Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Mandala Effect... my most esoteric post yet!

Hurricane Irma mandala
Forget about the Mandela Effect… it’s time to talk Mandalas.

I’ve been contemplating the madness of the world lately, or rather the perceived madness that we are all currently experiencing from our cultural-social surroundings.

It’s a cliché, but sometimes it really does feel like we’re living in a parallel universe.

This is the universe we’re not meant to be in perhaps. The alternate time-line that we’ve fallen into, the one where Donald Trump is President of the United States, George Michael is dead, a re-animated Nazi party holds 90 seats of power in the German Bundestag Parliament, and Prince Harry is about to marry a black American divorcee Hollywood actress, just as CNN talks possible Korean Nuclear War.

When I returned to my home town back in 2012, just before that previous failed apocalypse, so sweetly predicted by all new-age lovers for 21st December, and grossly depicted in the movie of the same name with John Cusack.  I felt as if I was living 24/7 in a trance state. This went on for about two months until eventually it wore off, like that Sunday afternoon post-hangover daze.

The feeling of being misplaced was difficult to describe, an eerie feeling of not quite fitting in, not quite feeling my feet on the ground.

I’d returned to familiar surroundings, which hadn’t changed in 18 years, although there was something different. There were new structures, and new faces, mingling with the old ones. However, things still appeared to have been mostly trapped in some kind of time-warp. Everything instantly recognisable, yet at the same time, subtly altered.

Is this a sort of time-shift? The Mandala Effect in action? or is it The Mandela Effect?

Time featuring a lot lately in everything I see, hear, or do. The message is everywhere, the passage of time, time is of the essence, no time like the present, and so on go the idioms. Again, feeling like Marty, trapped in the wrong place and the wrong time, desperately trying to find a way back to the place I came from.

Forced to look within to understand the why of things, the ‘How did I get here?’, and the ‘What have I done?’. A sad realisation crashes in. There’s no going back, there’s no time machine to magically transport you back to the place where it all began. Time travel, after all, is only theoretically possible, and then again, only in one direction!

Should I be looking without or within? Eso – the Greek definition, meaning very basically ‘within’ or ‘inside’, as opposed to Exo. Words I hear all the time from my Greek kin.

Can I make sense of these strange ideas that have suddenly popped into my brain? Is this some sort of NLP derived from watching too much UK reality TV?

I need to go deeper…


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JP said...

Mandalay effect.