Monday, April 29, 2013

Fake News Alert!

They're coming for you! Watch out... You're Next! You're Next!
Absurd news stories masquerading as real can be seen all over the place, you can't hide from them, and they are coming right at you now.

Today we read more on the apparent 'suicide' of the nurse that worked at the King Edward VII hospital in London last December, where supposed mum-to-be-future-Queen-of-England was being treated for her extreme morning sickness.

Apparently Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was found hanged (statistically rare) in her own closet at her living quarters near the hospital just three days after being 'pranked' on Australian radio.

The DJs called the hospital posing as members of the Royal Family. Jacintha answered the telephone and put them through to another nurse who apparently gave out 'sensitive' information on live radio.

Various main-stream news sources are carrying the story that Jacintha left, not one but three, suicide notes in her room, the main one reading as follows:

"Please accept my apologies, I am truly sorry. Thank you for all your support. I hold Radio Australians Mel Greig and Michael Christian responsible for this act. Please make them pay my mortgage. I am sorry. Jacintha."

She apparently was being treated for severe depression having 'tried to commit suicide twice before in 2011'.

If this nurse was so distressed and embarrassed by the 'prank', enough so to commit suicide, she still seemed to have the presence of mind to name the Australian DJs using their FULL NAMES, and absolving her employers of any blame.

What is even more ridiculous is that a woman who is apparently being monitored for a severe condition, where she attempted to 'kill herself' a few times, should be allowed to work in the Royal family's personal hospital wing, in a highly sensitive and security conscious environment, where the future King of England may be born.

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Anon said...

Excellent. The official story makes no sense.

- Aangirfan