Monday, July 30, 2012

Sounds like a plan, Batman!

Security Drill?

Added another video to this - see below!

Seeing as the Blogosphere is on fire with 'crazy theories' about everything from an Alien Invasion to a Zombie Apocalypse, adding this 'seasons' Aurora  Batman Shooting to the list is inevitable. I too, will add my two-cent worth to the pot.

There always seems to be a drill going on with these so-called ‘false-flag’ events, as in Norway, or 9/11, or the London bombings. What is this strange coincidence?

During the day of the drill, which usually happen on the exact same day, certain individuals are singled out to continue their ‘training’ for the day. The people involved are kept in the dark, they continue to believe/be directed to think, that the drill is going on and that their part is coming up...

Later in the day/evening, there are two or three individuals who are 'training' in 'the drill'. They have their gear, their guns, their riot shields, their fake tear gas, and so on. Their ammo however, is LIVE. They are kitted-out not knowing the difference.

They go in to the staging post and carry out their ‘part in the 'scene' – Soon a realisation may set in that ‘this is NOT a drill!’ and they find themselves trapped in LIVE KAOS.

They attempt to make their escape, or perhaps follow their orders as to how they are suppose to respond, their escape route, they try to leave the scene... and then they are shot and killed by the co-ordinators of the drill – the people who 'set them up'.

This explanation completely clarifies the riot shield evidence, the blood running BACK INTO the cinema, and the banging on the back door of Theatre Exit No. 8

It also clarifies the gun without magazine facing into the Theatre No. 9 Exit door entrance, and the fact that a civilian cannot purchase a 100mag., only the authorities can get these legally.

Holmes, and others like him, are the usual suspects of planted patsies, who have been set up by their 'doctors'. It’s possible that their doctor’s don’t even realise that, when sending their medical evaluation reports to the military authorities, they are in fact sending their patient to his death.

WHY are emergency drills ALWAYS linked to these mass-killing events? There MUST be a connection which has nothing to do with masking anything other than a ‘LIVE DRILL’ as it continues – it is sabotaged to create this inevitable mayhem, panic and fear.

The slowly disintegrating evidence from the back of Theatres 8 and 9 proves that something more was happening than one madman on a rampage.

My ‘theory’ explains why the ‘gas mask’ was found meters away from the alleged perp. James E. Holmes, the SWAT gear, the white car with Tennessee plates, and the entrance to Theatre Exit No. 9

The riot shield was marked in photos as evidence, it’s clearly seen but now those photos have started to be difficult to find, and the focus is totally on ‘Holmes’ - The cops responding to the shooting didn't have shields so it was marked into evidence being as it was part of the ‘shooters’ (plural) costume.

The reason there was an initial count of 14 dead (and not 12) is because two bodies belonged to the real shooters - one of which is also the owner of the blood near Exit No. 9 - The shooters were taken out probably by a long range sniper, from a car on the back of the Sable road nearby.
This also explains why people/victims, with huge amounts of blood spurting out, were running BACK into the cinema - The shooter was in SWAT gear, which he removed and dumped at the car, his accomplice in plain clothes - as in white and blue plaid shirt - as per witness description.
It was impossible for Holmes to be fully kitted out and sitting in the car/and/or removing the gear in such a short space of time while under the influence.

My theory also explains why the dead were 'missing' for 12 hours – bodies, and wounded, were transported to various locations - some didn't have ID on them - it took time to locate and name everyone - two bodies suddenly are no more!

The person banging on the backdoor to be let in at Exit No. 8 was a shooter; the witness saw a shooter approaching him and closed the door. In his statement he tells us that he didn't open it because he thought he and the two wounded girls that had just come inside (from Theatre 9, through to the exit of No.8) were in danger from a ‘shooter’- This explains the pink sandals.
Was this person banging on the backdoor of Exit No. 8 a fatally wounded shooter trying to get back in and escape his own killers?
He drops his gasmask at No. 8, and runs to the open Theatre No. 9 Exit, he drops his gun at the door as he stumbles inside.
This also explains HOW the shooters got away.
One of the questions is ‘How did they leave the scene?’ - They left as dead and wounded!
Links to all the items mentioned above, all the witness statements, and all the recordings, are all over my previous blog post, and all over the Net! Check for yourselves and get back to me if you feel like it. It’s possible there were two shooters, and Holmes was a third planted patsy.

