Monday, October 2, 2017

The Mandalay Effect... updated... Victim says Multiple Shooters!



I've brought this update to the top of the blog post as there is so much information out there right now, not really wanting to have to re-read everything we already know!

Las Vegas gunshot victim believes there were multiple shooters due to the fact that he and other witnesses experienced..."running from the initial direction of gunfire, but bullets rained down horizontally!"

Link here...

Against the clock, this may be one of my fastest posts to date. Synchronicity at an all time high with this one.

Here in the UK it's been constant talk of Mandalay for the past three days, attributed mainly to that bumbling aristocratic political ass known as Boris Johnson. The essence of 'Mandalay' has also been permeating the news headlines in the UK due to the latest Burmese (Rohingya) refugee crisis.

The supposed 'lone-wolf' shooter retiree (64 years old) use to work for Lockheed as an accountant... this is what they are telling us. However, he must have trained in the military or something...right?

Then you have the numbers, all very synchromystic and masonic! Not forgetting the location and the wordplay.  Strange indeed.

UPDATE: Here is the one and only video of what appears to be an unarmed security guard in yellow. He's lifting his right-side arm and pointing something into the crowds... IS this the shooter IN the fairground? 

Even stranger still... reports of a woman harassing people at the concert, telling them they're going to die, 45 minutes before the shooting

Twitter member Brian Richmond today posted a video he found from Facebook (source Anon) which shows an active shooter inside the crowd in the fairground, in line with first dispatch call of "shooter IN the fairground"....

It's the ONLY video of an active shooter on the ground, and not uploaded to Youtube yet! As mentioned, his source is not known. There are several videos around with witnesses saying it was a multi-shooter incident...but no video until today.

WARNING: This is the full un-edited version... conclusion may change after viewing...use discretion!

This video below is the extended version of the 'Taxi Driver' account of the shooting, with full-on automatic fire sound from right outside of the Mandalay...
There are a couple of videos of the Mandalay Hotel where flashes of gunfire appear to be emnating from lower floors and not the two windows of the rooms on floor 32

This video is from the Bellagio Hotel and is less dramatic.

According to the mainstream, all this speculation is just conspiracy theory... so here's a link to a much berated further questioning of the narrative..

Some further good analysis of what occurred over at American Everyman blog 

Journo Jon Rappoport has a nice breakdown of the numbers when it comes to the actual live firing of the guns. Seems to prove that its impossible for ONE MAN to have done all that shooting AND hit his 500+ targets! 

Curious syncs with Burma-Myanmar - The Lockheed P-38 achieved its first flight on January 27, 1939, with over ten thousand aircraft being built before the end of World War II. As a long range escort fighter, the Lightning saw action in all theaters and extensive use in the Pacific and China-Burma-India theaters.

Boris in Burma naturally takes us to the heart...

Everyone's favourite conspiracy theory - BTTF 2 alternate time-line with Trumpesque casino

A destroyed Las Vegas circa 2049 - Blade Runner!


Sibyl Hunter said...

Thanks for the post! I had no idea about the Boris Johnson "Mandalay" poem sync debacle prior to the devastation at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

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Crazy isn't it?! We've been hearing the word 'Mandalay' in the UK for the past week!!!