Friday, August 3, 2012

Bridge to Another World?

a Golden Gate

For some unexplained reasons ‘bridges’ seem to be entering my consciousness lately. As an experiment I looked up a few references to these engineering wonders. I believe this impulse was not triggered by Kenneth Branagh’s turn as Isambard Kingdom Brunel at this year’s Olympics Opening Ceremony. I was already ‘under the influence’, but as strange syncs would have it, IKB was a master bridge builder.

G4S Security Training for the Olympics, ironically called ‘Bridging the Gap’!

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, Somerset, U.K. designed by IKB but completed after his death in 1864.

Below: The George Washington Memorial Bridge (commonly known as the Aurora Bridge) is a cantilever and truss bridge that carries Aurora Avenue N. (State Route 99) over the west end of Seattle's Lake Union, between Queen Anne and Fremont, just east of the Fremont Cut. The bridge is owned and operated by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

The bridge was opened to traffic on February 22, 1932. It was accepted to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The bridge is a popular location for suicide jumpers, and numerous reports have used the bridge as a case study in fields ranging from suicide prevention to the effects of pre-hospital care on trauma victims.

It’s the second deadliest suicide bridge in the USA.

Aurora Bridge

Earlier this year, the Higgs-Boson was discovered…. So what about the Higgs-singlet which opens the gate to time-travel – allegedly?

A bridge theory from 1933
Scientists believe they are one step closer to creating time travel.

American physicists from Vanderbilt University believe they may be able to use the Large Hadron Collider, the world's biggest atom smasher buried underground near Geneva, to send a type of matter called the Higgs singlet into the past.

“The Higgs singlet may be able to jump through space and time, travel through a hidden dimension, and then re-enter our dimension forward or backward in time.”

But they're unsure if the Higgs singlet actually exists and whether the machine can produce it, according to a report by Live Science.

The Higgs singlet is related to another hypothesised particle called the Higgs boson, dubbed "God's particle" because it is associated with giving other particles mass, which the 27-kilometre long atom smasher may produce.

If the Higgs boson is created, the Higgs singlet may also appear, scientists say.

The Higgs singlet may be able to jump through space and time, travel through a hidden dimension, and then re-enter our dimension forwards or backwards in time, physicists Professor Thomas Weiler and graduate fellow Chui Man Ho believe.

The so-called Aurora Bridge was opened during the Bi-Centennial!

Washington's Bi-Centennial Memorial Seattle

'Rainbow Bridge' Utah

'You will be shot by terrorists - and they may be Libyan, or even Syrian!'
Back to the Future no doubt.

How far have we traversed this bridge over the past fifty years, half-way across, or a little further?

I am also reminded of this iconic movie…


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