Monday, August 20, 2012

The Ultimate Escapist Move

Being a huge movie fan, I can't help but feel stunned that one of Britain's greatest contemporary movie directors/producers turned up dead yesterday, from an apparent suicide. Leaping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, CA. Tony Scott, younger brother of Ridley Scott, took the ultimate escape route.

Sadly, we will never see the results of one production he was currently working on, Ion, to star Channing Tatum, rumoured to be the new 'Avatar', and scheduled to start filming in 2013.

Synopsis: A man travels to other planets and dimensions in search of his reincarnated lover.

Now I understand why I was compelled to look at bridges recently, and wrote about them in Bridge to Another World, here...

R.I.P. Tony Scott 1944 -2012


LVB said...

Bride to another world, indeed.

Wow, that's pretty amazing...and scary.

LVB said...

That was supposed to be BRIDGE, obviously. lol

... said...

;-) Bridges are coming up a lot lately (Nov), so maybe a few more syncs to write up soon!