Sunday, May 5, 2013

Syrians are no Beliebers!

No honey, you spell Jordan with a J, like Jolie!
When you want to get a message out, there is no better way to get noticed, and deliver it with speed in this new Internet age, than utilizing a little help from your friends. When such friends are in high places, then you have even more chances of being heard.
This time we see that puppet-on-a-string-Angelina-Jolie may have had a change of political conviction through the latest Twitter 'intrigue'. Tween-idol Justin Beiber was apparently the victim of a hack by some obviously made-up hacking collective, namely,  'The Syrian Electronic Army'. This anonymous hacking group supposedly have the time to spend playing on the Internet and hacking into entertainment websites to post about celebrities and their sex lives, while posting false messages about the White House, the BBC, and CBS. All of this done of course while tenaciously supporting Basshar al-Assad, the embattled President of Syria!
It's interesting to note that when this story broke, there were plenty of screen-captures showing the terrible deeds committed by this group against the unsuspecting Justin Bieber fans. They had the audacity to hack the feed mentioning Angelina, or was this simply another one of those true-but-fake-but-really-true Tweets?

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