Monday, March 7, 2011

Gaddafi and Friends - Smiley Happy People

What a day it’s been today. A cold, wet, and rainy Bank Holiday for Cyprus. But I shouldn't complain.

With all their troubles, like the rebels, the un-sellable oil, having to release the British S.A.S. team, those VIPs (that I always seem to attract) found time to think of me and my predicament.

It appears that Gaddafi heard I was looking for a new job, as I opened my e-mail box today and was stunned to receive this wonderful offer from one of Muammar’s sons…reproduced below. What do you think? Should I reply?

To: undisclosed-recipients:

Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 14:20:21 +0200

Subject: Effort to Contact You...Reply Back Asap Status: Normal

CC: From: Muhammad Moammar Gadhafi


Good Day...

I am urgently in need of your assistance and commitment on this Business that will benefit both of us, If you are interested and willing to be of assistance and support, then contact me on this email below for more details.

Thank you for your understanding.

Muhammad Moammar Gadhafi
(Son Libyan President)

Perhaps I'll wait for Mr. Blair to call instead. I heard he's in the area. Israel I believe, on some kind of... peace mission.


LVB said...


This is no doubt a classic Nigerian scam. I hope you didn't click on any of the links in the email.

So, other than this nonsense, how are you doing these days?? :)

... said...

Thanks LVB -to answer you, I really need to send you an e-mail!

Remember Big Sis!