Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ed Chiarini – A Necessary Evil?

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I realise by posting this I am giving more publicity to Ed/Dallas Goldbug’s ‘theories’, but people do need to acknowledge his existence and really understand what is being presented to them as ‘truth’.
He sounds genuine enough when speaking on radio shows and other broadcasts, but as he relentlessly tells us, looks and sounds can be deceiving, and I have given him the benefit of the doubt for too long.
If you have a legitimate story, you trust in a theory because you have seen enough proof, there is information you need to let people know about, or you want to protest about a cause, then aligning yourself with a person who thinks that the Queen of England is really the American comedian Betty White, will destroy your own credibility for now, and the future.
Comparing a scattering of second or third hand pixelated photographs of people’s ears does not constitute proof unless you are living in some parallel universe where John Lennon created the iPad.
I have studied graphology – you cannot compare letters L and T written by one person, with letters L and T written by another, and get an accurate result.
But further still, an explanation of a difference of 6 to 7 inches in a person’s height needs to be explained – I don’t think prosthetics quite covers this one, or is it ‘camera angles’?
And, dare I say more…. Why only from America?.... Oh sorry… the theory about the Shah of Iran being Martin Scorsese father… questions… questions!
Remember your childhood fairy tales? The Emperor’s New Clothes? How many little boys does it take?
To use the same logic, that is being applied by Ed Chiarini, to his own theories, if one part of it is faked, staged, or a lie, you have to dismiss the rest, everything outside of it has no value.
It may just be that this person is suffering from some kind of psychological delusion, like a cross between denialism and rationalism due to some personal incident in his past. If this is the case, then I apologise and hope that he will find someone to help him with this. We all need assistance in times of crisis, perhaps it is his cry for help.
This is not meant as an attack on Ed – he maybe unaware of his own actions. I would rather not get into a debate about his state of mind.
But as theories go, (and I do love theories) he could be a well-planted shill, sent out to destroy honest researchers. Perhaps he is in it just for the money? This is, of course, only speculation. Allegedly there are people out there who believe he is genuinely uncovering the truth of our manufactured reality.
As it turns out, Ed is a necessary evil, and I am beginning to realise just how evil, as I trawl the web of truly bizarre and macabre 'indoctrination' gradually taking over alternative media.

When I say 'Ed', I mean the 'collective belief' in unsubstantiated theories.  Yes, we do live in a crazy-mad world, and our thirst for truth and authenticity is insatiable, but let’s not allow the lunatics to take over the asylum.
A very quick look at his website:  When passing all the fantastical comparisons of Hollyweird actors, politicians, TV personalities, and your next-door neighbour, you discover the following:


Website disclaimer -This website contains information intended for the public and is for general information purposes only. The information is being provided by well and we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Not responsible for external links, content or copyright infringement.
You should be well aware by now that when you see such ‘disclaimers’on a website which claims to know ‘the truth’, you have proverbially ‘been had’!
Apart from sending him your donations, this person is asking you to do the following, at your own risk of course…
“One powerful way you can make your voice heard is to contact your political representatives and members of local and national media in your country. Below are some links which quickly provide those living in the U.S. with the phone and fax numbers, email addresses, and regular mailing addresses of political and media representatives at both the local and national levels. You can make a big difference by sending these influential individuals and organizations information from our website. For those located outside the U.S., we encourage you to find similar lists for your country.
To write or call elected representatives in the U.S. Congress:
To write or call national newspapers, radio, and television in the U.S.
To write or call local newspapers and media in the U.S.:

Keep in mind that emails are generally the least effective way to make an impact, as many are never even read in these publicly available addresses. Written letters have the most impact, though phone calls and faxes are also very useful. When you add a personal touch to anything you send, it is more likely to make a difference.”
Look into my eyes....you are feeling sleeepy...veerry sleeeepy....


LVB said...

Great article, Marie - in fact, it is outstanding!!

" if one part of it is faked, staged, or a lie, you have to dismiss the rest, everything outside of it has no value."

While I do agree with your exclamation of "Indeed!", I have to say that this is just flawed thinking on Ed's part, as well as the "Celtic Rebel" and others like the Living Tiki, sadly, who I've often enjoyed reading and didn't think was gullible (or is it just vulnerable?) enough to fall for such obvious nonsense and rubbish as this clearly is.

There is ALWAYS some amount of error (or lies) mixed with the truth - do you know anyone in this world who has never been dead wrong about some things, and is always dead right about all else??


A few cases in point - having lived in Arizona all my life (which according to Ed would probably make ME "an actor", too LMAO!!), I have personally met some local and internationally known "celebs" in my life here.

Alice Cooper is one. As a child in the late 70s during his prime as a rock star, in fact, and then much later, in recent years.