The LIVE KAOS DRILL is just a theory of course!

Twist in the Story
In June, the Rocky Vista University in Colorado, which excels in training military doctors for work in the battlefield, reported in its newsletter Vol.4 No.4, page 7, "Military Medicine Track Students Partake in Realistic Surgical Training". “Three volunteer victims, dressed in costumes and special effects makeup, were fitted with Human Worn Partial Task Simulators, or ‘Cut Suits’, which replicate realistic human wounds e.g. haemorrhages…
Don't take my word for it... read for yourselves...

Proof of a Coordinated Live Drill?

Don't take my word for it... listen for yourselves...

I apologise for Obama

Proof of Live Drill IN PROGRESS?

... Listen at 0:46.... The theatre apparently had a Speech Alert System installed, which conveniently warned, 'Murder in the Theatre...Murder in the Theatre!

These systems do exist...

Neighbours not convinced...


Motherbarbarian said...

Thank you for the excellent breakdown of this assault on society - a great compilation of information I would have had to spend a lot of looking to find. I had heard of the staged drill, but your "theory" provides answers to the why of the matter. Do you have any thoughts about Holmes' father's connections. Here is a quote from a youtube commenter at this video:

Douche Bags Grand Father is a Colonel and worked for DARPA.Douche Bags Father is a mad scientist & works for DARPA.Douche Bags Dad has spent the past decade working for DARPA trying to design a computer that's able to think on par with a man. Artificial Intelligence to supplant humanity. Douche Bag did a science report in science camp on how to "change your past" by an illusion, like if you murder people, then change your identity, people will think your past is different than what it really is.

... said...

Hi Motherbarbarian - I appreciate your comments. People have been reading my 'theory' but as yet I haven't heard anything good or bad about it LOL!

Yes, I have read about Holmes' father - I even checked him out on LinkedIn and the pic there is the same as the video of the person getting on the plane to go to Colorado so it does appear to be the same guy. Also, his bio matches, and I've read about him supposedly testifying re: the whole banking scandal - but as yet there is no more info online about this 'hearing' that he was suppose to attend.

He is a highly qualified and experiences mathematician by online accounts - so its very plausible that he IS the man who is creating the new algorithms for everything from the bank codes to A.I. - However, we don't have complete proof of this so I am holding out on my view about him -

An interesting question to ask would be, is he being set-up with use of his own son via blackmail - it does seem quite far out - but anything is possible as we have seen lately with all this crazy news and equally strange theories!

I am still under the impression that two out of three of these pictures is NOT the Holmes we are being told about - so who is who I wonder?

Anon said...

I must add a link to this on my blog.

- Aangirfan

LVB said...

Hey Marie,

Check this out:

"My president," Mustaine began, before pausing to pantomime gagging, "is trying to pass a gun ban, so he's staging all of these murders, like the Fast and Furious thing down at the border, you know, Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple."

Don't you just love how later in this same NBC "news" article, it states the following, regarding 'Fast and Furious':

"The government lost track of some weapons, which were later found at crime scenes in Mexico."

Talk about propaganda and LIES OF OMISSION!!!

There is NO mention whatsoever of the known and proven FACT that US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered with one of those combat weapons that were given directly to Mexican drug cartels BY Obama's Dept. of INJustice as part of 'Operation Fast and Furious'. NOT ONE WORD.

In this same article, NBC "news" (i.e., General Electric Corp.), which donated huge $$$ to get Obama elected and as a direct result pays ZERO income taxes in the United States, cleverly avoids mentioning that the hundreds of weapons "later found at crime scenes in Mexico" were ALSO used in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens, including assassinations of Mexican public officials by the drug cartels.

So, whether there is any truth to what Dave Mustaine believes or not - this is a classic example of mass media propaganda 101 for all of you who, like me, are students of their methods and madness. Lies of omission are your homework assignment for...the rest of your lives!!

I find that most often, if you simply look very closely at what they are NOT saying, this is the fastest way to get to the actual truth.

And then, of course, you can see what they ARE saying and observe the obvious bias and spin - but that becomes far too easy with a little practice - and quickly becomes a waste of time, because it is SO predictable as to cause severe drowsiness, and nausea. ;)

So, let's all think about Aurora again - and reckon what are they NOT SAYING about it???