Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Colours Red, Blue, or Nothing... You Choose

Today, the last day of the month, saw me being interviewed for a very high-calibre job where I.T. skills are a must, driving to the airport to send off relatives that had over-stayed their New Year’s welcome, and attending my uncle’s funeral. Squeeze in a half hour for lunch.

Does anyone know what ‘the RGB’ is? This is my thousand dollar question for the day, for the month, for the year even. I just lost a lucrative position because I didn’t know what ‘the RGB’ is. I pondered this question while sipping coffee at my Uncle’s wake, and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, with long-lost and re-discovered cousins.

I’m searching for a new avenue to wander down on the disillusion road, and suddenly find myself thrust back-in-time, as I interview for jobs I use to do a long time ago, and that I am over-qualified for now, only because money talks. Without money in our pockets, we’re dumb and powerless, as opposed to just dumb.

Today, I was made to feel very dumb by a twenty-something over-paid mathematics graduate, because I didn’t know what ‘the RGB’ was. I know I can do just about any job given to me, I can put up with unprofessionalism, and events and scenarios that are contra to my personal values. I can survive the insults; ignore the injustice, all because of the money. What a sell-out I am. What a hypocrite.

If you say to me, “Choose a colour”, I think I can pretty much decide on one without much thought going into it. If you say to me, “Now change that colour”, I’m sure I can make that decision without too much weight on my conscience. It’s not exactly a life or death question. If you instruct me to change ‘the RGB’…well that’s where I stumble.

I realised how colour and light when mixed can affect everything around us, people’s faces, their moods, nature, the cosmos, that feeling in the pit of your stomach. How important is colour in your life? I noticed the sun-weathered faces of the old-folk, the pink skin of the baby, the black suits, the white table cloth, and the blood-shot eyes.

Being selfish, I thought about my own problems. I’ve simply had enough of the abortion clinic now, and the unprofessional way my current employer treats a person, which includes me. I’m sick of seeing those blue and yellow baby blankets, the shiny silver needles, and see-through sample- tubes, white latex gloves, and towels with blood-red accents.

What is ‘the RGB’? It’s the three primary colors of Red, Green, and Blue. Incidentally, when mixed they make white, or as some people like to point out, ‘nothing’.

cost me a thousand dollars today. What does ‘the RGB’ have to do with business administration or accounts management you may well ask? Absolutely nothing would be my answer. So now I am left, stuck in the box, or matrix, again, nothing really has changed.

I watch the news and see more bodies pulled out of the rubble in Christchurch, New Zealand. I realise that the colour spectrum, and ‘the RGB’, is pretty inconsequential now. I noticed the local airport fill with refugees from the troubles breaking out all over the Middle East, and say to myself, does colour make that much of a difference?

It’s the first day of March of another year, and I’m still questioning myself and my motives. Does ‘the RGB’ really matter? What a crazy immoral world we live in when ‘nothing’ can be more upsetting than the sight of a dead body in the morning. I'll shut up and swallow my pill now.

As it turns out, I've just discovered that the M.D. of the company with the high-calibre job I didn't get because my nerves got the better of me, was a former analyst and associate for ENRON... now there's a nice sync for you!

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