Monday, July 29, 2019

The Upside Down World

It’s official, the World has completely turned. What does Ariana Grande mean when she depicts herself in reverse? Recently stumbled upon this ridiculous piece of fashion attire and thought WTF, it’s obviously an Indian street factory error, No? A Chinese sowing camp malfunction? No… surely it wasn’t created like this on purpose?

Then again, the World has slowly turned into some sort of crazy Mandela effected, twisted, nightmarish, brainwashed and screwed planet, where the weirder and wackier things get, the more you are supposed to accept that this is the norm. Any deviance from this ‘new norm’ is seen as actually weird… So good is bad, black is white, and men are women etc… With this in mind… with this ‘rationale’, we can clearly discern that there IS an agenda written by the ‘powers that be’, for the minds and bodies of the populace… Welcome to the upside down world, aka the end of civilization.   

The Gay Agenda and Population Control

There IS a Gay Agenda – If transgender children under the age of 16 are given untested, non-clinical trialled drugs, to stop their puberty in order to make it easier to gender-reassign – Yet we’re told that the drugs are causing mental health issues and a spike in suicide attempts – and that more females than males are signing up for ‘reassignment treatments at the Tavistock Centre’ but data is supressed.. a big red flagged question mark just raised. I mean gender fluid and gender neutral and gender whatever… this is mainly a western idea/ideal/ordeal… and it’s a tiny minority too… yet you MUST NOT ask questions or criticize this in any way lest you be a ‘phobe’ of some kind. Freedom of speech and thought and expression… dying by the minute. Do not deviate from the agenda.

If – as a recent racist twitter post proudly went viral with a Muslim lady from London in full niqab shouting to a Gay (LGBT) Pride parade attendee on her street said succinctly,  ‘Shame on you – God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’, well there is so much to discuss in just that one sentence, but the point is that had God created an Adam and Steve since the beginning, well statistically we wouldn’t exist now. Can someone with a math/science degree explain this equation, I don’t think it’d too difficult?

Moon Landing Hoax v Flat Earthers

Don’t you just love the Moon Hoax and the hoax deniers, especially when they fight with the believers, then say ‘watch my video about why the earth is really flat’. Yeah, people will really believe everything or anything, and there is some really weird shit going on right there – So, is this some kind of quadruple bluff being called – we went to the moon verses we didn’t because of a,b,c,d, then we did go because of a,b,c,d, but then how could we if a.d.b.c.d, don’t exist… Never mind that, the earth is flat…  So, someone explain Australia, and paper straws, and parallel universes, and the reason for the Large Hadron Collider (LHD), because I still can’t fathom how all of this is helping me with my everyday existence.

Climate v Industrial Capitalist System

I’ve been saying for years that there’s a correlation between the Sun cycles and magnetic rays hitting the earth and causing earthquakes and the like – Suddenly the scientists agree with me, after years of denial and poo-pooing of this obvious and very much in-plain-sight fact! This is probably what Chemtrails are all about anyway. I really have no idea, but I have plenty of photos.

Is there something they’re not telling us about the entire planet and the weather system disruption taking place? Do the factories closing to make way for Tesla and his electric universe have it so good? Is it global warming/warning of impending disaster – Is it man made or something extra-terrestrial? You can bet your bottom dollar it is NOT because you left the fucking fridge door open for five minutes in 1989! Carry-on recycling all that supermarket packaging, you’re going to build a great plastic boat big enough to sail the Oceans… oh, umm… hold that thought.

Elites v The Masses

When I see the homeless man (now rebranded as ‘rough sleeper’) being pushed out of a doorway by the Police because he’s bringing the town down, you know that gentrification is a true foe… When the high street is 80% derelict, and there are plenty of empty doorways, and empty properties for that matter, don’t forget to walk those minutes back to the office using your iPhone ‘get-fit’ app and bit, picking up litter as you go for the local school project, and feel like you have helped yourself and your community, because you can still buy your super-skinny caramel macchiato for six pounds sterling… Who is all this really serving?

The Upside Down World continues shortly…

Friday, July 19, 2019

Gimp on the run... a Copy Cat Effect?

Gimp-man terrorizing Somerset village finally caught on camera...
The Star, 18/07/2019... "Ex Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley spoke out after a masked prowler struck in a Somerset village.
The former star of Channel 4’s The Hunted said: “In the case of the killer clowns, that became a craze out of nowhere.
“And, potentially, unfortunately, now that a picture has been publicised and gone out on social media, it could inspire other idiots to do the same.
“This is a character born of TV shows like American Horror Story that are about murder and horribleness.
“If this idiot or idiots are inspired by this kind of show that is designed to horrify, they clearly have an intent to terrorise and harass people.”

A suspect has been arrested but police fear there may be others. So far there have been 14 official reports."
The above report is the latest in a line of stories that have seen the elusive 'Gimp-man' go viral around the globe, and continue to intrigue many. Somerset usually gets this kind of attention only around Glastonbury Festival time. Like the stories of Big Foot, Gimp-man sightings have been ignored, joked about, and dismissed for years until now, as finally someone managed to capture a late-night shot with the wonders of iPhone. 
It's freaky to think that this strange incident occurred just a few miles away from me, and that someone I work with was interviewed by Police a few months ago after a similar incident in the village. 
Former children's entertainer and clown turned fancy dress shop owner in Yeovil laments the killer clown outbreak in Somerset (2017)
"Criminologist Professor David Wilson said: “It is about striking terror into people by wearing a mask and dressing all in black – terrifying women for sexual gratification. Behaviour will only escalate.”
Frightened locals in Claverham say they have been terrorised by freaks in bondage suits since 2017.
The latest attack came when a man charged at a woman “grunting and touching his groin”. Avon and Somerset Police said a man in his 20s was in custody and inquiries were ongoing."
My colleague tells me that 'Gimp-man' has been seen many times in the area, and been chased off by locals. He's been seen rolling around in the grass of her neighbour's back garden, he's been spotted multiple times standing at people's windows, peering in, motionless, he's been walking around people's driveways and along the narrow lanes of the village at night. 

