Sunday, July 14, 2013

Other Direction

I don't watch Glee, never have. It's not a program I'm really interested in, but what does get me to sit up and notice is when a major star of a hit show, as this apparently was, is found dead at the height of their career. The story is currently developing like this...

On Cory Montieth’s Twitter account he was listening to “Paris” by Friendly Fire over and over. “Basically on repeat,” he wrote on July 7th. That and he didn’t understand the meaning of “Sharknado” on July 12th.
Source: Showbiz411

It's the mention, not only of Canada in the news (where he died), but of Paris which is intriguing, not the repeating music, which will probably be interpreted by some as a brainwashing of sorts.

Paris just keeps coming up lately.


Anonymous said...

Watched a CBC interview with Richard Branson discussing Monteith's death. He was working with Branson on an initiative to help homeless kids get off the street. The interview ended pretty much with Branson's comment that Cory's passing would increase awareness (and donations) for the programme, and a smile. Sad.

... said...

Hi there, it is very sad indeed. I'm waiting to hear what else will come out from this 'program' now.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise. Thank you for the honour of adding me to your blog roll. MotherB