Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moon Walking Space Cowboys Monkey Around

 Clint Eastwood does the Moonwalk!

Spaced Out
Space Cowboys (2000): Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner

One of the first monkeys in space was a Squirrel monkey which syncs well with Marty McFly as Clint Eastwood being called ‘Squirrel’ in Back to the Future III. 

As a side note, monkeys are great to party with too, well at least this guy thought so.....

Time-travelling Space Monkeys Ape Around
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971): Sal Mineo, Kim Hunter, Roddy MacDowell

"Hi Clint!", "What's Up Chuck?"
At the 1973 Academy Awards Charlton Heston got a flat tire on the way to the ceremony and arrived late. Clint Eastwood was grabbed out of the audience to briefly stand in for him.

There was a monkey on the loose in Tampa, Florida recently...

Laying down the law - The Eagle has Landed

No more monkeying around
Why don’t we go to the moon anymore?

Do we look like a pair of Monkey's or what?


Dennis said...

Like we ever went? Moon/luna artificial construct to enable life on terra nova.Dennis

... said...

Yeah Dennis, I am leaning towards this conclusion also, especially after seeing some old news videos of the late Neil Armstrong from 1969 through to 1971. He displayed some amazing body/facial language revealed that his answers to questions 'about the moon' all seem to have been riddled with a deceptive bite of the lip, or scratch of the ear, left down eye movements and so on... those old interviews are very telling!


eugene said...

Monkey is my sign in Chinese zodiac.

Picking fleas off King Kong gave me the knowledge of moonkey scent.

Raysh, the cosmic container, is about to receive all the information from the fire. The signs this week were stupendous. How many hearts are wondering now?

... said...

The Moon and 'space/time' related syncs are coming up very strong lately so I am hoping to post more on the subject soon!