Nice guy, too. He is always out and about in the Phx/Scottsdale areas, playing golf, hanging out at his downtown restaurant and doing numerous charity events, etc.

He's been around and doing all this quite publicly as an ADULT since Steve Carrell was a small child - so there is no possibility that they are the "same person", regardless of Crazy Ed's very imprecise and unscientific "ear measurement" fantasies - which are of course based on subjective non-calibrated INCONSISTENT digital images, and not OBJECTIVE precise laser measurements of any ear FLESH, itself - if you want to get really technical, I am more than qualified and happy to do so. LOL

But you and anyone else with a shred of common sense already knows this much. I would also add that Alice Cooper is frequently on local news and etc, and is quite wrinkly and old looking (too much golf out in the AZ sunshine) - which IS how older people tend to look - HELLO!!!

For Tiki, I would add that there is some age resemblance to Keith Richards of the Stones, but there is probably NO ONE who has ever done as much drugs as that guy, or will ever look quite as much like a walking corpse as Keith does!!

Another example is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He's been here forever and is always in public - perhaps to a fault, but that's a different story. He may be a glory hog, media whore and many other things - but whatever else he is, he's been a good Sheriff here and he is very real - not an "actor". He is very much 100% JOE, love him or hate him.

So, yes, I've met him and his wife, too. He recently turned 80 years old, and a few friends of mine went to his b-day party and even took some nice pics - which actually show his EARS - OMFG!!

Just how f-ing ill-informed, stupid, mentally ill and/or mentally impaired does someone have to be to actually believe in this kind of nonsense without a MUCH higher standard of evidence and proof??

While I will admit to believing some dumb things in my lifetime, I am proud to say that I NEVER took anything THIS STUPID seriously at all.

Oh, and keep in mind that if some crazy homeless guy says that Alice Copper is actually Steve Carrell, I'm sure they won't be suing him either. Nice try with that moronic double bind, though.

(Hint: Double binds are often utilized as a form of CONTROL without open coercion — the use of CONFUSION makes them difficult to respond to or resist.) wink wink ;)

Please everyone - get a clue!!

Anonymous said...

Well if all our politicos, as mr-chiarini suggests, are frauds or shilling for frauds what is the good to contact your ''representatives'' if they are ''actors'' or fakes as he suggests they are?? So what are they going to do-EXPOSE THEMSELVES.??? So is his goal to show us some truth then mix it with garbage to make ordinary folks look foolish and open to ridicule??? I ask you to mull this over.

Anonymous said...

Well if all our politicos, as mr-chiarini suggests, are frauds or shilling for frauds what is the good to contact your ''representatives'' if they are ''actors'' or fakes as he suggests they are?? So what are they going to do-EXPOSE THEMSELVES.??? So is his goal to show us some truth then mix it with garbage to make ordinary folks look foolish and open to ridicule??? I ask you to mull this over.

... said...

Thanks for your comment LVB. It is appreciated.

I too am a little amazed at how very intelligent people seem to be quite prepared to accept the most ridiculous theories as fact, presented to them from dubious sources, without a shred of real evidence/proof.

If we are to believe that Betty White is in fact impersonating the Queen of England then we must dismiss other theories we 'like', right?

A favorite for many, David Icke is one example... Can the Queen of England be a shapeshifting green alien-lizard-hybrid AND be Betty White?

The questions just keep on coming! ;-)

@Anonymous - you make a VERY good point. This is what I am trying to get to. By allowing the 'slither' of truth to be tainted by these kinds of 'facts', we have NO HOPE of ever being able to do anything, never being able to show people the real truth, and for them to understand what is really going on and look and research for themselves, out there in the 'real' world!

As a side note: Here is a good article which sums up Icke perfectly, although its from The Daily Mail - the worlds best source of hearsay and speculation - the writer does show you a nice summary of what Icke is really all about. It's a good example of what ALL these 'researchers' are about!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Marie and LVB!
I thought I was the only one wondering what the frig the Reb and Tiki were following there...

Can't we just turn off the media all together
and just talk about our OWN creations for a change, one's that WE invent?
Instead of the ones that are manufactured by the HOrdeS of Hollywood...?

Be well...

: )

Anonymous said...

Actually, what I've heard Ed Chiarini say is that if even one small part of what he says is true then it proves that we are being lied to and manipulated, which is a terrifying prospect.

I always liked this blog, but I'm getting really tired of reading the word shill-it's tiresome and somewhat insulting being told who I should read and listen to.

If I am relying on a "shill" for information then I would like to think that I can discern for myself just how useful what they have to say is.

Also, I think that you are very shortsighted to think that everything Ed Chiarini says is BS, or that he even means for all of it to be true. Really, think about it.

