Saturday, March 16, 2013

With Thieves Like Us....Who Needs Frenemies?

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Well the game is finally up, destruction of Cyprus nigh on complete. All it took was an ‘accidental explosion’ destroying the country’s biggest power-plant, apparently by a ‘brush fire’ back in July 2011, a few Trojan Greek bonds, and a new president with an infamous Count Dracula ‘haircut’.
Adding a nice slap-on-the-wrist to Russia for not supporting the annihilation of Syria… the guarantor powers of the U.K. U.S.A. and Turkey must be laughing under their G8 cue cards.

I find it quite funny how Cyprus is usually forgotten in the news, especially by the BBC. There are all sorts of newsworthy items, like the gas and oil deposit revelations, or a new president being elected after a two-week 50-50 vote debacle, but these things are nothing now.
Merkel and her ilk cause havoc for a nation, and it's all over the news headlines. Not that anyone cares about the Cypriots, they care about their Euros in the bank, and their bonuses, their laundered money, and their tax haven being destroyed. What a joke it all is!
Of course, Cyprus must toe the line, what with its massive deposits of natural gas and maybe oil, going to be shared among undesirables in a few years time. The island having major strategic significance in the region, especially for returning soldiers from Afghanistan, and its proximity to all Mid-East so-called ‘trouble spots’, and not forgetting the short flight time to our friends in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
It's the Carnival season in Cyprus, and Lent Monday (this year 18th March), celebrated as 'Green' or 'Clean' Monday, a Bank Holiday, how convenient. The bailout conditions will surely herald the start of some big changes, a big clear out for the country. How will others in the EU react?
 18/03/13  Update. According to Journo Tim Marshall, the Russians have offered to bailout BoC in exchange for 'exclusive control of the Cypriot gas reserves'! Is this true I wonder?

19/03/13  Update. Trading suspended, banks still closed...I laugh at the irony of this. Being a former employee within the financial sector and quite aware, like most, that buying Greek bonds was like signing a death warrant for the economy, the rich list in Cyprus must grin and bear it now. I hesitate to say it, but they saw this coming and did NOTHING.

I notice no mention of the money laundering, insider dealing, the dummy accounts, 'the old-boys' network, the scheming hedge fund managers, and the corruption that is the life-blood of Cyprus... Why should the ordinary man in the street have to pay for their crimes?


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Looks like the cards...plastic,or otherwise,are starting to fall.

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Thanks Darren, I agree.

I've updated the post, may add more, hope you see it.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's even having an effect on our economy right now -