Saturday, April 6, 2013

Synchronistic Instinct – Auroras Encore

Today I put 20p on a horse called ‘Auroras Encore’, purely out of a sense of synchronicity. My instincts told me that seeing how Aurora is so prominently mentioned in the news this week, a horse linked tenuously to Aurora, running in the world’s most prestigious steeplechase has got to have something going for it.
The Grand National is a horse race held annually at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. It’s a steeplechase over four miles, with horses jumping 30 huge fences over two circuits. You don’t have to be a big racing fan to enjoy the celebrated event, which attracts thousands from all around the world. Media coverage is immense and if you’re living in the U.K. there’s no escaping it.
Auroras Encore was ridden by up-and-coming star of the sport, 24 year-old Scotsman Ryan Mania (a name with Polish origins).  It was numbered 35 on the list of runners. As an outsider to win, it was priced at 66-1 at the start of the race. It made a fortune for some, while shocking others.

This grand competition is known for being anyone’s race, as horses and riders risk their lives on a treacherous course. In a particularly gruesome steeplechase, every couple of years, a few horses might die and some riders get seriously injured. Those left standing after four miles unscathed are the lucky ones. Last year a horse called ‘Synchronised’ had to be put down after sustaining an injury in the race.
I’m sure someone with more knowledge of the numbers will pick up on what ‘Auroras Encore 66-1’ and ‘Aurora 16 Century cinema’ have in common?




Newspaceman said...

Hiya Marie, I saw it as A-ryan mania, though not from a Nazi mindpoint, well maybe, but not personally.

You now the jockey was hospitalised the nxt day, in another race meeting ?

16, you are playing a joke, 4 squared.

... said...

Yes, that was quite shocking! The guy should have taken the day off!

This is just as shocking as the strange case of the previous winning jockey (Cheltenham 2012) who drowned in a swimming pool while on holiday in Greece, and at the same time the winning horse jumped the field and was killed by a truck on the highway....WHAT are the chances of that???