In any case, I really think that you should work on not being so bitter and negative-worry about your own work. I wonder how happy you would be, being called a "necessary evil."

... said...

Thanks for your comment Anon (2) My intention is not to be insulting to anyone, I am pointing out things which 'in my opinion' prove 'to me' that Eds theory (if that is all it really is) is flawed and misguided.

God forbid that I would tell anyone what they should or should not read - It would be great for people to be 'critical' when they view these 'theories' - instead of blindly saying Yes! Yes! That LOOKS exactly like who you said it was. I would ask others to also 'stop and think' about it a lot more first.

You don't know me, but I can assure you I am not that shortsighted as you put it. I am willing to research and read up on anything out there, I know that the reality we are living in is not what it seems to be, and I am prepared to entertain any crazy notions (as they appear) if they have some solid thinking behind them.

Recently I looked around the Internet and was amazed at just HOW MANY theories there are out there, but most of them have nothing to back them up at all. I have been looking at Eds webpage and his so-called evidence but I don't see what you see. I won't apologise for that. But I will say that yes, there is something weird going on with that.. but 'for me' it's not Actors or Clones or Replacements - and we do need to choose btw - Is Ed saying its sometimes one and sometimes the other?

Perhaps I am bitter and negative - Thanks for pointing it out to me! I feel I have every right to feel that way 'some of the time'. These days I am feeling a lot more upbeat. You know, seeing crimes being committed and not being able to do anything about them, spending a weekend choosing your murdered kid brother's coffin, or losing your home to the banksters - these things do cause some negativity - but okay - let's just smile and say oh well, never mind everything will be just fine tomorrow, it's only a big staged play with bad actors after all! ;-)

P.S. I used the word shill - you are right - its pretty boring and mediocre now - but what else could I have chosen... psycho...liar...cheat... A-hole?

... said...

Thanks Transcend Designs - you are SO right - we should be concentrating on our own 'creation', ourselves, instead of being constantly led down the proverbial garden path!

I guess sometimes 'stating the obvious' may be the only way to go!

Really? said...

Great Article! I cannot agree with a single thing Ed says. I think he is either on drugs or in need of meds or both. With all the facial recognition software out there - his job seems very very easy- but he makes such idiotic comparisons. Why would any 'actors' waste time playing insignificant roles such as Tina Fey or Betty White. Who cares in the end? It's amazing anyone believes him. He is 100% wrong 100% of the time. The only thing is get right is that human beings resemble other human beings and most of us have ears.

... said...

Thanks guys for all your comments.
Yes, Really?, nice name btw, I think that if Ed is NOT deranged, then he is doing it for a specific purpose, like he's out there to discredit real researchers who do come up with good theories and show us proof.

People doing what Ed does only brings ridicule to anyone that tries to investigate anything that is not in the 'mainstream' normal belief system of the collective.

Imagine if you had some real concrete evidence and you approached a local authority, say in a legal case, they would say, 'Oh, aren't you the guy that believes in shapeshifting lizards?'... end of discussion!

We can't let this carry on or we will all be thrown into the looney bin (as they use to say in the UK)


Anonymous said...

Fallacious thinking has mounted way too high. I'll tip it over.

I track only 60% of Ed's matches. The rest I dismiss. Celtic Rebel shirks some to Ed's face. And yes, Ed offers some utter silliness. I also fault Ed for getting personal with Joyce Riley, who once hosted him on air. I don't see his claim on Riley and think it's just a weird revenge grudge.

To his credit, Ed doesn't charge, if donations offset server costs like ten thousand other bloggers. I see no evil in legal disclaimers. I'm surprised he doesn't use more. Ed's main fault is bad grammar and spelling. He needs an editor.

On a personal note about us becoming creatives not consumers, Ed is a patented inventor and artist.

All that said, here's the straw man fallacy: ears and penmanship alone support Ed's claims. Bzzzzt. Wrong.

Ed shows family and workplace connections. We have sheriff departments, acting studios, and family parties. We aren't just inspecting earlobes here. Ed also shows official paperwork on government drills and correlates related photos. So I find breezy dismissals of Ed's work cartoonish binary thinking ("if Ed is NOT deranged, then..." either/or fallacy).

A drill advisor stands tall in gunfire, while SWAT cops lay prone on their bellies in battle pose. What is wrong with this picture? If the gunfire were real, all of them would lie flat for fear of their lives. The event is a drill. TV news shows it as truth. Score for Ed.

We need less opinionated blogging and more team effort to help Ed uncover matches and refute misses.

Now Ed could put scores on his matches. He gives confidence figures on air, but not on site. They are subjective. The point is that even Ed does not say all of his matches have 100% confidence.

