Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Deja Vu or Just Another Black September?

 Washington Navy Yard East Gate

Nairobi WestgatE Mall
Courtesy of The India Times: massacre of Christians in Pakistan. 
It really is shaping up to be Black September, be it authentic or man-made terror. Why is this happening? Who is responsible? How can we stop it?

While we watch Kenyan soldiers running around BBC news crews in Nairobi searching for foreign shoppers and al Shabbabis, there is barely a peep in the media about the massacre of women and children outside a Christian church, after Sunday mass in Peshawar, Pakistan. Over 75 people killed, none of them shopping, all of them Pakistani.

Courtesy of the US/UK black-ops: Westgate Mall victims, camerman in pursuit

Washington, not working for HP

You can have a spooky experience at Washington's Navy Shipyard, if you're that way inclined!

The latest news is rife with synchronicity, for anyone interested that is. The designer of the above poster may well have been clueless and unintentionally gave this image a synchromystic flavour. I especially like the hint of The Philadelphia Experiment to the ghosts.

September has been a black month for me personally since 1994. Historically the month is choc-a-bloc full of horror and murderous acts. The irony of this latest news about a mass casualty shooting in the US has left barely a mark, perhaps just my grimace at the predictability of it all.

Yesterday afternoon I mentioned how the story would probably change very soon into another 'lone gunman' scenario, because 'that's how it always turns out'. The news is like a bad scripted soap opera, the same stories running with different players every season. You just know what's going to happen.

Below are a few mainstream news links, including the 'multiple shooters' reports. Even Jo Biden mentions it, so there is a distinct possibility this was going to be the original story. There is no way of knowing what really happened just by reading the news of course. But mixed into this soup are a few interesting pieces, along with the usual gristle, to chew on...

....The Shooter studied Buddism, he worked in the military with 'secret clearance', he worked for a company called 'The Experts' contracting to HP, he lived and was in the military while in Texas, he was on anti-depressants, he had PTSD, he was in trouble financially, he had a criminal record, he had no fixed abode, he was a waiter, he worked in Japan on a 'military' contract, he was an 'angry black man', he was a good spirited guy and the news of the killings shocked his friends, he played violent video games for hours, he saved lives on 9/11, he wore black clothing, he was awarded medals of honour...

GTA 5 perfect launch date Sept. 17

The Black Buddha has many faces
Sept 17 raising of the Costa Concordia

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