Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Human Shield

This is an off-the cuff post... I am sickened by the news of the Boston bombings, sick to my stomach. Whatever political agenda anyone has, or any problem, or any beef with another country, the targeting of the general public, teenagers and small kids, who did nothing but stand at the side of a road to watch a fun run, is depraved, obscene.

Why do these ‘people’, because ultimately this act was carried out by human beings making conscious decisions, why do they not target the high ranking politicians, the high ranking officials, and military leaders?  

I know this sounds atrocious, but there are hundreds of murdering high ranking politicians, high ranking officials, and military leaders, walking around out there with all their limbs intact…with their lives intact….Why don’t they ever get ‘blown up’?

Peace and best wishes to all those in Boston tonight.

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