Historical cases are fascinating, but I don't buy big whoppers like Hitler (who was a British agent per Greg Hallett, but not Walt Disney, who in turn was nonetheless a pedo illuminist).

Read Dr. Dennis Cuddy on machinations surrounding the Teddy Roosevelt era. Cuddy writes as a qualified scholar from a conspiratorial point of view, but with the goods: documentary proof of rigged elections and events. Ed's finds may correlate with Cuddy's conclusions.

I do not buy Ed's match on Winston Churchill. But in defense of this sort of study, it is worth saying that voice imitation actors were hired to give Churchill's famous radio speeches while he partied and drank. And Churchill was a druid illuminist member of the secret circle detailed by Cuddy. This secret circle ran both sides of the war.

... said...

I welcome your comments Anon – but I cannot agree with your 60%! Ed quotes: an honest man fears no question! When you challenge Mr. Ed about his matches, he can’t take it; he becomes aggressive and overly-defensive. I have heard him attempt to defend everything on his blog. He believes all his matches are right. I’ve noticed people that are coming to his defence saying he ‘never said 100%’ – but I must disagree – this is exactly what he’s saying.

He is displaying classic disinformation tactics, right in front of our eyes.

The live drills scenario is very plausible, I’ve written about it myself, but aligning research which says Marilyn Monroe was really Jackie Kennedy negates any value the original ‘false flag’ ‘evidence might give. It’s thus rendered a lie, when in fact it could very well have merit. Classic disinfo strategy – Mr. Ed does MORE HARM than good with his ‘theories’, and he’s dragging good bloggers into his muddy pit of illusion. THIS is the point I am making!

I will give him some credit – his comparisons are quite entertaining – and I would tell people to check it out for themselves, especially if they need a good laugh.

This is the problem with Ed’s exposures, using clearly refuted and absurd photographs to prove one person is really another – or a clone – or a replacement actor – just does not stand up to scrutiny in layman’s terms – there is no argument – there is no need for defense – Ed is not honest – the reasons for this are more interesting than anything else he has to say.

I notice he’s changing his website, and makes huge statements about not taking people’s money now, funny that is… I wonder what prompted this sudden change?!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your article. I have been watching the Chiarini show for about a year now. I have spent more hours than I dare admit in researching his claims and have not found one that I believe is true. I wish I had the patients and skills to counter each and every claim he makes on a countering website, but then again anyone with intelligence can do that research for themselves.

We have to ask the bigger question of why would he come up with such a vast and seemingly fallacious theory?

What I have gathered from my own research, he started out working under Robert Groden as an illustrator for the book High Treason at the tender age of 15. How he got this job who knows? One can see how the conpsiracy theorist in him was born and weened within the mysterious world of the JFK Assassination. Which he spent many years assisting Groden in research, interviews and projects.

The question that needs to be considered is whether he is just a diehard conspiracy theorist at heart in an honest attempt at solidify his own fame in the world of conspiracy theories? Or if he was placed in this position as a trained psyop agent to add fuel to the fires of conspiracy theorists.

The latter agenda seems to be more prevalent as we find more bloggers, alternative media radio shows and websites reigning over the internet and influencing public opinions in competition the mainstream media. The 911 Truther movement being a prime example how a high percentage of Americans believe 911 was an inside job.

And what was one of the first subjects exposed by Chiarini aside from the Giffords shooting? The Occupy movement. Quicky spreading to attacks (exposes) of many of the internet and youtube truther radio show hosts.

There seems to be a suspicious agenda here to discredit alternative media in the name of alternative media.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster. He seems to be a well trained/well placed psyop agent not just a lone diehard conspiracy devotee. His rather interesting background USAF/HALIBURTON/DISNEY/CYBER SECURITY EXPERT-raises way too many red flags. His experiences with a known dis-info agent ROBERT GRODEN and the entire JFK ASSASSINATION forums makes me suspicious. It would only seem logical that the alternative media cannot act truely independently and ed's goal seems to be to destroy/discredit/mock any good research that might come along. That's if you really believe that BETTY WHITE is the QUEEN of ENGLAND.

... said...

I admit I haven't been following anything related to this for a while but I am still of the impression that he/this is part of a psyop and the bottom line is to make money and discredit real truthful research!

Bob Timmins said...

Anon, are you kidding? You can't find one of Ed's exposures, that's true? Oh Please, he even goes into factual connecting of the dots of certain families, situations, factual documentation. Really, not one that you think is real. That alone is false. Nice Try.

If you're going to disagree; fine, but atleast try to post some sort of factual evidence of your conclusions if you've been investigating his exposures as you said, over a year. I mean come on.

LVB said...

Perhaps "Bob Timmins" = Ed Chiarini??

