Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dr Who and the Troika

The EU Autons
The EU talking-heads and Troika remind me of Dr Who arch-enemies.... I don't know why, but these characters come to mind when I watch the news lately.

Wolfgang Schäuble...I mean Davros the Dalek leader
The Black Guardian
Also known as the Guardian of Darkness and Chaos. He is not a man but the avatar of universal chaos, corruption and entropy.
The Cybermen
Cybermen were once a race of beings nearly identical to humans. “There is nothing to fear. We will eliminate your fear. You belong to us. You will be like us. Resistance is useless.”

The first pic above: “Auton” is the name for the plastic warriors that serve the Nestene race. Nestenes are telepathic creatures that can take control of plastic and manipulate it to their will.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That's funny because when I was a kid growing up watching the old black and white series of "Dr Who" the two characters that would give me nightmares were the cybermen
(I used to call them the teapot-heads)
and those Manikin Men.
I even have a plastic cyberman and a darlek on my desk in front of me,and I was never really that much into Dr.Who past the age of about ten.

... said...

Ditto, The Cybermen use to terrify me! I remember Dr WHo from a kid, and I might watch an odd episode these days if there's nothing else on.