Friday, October 20, 2017

Who is the Elusive Ron Stark?

Winter is coming!
Strange phone calls are happening again.  This time it’s not the Ministry of Defence calling incognito, as it was back in the 80s, but dozens of random strangers looking for someone called ‘Ron Stark’. I debated about putting this on the blog but it's a weird one, so here goes.

Who is this Ron Stark? This is the question burning my brain for the past year and a half now, which of course has nothing to do with Game of Thrones.

Robb Stark
Initial calls received were asking to speak to the President. My answer to this question was naturally ‘Who’? The response to which came as ‘Ron Stark’. ‘There’s no Ron Stark here I’m afraid, you have the wrong number.’

After a weekly barrage of calls about fishing, lakes and ponds, it became apparent that Ron is the President of a local angling club. So, to the Internet it was, in search of a contact number.

High strangeness with the name Stark. On searching the Internet it was immediately apparent as I found quite a few Starks, but not many locally, except for one Ron… He is mentioned on the club web page, along with his e-mail address that doesn’t exist anymore, and my phone number. Yes, my telephone number.
Ron Stark Film Producer
I signed the guest book with a note to Ron to please change his number, but nothing happened. I located the number of the Secretary of the club and asked him to kindly contact Ron. He said he would, but only had one telephone number for him. It was my number. How can this be I asked. Well, Ron apparently contacts everyone himself. Rather inconvenient for me.

Back to Ron’s web page in search of further clues. Nothing really to be found. However, there are results of the angling competition, and after locating another member of the club who has a mobile, I try again. The phone number is not recognised. This is going nowhere fast.
Tony Stark 
There are all sorts of Starks around, there’s Tony Stark of Iron Man fame, but he’s fictional. There’s Ron Stark, actor and film producer. Oh, and there’s that other elusive Ron Stark… of LSD infamy… Ronald H Stark. The Recluse, on his blog ‘VISUP’ has this to say about him…

Easily one of the most enigmatic figues in the murky history of LSD is a man commonly known as Ronald H Stark. Allegedly born as Ronald Shitsky in New York in 1938, Stark became the key figure in the illicit LSD trade by 1969 and would remain a force throughout the 70s. 

While he was famously involved in the notorious ‘hippie mafia’, known as The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, as well as lesser known, but even more prolific British outfit dubbed the ‘Microdot Gang’, Stark’s involvement in the manufacturing of LSD began prior to his association with the Brotherhood in 69.
Ron H Stark?
In these activities, as well as his involvement in international drug trafficking, and revolutionary leftist politics, that have fascinated conspiracy theorists, is but a part of this tangled story…an aspect of his career rarely examined at length is his ties to what is commonly referred to as ‘Operation Gladio’.

For further fascinating reading on this Stark fellow, see links below. Apparently he was reported as deceased in Italy in 1982, of a heart attack. No evidence or body recovered, just a mention in the media. The ‘Mandala’ is even found in reference to LSD in research about him… strange Syncs indeed!

Eighteen months down the road, people are still calling me looking for Ron Stark. I have resorted to telling them sadly, Ron has passed away! They naturally express their condolences. What else can I do? Hopefully word will somehow get around.

Ron Stark Advertiser
Ron Stark MD

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