite a lot. Why? Because it was all perfectly legal! Yes, legal. Legal loopholes are in place exactly so the rich can do this with their money. Another reason why people like Simon Cowell or Lord Sugar must allegedly be telling lies.

The questions we should really be asking are why are they talking about this at all, and why now? This is something I can’t answer. It could very well be an elite plot to bring the system down, but who knows the thinking behind it? A Russian/ Chinese plot, an American/UK plot, an Israeli plot? Whatever it is, it’s a mushy, sticky mess, that doesn’t hold water for long!
Papier Mache tray by Henry Clay