Please submit a pic of your ears for some very serious naked eye, subjective anal-ysis, sir, and then we'll call it "scientific".


Bob Timmins said...

LVB, I would assume, we would get more than just some kid yelling out the second story window, nonsense.
Ear Biometrics is a proven scientific solid tool for indentification. To brush asside, Ed's work would have you debunking, the numerous, PHD Thesis papers on Ear biometrics and the proven effectiveness of it's accuracy; used by Governments, state agencies, companies, private detectives, the list goes on.
If you don't believe in Ed Chiarini's tireless factual work on the fraud we have been systematically shown to us, as history and events, for over a century and more, that's fine. That is your right.
Now, to not even attempt to disprove his work based on scientific analysis known as an accuracy rate better than a finger print; but to just write BS nonsense, not backed up with anything, "IS WRONG."
Good luck on your finding of what is really going on to us in the USA and the world.
No, I'm not Ed Chiarini.
I'm honered, you think, I am.

... said...

To jump in for a moment Bob, the biometrics of ears may be a good tool, but to make a claim based on a Google photo clipping or Youtube video still, is pushing it to say the least!

Bob Timmins said...

Ed Chiarini has expressed with hardened facts, when one finally release themselves from the Actor based reality logic; that is our world today, and understand, Hollywood time, individuals, and events are theirs, not ours, you grasp what is really going on.
Hollywood actor time is not real.
If a genetic ear biometric and other genetic traits match an individual with another. It is them, no doubt.
What are these actors REAL birth names and birth dates? How do we even know how old someone like Steve Carrell really is? Basic Prosthetics, Make up and Hollywood based reality fill in the gaps. We only know what "THEY" show and tell us. Once you've been exposed as an individual genetically. It's over, YOU ARE THAT INDIVIDUAL.
Good luck in understanding what is really going on.
Ed Chiarini has only uncovered the beginning. The real truth can only be held back so long. The flood gates are about to open.

Anonymous said...

Just what makes ed or anyone an expert in biometric ear analysis? Cause he did some sketchings for groden yrs ago? Ears and other facial features need high tech computer scanning to be accurate. Does he use such tools? No. many of his photos are grainy and by merely drawing graphs/red ticks/arrows on his exposes are not convincing. It only proves that one can photoshop moles/birthmarks/facial clefs etc. and why no independent cooberation of his findings? Answer, it would be laughed at.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. Well put.lol.

Bob Timmins said...

anonymous, I'm still waiting for factual debunking of Ed's work, all aspects of it, no just genetic ear biometrics.
You're second story window is still wide open for your amplification of nonsense. Please write facts to debunk his work please.

Bob Timmins said...

anonymous, I'm/we are still waiting for ANY factual debunking of Ed's work in any of his areas of uncovering the truth. His Genetic Ear Biometric research is just one aspect of his factual finding of the lies and Scams we have been living.
Your second story window still seems to be wide open and nonsense is amplified here again.
Post just facts, please.

Anonymous said...

Bob timmins. You ignore the other comments by others on this post. Ok ill give you one. Ed claims that imram khan the pakistani politician and famous cricket player and sportsman is director roman polanski. Even though khan is five inches taller and 20 yrs younger than roman as well as the former capt of the paki natl. Cricket team. He also claims that alice cooper is actor steve carrell. Nonsense. Cooper was making albums and touring in the late 60s when steve was in shorts. I for one saw cooper in concert in 1977! Any answers other than the usual tripe? Unless you are ed too.

Bob Timmins said...

Anonymous, ever met any of these people, together. Do you know how old Steve Carrol really is, his Real Birth date? Do you really know the age and height of Roman Polanski and khan?
We are just being told what they are by the faked Media owned by the Wealthy Families of this nation.
My whole point is I'm still looking for someone to post genetic ear biometrics of the individuals; you say are not the same and debunk Ed, scientifically. All these posters can just say whatever words, it means nothing. They are derived from the BS media and what WE are suppose to see? Get it?
Not only does Ed scientifically show you his conclusions; but he Also, factually connects, dot after dot, shows the actors, characters of these families and other loyal conspirators without a doubt. This whole operation is being exposed. What more can Ed do; but continue to factually show you the links; between all these family members and other loyal actors. Geeezzzzzzzz,,, He puts in right in front of your eyes factually.

No, I'm not Ed Chiarini, I'm flattered; you think, I am.

... said...

Bob, as much as I don't want to get into this now, it's Christmas despite the evil in the world right now, I must say that there is no reason to provide what you are asking because Ed, unfortunately for him, has already managed to debunk himself!

I wonder what more he will bring us in 2013.


Bob Timmins said...

