Friday, July 15, 2011

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They continue not to report the disaster as a bombing, they are saying that the explosives got HOT and blew up by themselves. Can you believe it? The President won't resign and thousands of people are protesting every night outside the Presidential Palace... I witnessed two car crashes in front of my eyes already this week, due to there being no traffic lights!

Anyway, we have no power for rolling periods of two to three hours every day, water rationing will be starting soon. Who knows what will happen with petrol! There are MAJOR problems with the country's infrastructure and the future looks bleak in this era of financial crisis. The tourist industry is going to be wiped out!

Today the rumors include Politician's chatting about 'Depleted Uranium'.

I've just heard from a colleague that the country's other two very old power stations are having problems (he has a cousin who works for the electricity authority) and one of them shut down today for maintenance so half the country was out for four hours! The rumor is that we will be facing a full black-out in August as there just isn't enough energy to go around. The desalination plant located next to the power station that was destroyed cannot be restored either so August is going to be a nightmare in 49 degrees.

I woke up to air-raid sirens this morning. They mark the anniversary of the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island. An invasion that took advantage of the fact that the country was in turmoil.

Guess what people are saying this evening?

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