Thursday, April 25, 2013

Janet didn't lie?

Could Glenn Beck be wrong? Could Alex Jones have gotten confused? Is it possible that Janet Napolitano was telling the truth when she said that no Saudi national has, or is going to be deported? Is it possible that she is correct because you can't deport a dead man.

Could it be the man we are seeing in the morgue photo is not Tamerlan?  Instead it is a fatally injured Saudi national...perhaps one of these men.....

... or this man...

....   or any number of other people shown all over the media this past week? We have been told by the doctors on live tv news (that treated the suspect brought in) the man they tried to save at the West Clinical Center... 'He had extensive blast wounds'.

Apologies for using this picture below, but who is this man? It is not clear if this is actually Tamerlan. We only have the FBIs word for it.
Who is this man?


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