Beautiful factual comeback, LOL.

dallasgoldbug said...

Your poor attempt to invoke peoples knee jerk reaction to the research is just a way for you to get others to convince you of your lack of understanding and feeblemindedness that insecure types tend to do so they can feel special and popular. hahaha You also attempt to create a preconceived wall that your reader is unaware you're helping them build.

It really doesn't bother me much to see this as it shows you are one of the opposition and like the others on your side are very afraid of me and my message. If I was so crazy then you would think over the past two years of researching and publishing my finding that ONE just ONE of you would grow a set and maybe do some testing with scientific methodology that would easily discredit any CRAZY persons wild acusiations. But just as the sun rises and set you and your trolls come and go but I remain in the same place with the same REAL BIRTH NAME, saying the SAME message about the SAME associates off yours. I will remain here untill you are unable to poison the minds of those who are unaware of your agenda regardless of what you say about me. Im'm sure our opinions for each other are mutual so do you really think you get anywhere looking like a child at recess calling their nemesis what ever curse word they just learned from listing to their inbred parents. I will just take that as a sign Im doing my job and send you a smile right back at ya'.

Nevertheless I'm not going to address your wild claims and bullshit comments that you incorrectly tell your readers that I made when of course I didn't, there are far too many of them and again I know your diversionary tactics are just part of the multi pronged attack which you and your types attempt as a means to suck away my time that is much better spent on my research than addressing a nobody who hopes to get my attention so they can ride my coat tail. If your audience choses to not look at wellaware1.com to see the ACTUAL evidenced I post, or choses not to watch my over 250 videos on Youtube then they deserve what they get and I hope they stay right where they are taking in your fear mongering fantasy psychobabble. For those who have the ability to see the logic and reason those others have been conditioned into believing real when it's far from reality, then they will be able to see the facts and make their own mind regardless of your trumped up borderline liable content on your site. Its those people that I welcome to engage in debate and take the first steps to become AWARE of the world around them. All my content is free of charge and there are no water filter adds in site on my pages, in face no ads at all.

But if you have some direct questions (ONE AT A TIME) I would be glad to point you in the right direction or possibly take the time to answer them, if I feel you are being genuine.

But attack the messenger AGAIN as you have several times, and you might as well get in the back of that line of bitches over there waiting for me to give a fuck.

Much love back at ya' not.

Anonymous said...

Well put Marie. Bob timmins is a serial poster doing ed's handy work and does not want to accept that his methods are akin to junk science. When you ask him any probing questions he becomes bitter/hostile/angry. That PROVES BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT he is full of it. He never allows independent review of his matches cause he knows it couldn't stand any scrutiny. EPIC FAIL.

... said...

Dear Mr. Ed

I am honoured that you have spent time and written over 500 words worth of comments, personal insults aside, I appreciate the fact that you bothered to read this at all and replied. My select few readers will appreciate it also I am sure.

You may not know me, but of course, I am who I am. What I know of you personally is very little, except for what you say on blogs and in chats with supporters like The Living Tiki and Celtic Rebel.
I will say again that unfortunately for you, you have debunked yourself when you call out the ‘real people for their B.S.’ and everything I’ve written about you here is from listening to you speaking on the pod casts.

Are you denying that it was you speaking, and that in fact it was some double who took your place?
Again, there is no liable on my content as I am simply reporting YOUR own words, and as you so eloquently put it, “your fear mongering fantasy psychobabble” – Don’t look at me, I didn’t say it! That’s coming from you!

I have clearly attempted to steer people TO you for the real deal – They will find out for themselves what you are claiming. It is NOT MY FAULT if you are failing to convince people.

I will admit that some of what you say has a HIGH INTRIGUE factor, but I am simply not willing or able to fork out any money to see the DVD ‘evidence’, which I assume you are making available somewhere, simply on the strength of what you have presented on your so-called blog.

Truly, if I was able to right now, especially after the recent news, I would like to see a live debate between yourself, your supporters, and your detractors, without resorting to personal attacks naturally, perhaps on the issue of ‘The Actors’ and their places as ‘family members’ of these false flag events? No doubt Newtown will now be part of this?

Shall we say sometime in 2013, let’s arrange it? You present your evidence and I’ll present mine? As you say I am a ‘nobody’ I don’t expect you to accept.

It would be nice if you did stick to your promise of answering all questions, one at a time. I think people would appreciate a decent response from you, even if it isn’t what they wanted to hear.

Come on Ed, present us with some strong, believable evidence. No? Ah well… In the spirit of the season I wish you a Merry Christmas none the less mate!

(my real name, honest)

LVB said...

Absolutely hilarious, yet tragic. Simultaneously.

