Tuesday, July 23, 2013

424 from Paddington

I apologise, but I couldn't resist this, being a huge Agatha Christie fan.

The significance of the birth-time is brilliant. Darren over at 'Just watching the wheels go round', has a good take of the significance of the number for him.  http://brizdazz.blogspot.co.uk/  

42 of course being the ultimate number. Here we have a palindromic (read the same backwards as forwards), just to add further resonance.

There are a lot of questions coming out of this current news story that need to be answered. For the moment I'm taking it slow. But in case you missed it, try to catch Prince William's responses to questions outside the hospital.

He appears to make a fraudian slip (for want of a better description) when he says something along the lines of, 'This is the first time we've seen him.'...

I'm not sure of the question this was in reply to, but there's a video out there. Will locate it and try to post or link it here soon.

Here it is at 1:34, it's so quick you could miss it...


Anonymous said...

Re-mastered Rosemary's Baby Soundtrack announced on same day as royal birth. Coincidence?

Penny said...

oh that is priceless!
a remastered soundtrack about for a movie about the devils baby
synchronicity fitting a prince of darkness?

I was talking with a family member last night, she was absolutely annoyed with all the royal coverage.

I told it's all mindcontrol

Penny said...

wow, not enough coffee before that comment


I just love the remastered soundtrack synchronicity
It' s so perfect

... said...

You will laugh at this, but on the evening of the birth I was watching late-night Sky news (it's too hot to sleep - not that I was glued to the TV or anything!) The segment 'What the Papers Say' has the editor of The Daily Mail and the Editor of The Mirror (UK tabloid newspapers) standing outside of Buckingham Palace in a thunder and lightening storm being interviewed. One of them, not sure which one said loudly off-camera ' The OMEN!' and there was a chuckle. The SKy reporter did not respond. I laughed out loud!