Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Mandela Effect - "There's a guy works down the chip shop, swears he's Elvis..."

The Mandela Effect, it’s freaking me out. Seriously freaking me out. I have to thank that other synchro blogger for revealing this strange anomaly in the space-time continuum. Something that completely passed me by until now.

I first became aware of widely recognised ‘False Memory Syndrome’ back in the 80s when I use to read tons of books and articles about UFOs, the paranormal, and occult.

I once foolishly completed a survey about false memories and their possible link with the abductee phenomenon, only to be contacted by some shady group with headquarters in the middle of a Wiltshire village who wanted me to come along and see what they ‘do’ there!

A false memory is the psychological phenomenon wherein a person recalls something that did not happen. False memory is often considered in legal cases regarding childhood sexual abuse

Putting aside my misguided youth for a moment, I recall many events from the 1980s which still, to this day, I believe to be true. My experience of this suddenly in vogue paranormal ‘syndrome’ dubbed ‘The Mandela Effect’ can be demonstrated with two (what I thought were well-known) stories. Stories which have reappeared in my consciousness. They’ve been triggered by the recent media ‘celebration’ of the 20th Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Diana's supposed last photo
Firstly, for those who maybe unfamiliar with ‘the Mandela effect’ here is a brief explanation by that other paragon of virtuous half-truths Wikipedia…

In 2010 this phenomenon of collective false memory was dubbed the "Mandela Effect" by self-described "paranormal consultant" Fiona Broome, in reference to a false memory she reports, of the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela in the 1980s (rather than in 2013 when he actually died), which she claims is shared by "perhaps thousands" of other people. Broome has speculated about alternate realities as an explanation, but most commentators suggest that these are instead examples of false memories shaped by similar factors affecting multiple people, such as social reinforcement of incorrect memories, or false news reports and misleading photographs influencing the formation of memories based on them.

I know that the Mandela Effect is real because of these two striking memories that myself and entire family remember as happening. Even though we are now told by the media that we have falsely remembered them.

One is the sad passing of Kirsty MacColl from Cancer before 2000, the other, the untimely death by drug overdose of Boy George’s old musical friend Marilyn.

The fact that we are now being told that this is not how they died, and actually Marilyn is still alive, comes as a sort of mindfuck. A bit like the 2010 movie Inception, starring Leonardo, where you think you know exactly what you know, only to be told (and shown) that what you believe is totally false!

Now this is what the Mandela Effect purports to be. How it works is a whole other story. Recently, after being so freaked out by the revelation that this condition even has a name, then finding out that thousands are suffering and believing it to be some kind of parallel universe or time shift occurrence that nobody noticed. Well, I’m far from believing this.

I have a more terrestrial view of this ‘syndrome’. After discussing with family the fact that Kirsty MacColl died in a crazy boating accident that could well have been murder (another mystery) and that Marilyn is alive and kicking, but no longer in heels, I’ve come to the controversial conclusion that Shock! Horror! The media has been lying to us. Lying to us all along and literally changing history for its own sick agenda, bit by tiny bit, over the years. Seriously, this is the only rational explanation. Knowing that most ordinary people get their information directly from the TV and Print/IT media, it is not a difficult leap.

Everything we know, that hasn’t been handed down to us by word of mouth, has been delivered to us by some form of media.

Now, there are a lot of people out there investigating The Mandela Effect and purporting to be able to prove a time-shift or parallel universe conundrum. I’ll say it again, everything we know has been told to us by someone else in the media. Therefore, you cannot rely on it fully.

So prolific has this Mandela Effect become that they are even making a movie about it, due for release in 2018.

I know that the Mandela Effect cannot be because we’ve crossed over into a parallel universe or that some time-traveller went back to 1984 and changed something. There are people out there right now that believe this; they even believe the earth is flat and that we’re living under a dome. I digress. We have misremembered things…things that aren’t really important in our own lives at all. They are things generated by the media. The collective unconscious has taken these memories and jumbled them about a bit with a little help from that media. The question we should be asking is why?

I have a third memory, which is a vivid memory from my childhood which I mentioned before when discussing false memory syndrome. It’s the Wizard of Oz story, the very end, where Dorothy is back in her black & white bed. I recall her open the bed covers to reveal the fact that she was still wearing the ruby red slippers and so therefore Oz was not a dream but real afteral…but we all know this is not what happens at the end of this movie.

I am simply remembering what I ‘thought’ was going to happen at the time, and not what I eventually saw or experienced. The memory stored was my ‘thought at the time’, NOT the reality.

I think there is a clue in there somewhere to explain the strange workings of the mind and memory.

Commercial logos for Fruit Loops versus Froot Loops really means nothing in the scheme of things. As advertising agencies and artists change, companies change, and people make mistakes and don’t notice the small things until they are pointed out to them.

When it comes to someone actually dying though, it’s a different story. I believe the Mandela Effect is very real. What causes it is still a mystery. It’s like that conspiracy theory about Elvis still being alive out there somewhere, living it up with the other Marilyn. No one of sound mind believes that to be true…then again…

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