And you are spot on with your guess about the latest mass shooting, Marie. Not Mr. Ed, but one of his loyal surrogates has already put out the usual cynical and semi-believable rubbish about the Sandy Hook mass murders of children.

Of course, if wouldn't matter if you or I or anyone else knows for a fact from people who are the victims, parents or state police officers that it DID happen and there are an awful lot of dead people - even if I sent you the most gruesome crime scene photos that would haunt you and ruin your outlook on life and humanity forever.

No, it just simply did not happen at all and/or it was really Steve Carrell / Alice Cooper who did it, etc. Look at the ears!!!

Ad nauseum.

Truly nauseating. Ed and his true believers' nonsense and complete disconnect with reality is perhaps sadder and more disgusting than any mass murder, if you know what I mean.

Whether or not the mass media and govt will manipulate and stage manage the post-murder reactions in order to further their agendas for gun control and various social engineering is a different issue altogether - and is beyond any doubt.

There is not any doubt about that much, but the rest is clearly insane, or quite sane with the evil and ill intentions to misead vulnerable minds and quite simply to MAKE $$$$$.

Ironic, isn't it that Ed, CR and cohorts are all doing precisely what they profess to hate most about their arch-enemies - "The Jews" - deceiving people to make money.

Did I say nauseating yet?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's funny but a disclaimer on his website states ''an honest man fears no questions''. And yet as you can see by many of his responses he and his various mirrors/RBD/WOLF TRACKER/OREGON HERBALIST etc. Are clearly afraid of honest debate. WHY?? Well that's self explanitory.

Anonymous said...

Its funny but a disclaimer on his website says ''an honest man fears no questions''. Bah!! Really!! When cordially asked for more details other than grainy earshots he will jump down your throat and call people ''opposition'' I would suggest all readers of this blog to look up the phrase ''Cass sunstein'' cointelpro. It is the task of Obama's info czar in 2008 to flood conspiracy forums/blogs with dis-info agents to postulate the wildest theories to make alternative(non MSM)media seem ridiculous.DGB is one of those agents.

Anonymous said...

Btw I would strongly suggest that you compare the living tikis voice with ed chiarinis voice. They are most likely the same person. you can go to the celtic rebels archives for august 2012.both he and the tiki were on during that month.

Anonymous said...

Ed doesn't give a fuck, and he goes out of his way to tell you. He goes out of his way on his facebook page to say he had 300 friend requests in one day! And none I suppose just wanted to watch the train wreck that is Ed. He's nothing but an attention whore, and a thin skinned one at that. Why else the response every time his name is mentioned. I'm surprised he didn't out you as the friend of a relative of some (Jewish of course) actor, as he did someone on Facebook who pointed out what a piece of shit he is. He is beneath contempt. No one died. Indeed. He's just a guy who knows how to use photoshop and face recognition software. Most of his "actors" don't even really resemble the people they're supposed to be playing but obviously the face recognition software selects someone who looks similar and is posed similarly. His post today about Chevy Chase was particularly ludicrous. Apparently Mr Chase's children are also being farmed out. Disgusting excuse for a human.

LVB said...

Nah, I don't think so with the voices - Ed has a very obvious and noticeable "Philly" accent, as in Philadephia, USA, if you're not from here.

Tiki does not, and I would add that tiki seems to be consistently pretty nice and easygoing in his behavior, both on the "radio" and in writing.

With Ed, not so much. LOL

However, I must admit that I have not yet had a chance to laser-scan their ears, so... ;)

LVB said...

Hey Frog,

Hiding would be an altogether different thing than just simply losing interest in constant preaching about buttholes, Jews and whatever else.

I do still enjoy tiki's boob pics now and again, although it is very sad to me that his mind has been overtaken and warped into being just another CR / Ed cult member - rather than being the valuable source of original ideas that I once admired so much.

But, it's nice to see you, and the fact that you're still keeping on with the same modus operandi of slinging insults rather than intelligent thoughts!

Cheers and Go Froggy Go!

... said...

I am not happy about people throwing around personal insults, and slagging each other off (that's a British turn of phrase)! Let's not go off topic.

I don't want to delete all comments because people are straying from the main point.

No more rudeness to each other please, unless it's Ed!

Thanks for listening & Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

@lvb-i might disagree on your assumption that ed is not the tiki. There is video on YouTube DALLASGOLBUGLIES-ED CHIARINI EXPOSED AS THE LIVING TIKI. please look at it and notice that there are source files provided in the link below from the CR'S two broadcasts/one with ed/the other with the ''tiki''. I really believe its ed hiding his voice behind a simple cloth/paper towel or perhaps a mechanical alteration. Btw-he is not above doing such a thing.lol.

Anonymous said...

