Sunday, July 22, 2012

There Goes My Hero!

Update 3 below
Young and impressionable?

One of Holmes’s former tutors, who worked with him on a gene therapy project at the University of California, told how the suspect shooter had been an exceptional student who was able to cope easily with complicated science.

Describing his grasp of complex methodology as “impressive, compared to other undergraduates I worked with before”, Hongxia Wang said he was a “smart guy and quick learner” who exhibited no signs of a troubled mind.

"I had a great time working together with him," Wang told the Huffington Post. "As for personality, he was nice, easy-going and liked to share his opinions with others."

Timothy White, from the University of California, where Holmes attained his undergraduate degree in neuroscience, said the suspect was a “brilliant” student.

Sumit Shah, who attended Westview High School with Holmes said, “The guy I knew in high school, I don’t understand how that could be the same guy … He was shy and little quiet, but he was never aggressive or mean. He always had really good grades. He seemed pretty normal.”

J E H 20-07-2012

James or Jimmy?
No way to examine my ears in this picture baby!

This witness's entire interview has been edited from the original. She goes on to say (paraphrasing) that she cannot understand just HOW the gunman got out of the cinema, but she thought it must be because he looked "exactly like a member of the SWAT team, he must have mingled with the Police."

Very interesting info in this audio - possible second 'shooter'.

Listen carefully at 07:20 - "One of the shooters maybe wearing a white and blue plaid shirt!"

09:07 - "Suspect says (sic) there's only one, but I'm getting conflicting suspect descriptions from the witnesses out here!"

At 11:44 - "I need somebody to shut this movie off at 9!" The dispatcher says he'll work on it.

So the film continued to play throughout the ordeal, even while the police were inside theatre 9, and the ambulances and news crews were arriving.

21:40 - " of the construction workers said somebody came *** out of the parking lot, male, red backpack, heading towards Alemeida."

22:01 - "...male, dressed in black, with black backpack, moving to the north-east of Alemeida."
'One of the SHOOTERS may be WEARING a white and blue plaid shirt!'
Obviously someone told the cop this information at the scene? So the 'theory' of a second shooter is not just because of stray bullets, or someone opening a door, the cop clearly states 'one of the shooters...' and then gives a DESCRIPTION of what he is wearing, which does not match Holmes's clothing, of red under the SWAT gear. So a question needs to be asked.... where did this description come from?

Zombie Killer Pupils

Holmes mentor discusses mind manipulation...


Dr L. Fenton previously worked for USAF - Love that Joker smile!



Anon said...

Excellent info!

- Aangirfan

LVB said... what's your point?? ;P

MY point, especially under these circumstances - seemingly nice guy, no trouble with the law, super smart guy in neuroscience, etc. Simple question: WTF???

Ok, here are the RIGHT questions to ask, which of course the mass media will NOT - "Was this man, Mr. Holmes currently taking, or had been taking and STOPPED taking any form of SSRI "antidepressant" meds (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Wellbutrin, etc.) ???

THIS is the most important qhestion about this entire event, and it will probably not be asked by the police OR the mass media - due to a little law called HIPAA, the "patient privacy" component of the great new healthcare monster that is about to eat us all alive.

HIPAA was alive before Obama, but it's becoming worse, and in this very relevant situation, HIPAA's role will be to forbid the release of Mr Holmes medical records to the police, or it will at least delay those findings.

And when police get those findings, which will surely be tested hot for SSRI drugs, the mass media will NOT be told about it - because of LAWYERS. Very, very expensive lawyers from the pharma corporations and their other involved parties, the doctors, the hospitals, etc.

This man's psychotic milling spree at a Batman movie threater shows us almost identical patterns of behavior that have been show in countless similar cases involving people who were either taking SSRI medicationms, had just started or had just stopped - this is important, because starting and stopping the dosages are THE most dangerous times - being that the serotonin levels are going crazy (much like the person inside!), and trying to stabilize, in a war literally with these outside foreign invader chemicals now firing off neurons and controlling certain things in the brain that weren't naturally meant to happen.

Getting the picture yet?

You can read more in my article on this subject, if you're interested:

How incredibly tragic. And please try, as hard as it will be, to remember that NO gun killed anyone - it was a person who made a choice to use that piece of metal for an evil purpose and pulled the trigger as an evil man.

Part of what made this man feel and act on these evil impulses is the critical part that I want to see addressed - there needs to be accountability from the medical profession about this man's mental condition.

Specifically, was he one of the millions of people who are taking SSRI drugs like candy in our modern world??

We deserve to know the answers to these questions, now in the aftermath of a dozen of our innocent people murdered without any reason, and dozens more wounded and scarr0ed for the res of their lives, because of this "mad man".

SSRI drugs are mind control drugs - we need to make this understood, loud and clear!!!

SSRI drugs are THE most dangerous drugs on the planet, and the numbers of lives they destroy internally, or extrenally (when these situatios turn into suicides, mass-homicides, etc.) - these numbers are being suppressed and hidden from us - for some very evil and important reasons.

My bet is that Mr. Holmes is just one more in a long line of reasonably intelligent and decent people, who may had had some emotional issues, but they were nothing compared to what resulted from taking the brain destroying, psychosis-inducing SSRI drugs.

I wish all the love and kindness and the Grace and Mercy of God for all of these victims, their friends and families - as well as the muderer's mother, who must be going through a very hard time, as well.

Also, please reference this:

... said...

Very interesting comments, thanks LVB.

The point is that there are already conflicting reports and 3 maybe 4 photos which all appear to be different people, there is a lot of manipulation involved in this story. There is obviously an 'operation' of somekind, where a vunerable person, who apparently took 'medication' seems to have found themselves as Public Enemy no. 1, and who may well be killed in prison - by the latest accounts doing the rounds.

What are babies and children under 4 doing being allowed to watch Bat Man I have to also wonder!

I am sure I have more to say on this issue!


LVB said...

Yep, I get your point!! :)

Also, very nice "homage" to FF with the article's title here - nicely done!!

Laus said...

After watching the video on John Jacobson I noticed that he eyes darted left to right quite a lot. I also noticed that James Holmes's eyes darted left to right in his court appearance. Now
I am not too sure what that means, it is just an observation and I thought I would mention it.

... said...

Laus - thanks and good observation.

There is a marked difference between the two however. Holmes is quite out of it, dilated pupils and eyebrow movements. While the 'mentor's body language tells a different story.