When Gimp-man hears a noise, or anyone tries to approach him, he runs off into fields and disappears through the bushes towards the nearby town of Yatton. Recently the Police helicopter searched the area to no avail, as my colleague points out, he's dressed completely in black all the time and quite non-reflective.
American Horror Story Gimp-man (2011) 
Unlike what the latest media reports would have you believe, Gimp-man has never 'grunted' at people, or lunged at them, he's been very elusive and shuns actual contact or communication with the villagers. There are a lot of people out there now claiming they've approached him and fought with him! Again, in the mode similar of Big Foot sightings, it was believed to be a joke and that he didn't really exist at all. So a photograph plastered all over social media around the world is the last thing anyone expected.

It turns out that the strange behaviour of this obviously local man, has been going on for years, and concurrently, there have been 'Killer Clown' sightings in the same area, leading to one arrest. After the latest arrest of two unconnected people from the area, both now out on bail, Somerset residents, myself being one, are questioning whether we will now start to see a lot more of 'Gimp-man'. He's on the run now but we're waiting for his unmasking quite soon.

Further reading on the 'Gimp-man' story here:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Goldsmiths Daughter

9 July 2019

Ben Goldsmith's 15-year-old daughter has been killed in a quad bike accident at the family's farm in Somerset.
Ambulance crews were called to the home in the village of North Brewham after the millionaire financier's eldest daughter Iris Annabel was involved in a crash. 
The teenager was the heiress of two of Britain's most powerful dynasties - the Goldsmith and Rothschild families. She was the first child of Mr Goldsmith and his ex-wife Kate Emma Rothschild, who are believed to have a joint fortune of more than £300million.
Even the mega  rich are not immune to the agenda... Kate and former lover and Rap star Jay Electronica
On Tuesday night a family friend told the Daily Mail: "This is the most awful accident. Iris was a complete firecracker – an absolute delight. Everyone in the family loved her to bits. She was beautiful, charming, intelligent, wonderful company and absolutely the loveliest person you could meet.

Emergency services confirmed they had attended the scene. A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service said: "We were called on Monday at 3.15pm to attend an incident involving a vehicle at an address in North Brewham, Somerset.

"We sent the following resources to attend the incident: an air ambulance crew, a critical care team, a land ambulance crew, and two other paramedics."
Iris was the niece of Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston. Mr Goldsmith and Ms Rothschild have two sons; Frank, 13 and 11-year-old Isaac. They separated in 2012 when Ms Rothschild began a relationship with US rapper Jay Electronica.
Mr Goldsmith married catering company boss Jemima Jones two years later with whom he has two young children, Eliza and Arlo. He is the youngest child of the late billionaire tycoon and politician Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest. 

First to break the tragic news... from the Daily Mail Online.   Locals in the quiet village told of their shock as the high-profile family comes to terms with the teenager's death, who is the daughter of heiress Kate Rothschild.
Rapper Jay Electronica on the farm, enjoying hunting with the Goldsmith/Rothchild clan
Kate, 37, was staying at the country estate when the accident happened and her ex-husband Ben, 38, was playing in a cricket match in Surrey at the time. 
Ben was at the cricket match when he received the call about the accident.
He had entered his own team at a private match held at Charterhouse School in Godalming, Surrey, and rushed back to Somerset to see Iris in hospital. 

He told fellow players that she had been involved in a collision, but at that stage her injuries were not believed to have been life-threatening.

The game was abandoned when Ben sped away from the match with his two elder sons /Frankie, 13, and 11-year-old Isaac.

Kalim Khan, who was playing, told MailOnline: 'We were in the field and Ben's team was batting when he got a call to say that something was wrong.

'Two guys came onto the wicket to say that something serious had happened and Ben had to leave.

'His two sons were with him and half the team were his family and friends so we took the decision to abandon the game.

'We were told at the time the accident wasn't serious and that it wasn't a life-threatening situation. We were told that his daughter was ok, but that she needed to go to hospital.'

Mr Khan went on: 'Ben was on the phone constantly. Even when he got into the car he was on the phone to someone.
'We were told she would be fine, but that he had to go. He looked worried, obviously. He seemed concerned as any parent would be, but he wasn't panicking at that stage.

'It absolutely devastating what has happened to Ben and we are all thinking about him and his family.'

The vehicle Iris was riding with a friend is described as a 'ranger vehicle' - an all-terrain buggy with a roll-cage that resembles a cross between a quadbike and a small Jeep. 

A spokesman for Avon & Somerset Police confirmed: 'We were called at about 3.15pm on Monday July 8 to a farm in the North Brewham area following the sudden death of a teenage girl.

Prof. Green Cousin Paris Hilton, and Kate with musician Example
Makintosh heiress back on the market?