Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan's Plan B

Something VERY strange is happening. I took a leaf out of the EnterTrainment Blog's book ( and similar sites, not to forget MK Culture and The Celtic Rebel's blog, on the growing Syncro path to enlightenment. I decided to see if I could sync the events in my life since Friday, with the Japanese Quake... this is what I discovered. Please tell me if it's just me?

On Thursday I began to listen to some great music, and was suddenly mesmerised by a certain band. Friday I began to message friends (I don't tweet) before I knew anything about Japan, talking about my favourite music of the moment. A British band and singer that has really captured my imagination, called 'Plan B'.

I spent a lot of time reading about, watching, and listening to Plan B... I'm a writer in my spare time so I was inspired to write all sorts of things. Thinking about my recent comments like, 'they shake the planet', 'they hit like a meteorite', 'you can feel the earth move', 'it's a mass extinction event', etc. (I was having fun) BUT I suddenly noticed some strange connections.

I looked for pictures of the quake, and I happened upon the logo used of Japan for the new relief T-shirt - not the Red Sun, but the JP intertwined... It reminded me of the Plan B logo of PB intertwined, only also directly converts into a J P logo... I thought it was just plain weird.

Then I noticed the big B in the 'Brits' logo, which is directly related to Plan B's recent award. J, B, P suddenly prominent letters. Then I noticed the big 'M' on clothing in various video clips. I found the logo of the Marounouchi Building in Tokyo, Japan matched almost exactly with Plan B's 'M' and Mobo Awards video clips. What does it mean... except that it was some sort of 'warning'... Perhaps?

Can the collective mind really will something into existence like this? Do we all really have THIS MUCH power in us? The photos below illustrate what I discovered. Notice the thumbnail image for Plan B's single 'Love Goes Down' located on various websites around... it doesn't take much to realise it is the Japanese Navy flag. Taking it even further, remixes of Plan B music come with some tantalizing graphics... as the video below demonstrates.

Watch with the sound off!

I am now on the look out for other similar warning signs. However, the problem remains, how do we recognise them before it's too late?

Sending love to the courageous people of Japan at this time.

Update: Today a so-called friend tried to sell me on joining a pyramid scheme, thinking I am dumb and powerless. She showed me an online presentation, which ended with the words...What's your Plan b ?


Anonymous said...

It's strange for me to read this because it just dawned on me that a few days before the disaster I had discovered this video on Youtube of something that was rumored to be one of the songs on Lady Gaga's upcoming album. While I'm not a fan of her's, I do enjoy good pop music from time to time, and I loved this particular instrumental track.
So I sent the link to a friend of mine and I was trying to convince her how good it is. I told her "it feels like a huge wave of sound is drowning me, like something massive and evil is coming towards me and I can't stop it but I can't look away either. It sounds apocalyptic".


... said...

That is so weird and disturbing because its exactly what I was doing..saying things like 'you're hitting the planet like a meteorite, its a mass extinction event', 'I can feel the earth shaking', and so on...YOU were even more precise than me (lol)

I'm starting to believe that there is something to this 'collective' idea of putting it all towards one aim where the result manifests itself into real tangible things.. It is a vert scary thought when there are so many out there who think in the negative!

It sounds silly, but I started looking at song lyrics also, and how they are strangely descriptive if not predictive... One of Plan Bs for example is ...sweep you up off your feet (or similar)...
Its all very very unsettling indeed.


the living tiki said...

In 1995 there was a card game that came out called "The Illuminati". It's really odd how all the individual cards seem to be coming true, including one called "combined disasters" which depicts an earthquake shaking a clocktower very similar to one in Japan:

... said...

Hey living tiki, I've seen a few of the Youtube videos on these cards. It is almost unbelievable to see that they (nearly all of them) correspond with real events - or look too similar to be mere coincidence. I agree about the Christchurch one. I recently re-viewed the video and the card does look the same as the clock-tower. That is just mad!
A while ago I found a website which was talking about time travel and how the world governments have been given some 'information' about all the events to take place. The site doesn't exist anymore, but I am a big sci-fi fan, so I could see how this 'theory' could have some kind of basis in fact, IF time travel was invented/is invented, in the future... LOL, and... OMG!!! Right now I believe anything is possible, from tornadoes in New Hampshire, to killer cucumbers in Belgium! What next...and is there a movie out about it already?