Monday, September 2, 2013

Lucky Strike?


We must always ask questions when war looms. Who will benefit? What will the outcome achieve?

Is it really okay to kill a few thousand poor foreign children for the sake of oil and gas? Because let's face it, we know that trumped-up politicians, such as the UKs Hague, do not give a toss about poor foreign children when they stand in the way of gaining millions of dollars. Don't we?

No one is fool enough to believe that these people go to war for the sake of the children, because 'it's just not right' and so on, blah blah blah....

The politicians seem to think by showing pictures of little childrens tortured faces that we will believe their bull. We should stop voting for these bastards. Let's not strike Assad and usher in further bloodshed for the sake of the elite controllers of this world.

The fall of Syria feels like another huge tragedy to me. All those beautiful historic places turned to rubble, to make way for the war machine's hapless soldiers. They will patrol the oil and gas fields and close the borders, they will ensure energy prices remain high, and squeeze the population further down the poverty hole.

Why should we vote to allow the ruling elites to bask in their decadent luxuries, while the little people toil and risk their lives for a few pounds an hour? Why should the children of these 'leaders' reap the benefits denied to every other child in the country? All the while our personal freedoms slowly erode, along with our 'average' lives. This is not how it should be. Whose idea was this?

Killing another human being is wrong. Nothing to do with religion or politics. When military force is used (however precise) innocent, and not so innocent men, women, and children, are killed. This is inevitable. It cannot be avoided. In some cases it is even welcomed! This is not how it should be. Whose idea was this?

It is fundamentally wrong to strike Syria, or any other country for that matter, whether or not a chemical attack occured.

I know, I am too much of an idealist for my own good. I will correct typos later.

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