So,if al Ed does for a person is to make them ponder their present and future servitude to the "machine" he has done worlds more 99% of the bloggers out there. His material is radical enough for any individual to decide for themselves if he deserves another look. OR we could lament Neil Armstrong OR we could yell from the second story window that Syria doesn't have chemical weapons because I KNOW!!! Whatever, even Fetcho isn't that bold and he lives in the area.

I like Marie's idea, let's have a DEBATE.


LVB said...

Hey anon,

I actually had the misfortune of meeting Chevy Chase once, a very LONG time ago - when they were filming the original "Vacation" movie.

I can't tell you much about him other than he was a seriously arrogant and phony arsehole!! I mean really rude and hostile, not a nice person at all.

I'd venture a guess that he is most likely the same disgusting jerk now that he was back then.

Not sure if that helps you any, but that was my experience. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is fun:


... said...

Anon: I can't help but laugh! I've seen (not met) The Pope sitting in his stately car being driven slowly passed mine, a few years ago. I mentioned the surreal moment in one of my older posts. I didn't check his ears out but then again, I didn't know Ed back then either!

DallasGoldBug said...

1. Thinks that the Queen of England is really the American comedian Betty White,

WRONG White is her sister and she is Lucy. See the photographic evidence and as always when in doubt check the spouse and you will see I'm correct.

You won't though because you are the oppositions.

2. ears does not constitute proof unless you are living in some parallel universe where John Lennon created the iPad.

Wrong again and where are your examples? OH don't have any...thought so.

3. L and T written by one person, with the letters L and T written by another, and get an accurate result.

Correct but you can compare the slope, crown, and several other characteristics that you fail to mention. Because you are afraid.

4. 6 to 7 inches in a person’s height needs to be explained – I don’t think prosthetics quite covers this one, or is it ‘camera angles’?

I'm still waiting for you to tell me who and where you read that because as of this date you refuse to do so. Which just shows again you are a coward.

5. Why only from America?.... Oh sorry… the theory about the Shah of Iran being Martin Scorsese father… questions… questions!

From America? UH hello ? The majority of these people are not American. YOU Asshat. It just shows once again you never even looked at my work and are just talking out your ass like the rest of you toofers

6. gic, that is being applied by Ed Chiarini, to his own theories, if one part of it is faked, staged, or a lie, you have to dismiss the rest, everything outside of it has no value.

Again showing you're not very bright as you are in the position where you have to prove each one wrong. But fail to see they are individuals making choices to do what they do . It's not a group that gets charged with the crime its the individual. So your methodology shows you are a tool

7. This is not meant as an attack on Ed – he may be unaware of his own actions. I would rather not get into a debate about his state of mind.

hahaha funny I don't even need to respond to your asshattery

DallasGoldBug said...

And by the way. You need to listen to the shows I did WITH Tiki. You are not very bright but it's not your fault you have inbred parents.

Tell Beau I said what's up.

AND MAKE SURE YOU WATCH FOR WHEN MARK DICE (cough Jeff) gets served) hahahah

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha! me me me....do me next. do you use the old "which celebrity do I look like" generator from myspace days? I've been wanting to tell you to your face for a while now, just how ridiculous you are Ed/Dallas...whatever/whoever. I'm going to do my own collage of you. You are the "oppositions" (god you do need an editor)dear. You know exactly what people mean when they say you are a disinformation shill. You were assigned to take away credibility from genuine crisis actor reports. You know it and so do a lot of other people. You're paranoid about people following you because you're a lying, slandering piece of trash. Someone's bound to get tired of your bullshit sooner or later huh "Ed"? Why is it that most videos and recorded interviews calling you out are pulled....quickly? We all know how much garbage is allowed to remain on the internet even after years of being flagged as "inappropriate." Fire your handlers and get a new face yourself guy, you've hopped into bed w/ some nasty propaganda whores. They won't let you out alive Ed. And the way you act...no one will care or miss you one bit.

dallasgoldbug said...

Hmm I love how you all speak in general terms. You might be forgetting that being correct about just one of the over 6k investigations is sufficient to prove the actor based reality is very much active. Yet you along with others who are afraid to identify yourselves have done nothing to fix that minimum of one that I've at least got correct. Instead of realizing your own limitations and refusal to submit that maybe the ones you think I am wrong about are really because you lack the ability I myself and countless others have allowing us to see what you can't? Just a thought you might want to consider after all being right about one is one more then anyone else has shown you yet you choose to attack the messenger rather that be proactive and address that one. Then again you might believe lizzard people run the country. Bahaha don't you get it ? What does an actor aspire to be? A chameleon. So he throws it in your face and you didn't even catch it. Once again showing you I caught it but you were unable to. But yet I'm the dab guy . Haha what a joke .