Monday, August 20, 2012

Atlantis Shrugged?

Currently National Geographic, and the Sea Research Foundation with Dr. Robert Ballard, are putting together a documentary about their explorer Nautilus, as it spends time under the coastal waters of, guess where? Cyprus! Like many other researchers, the Nautilus crew are hoping to make some eye-opening discoveries.
The last time an eager bunch of sea-fairing scientists carried out ‘research’ off the coast of Cyprus, they were looking for Atlantis. Their discoveries weren’t as breathtaking as they’d hoped; instead, a while later, plenty of hydrocarbon deposits were conveniently unearthed.

It’s good to see the Cypriot government finally cottoning on to why everyone wants to visit this beautiful place for their ‘scientific studies’. Today, questions were raised by MPs asking who exactly gave the National Geographic authorization to cruise around the troubled waters of the Island. The answer is not forthcoming yet.

If interested, you too can see what lies beneath by watching the Nautilus Live Stream (it’s quite addictive), as the crew and their yellow robot subs search the underwater terrain of the Eastern Med. Of course, they will avoid all the Turkish, Russian and French war ships currently doing their own ‘research’ in the area. But who knows, maybe they’ll discover more than a few abandoned beach beds.

Chios in tears

Another beautiful Greek island, this time in the Aegean, Chios is currently burning from out of control wild fires. This is a huge tragedy for the small island, not the first in its history. The very ancient, sacred, and now unique ‘Mastic ‘ gum tree is cultivated there. It’s well known for its amazing healing properties, and widely used in the Eastern Med. Sadly, it is about to be wiped from existence, much like the fabled Atlantis. Let’s pray that they can stop the destruction soon.

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