Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From ENRON to Armenia - The Inhuman Network: Part 1

I evacuated my banking career of fourteen years, mainly because I was sick of people lying to me, and I didn’t much like all the money laundering that was going on under the watchful eye of the Central Bank of Cyprus, and my bosses, while I humbly awaited my annual pay rise of 2%.

During the months of bad luck finding a well paid job to help me prop-up my freelancing gigs, I realised that ANY job would have to do. When an offer of a short term contract at a sales office came up, I jumped to it.

The company was ‘CISCO’, one of the world’s premier computer technology companies. I was managing the local office administration, and finding out from ‘the horse's mouth’, that there is NO SUCH THING as a SECURE Internet banking transaction (this is why I don’t use the service). And that theoretically speaking (depending on whether there’s a client manager in the room) all our e-mail accounts can (and possibly are) being compromised, copied, altered, and then forwarded on without our knowledge or ability to trace back. Interesting stuff indeed. The reason for this I do not know.

CISCO has built a huge world-wide network of ‘connectivity’ where governments can move information around within seconds, and monitor every piece of ‘traffic’, not to mention ‘listening in’ on the neighbours. They call it ‘The Human Network’, but from my experience it is anything but human.

They plan to inter-connect everything in our daily lives which society uses to function, like the water supply, the electricity supply, our electronic communications, the money systems, all transportation… not just in America, but the entire world.

On the blueprint towards this aim, CISCO has also built several international R & D facilities, including a huge one in Israel, where teleconferencing has taken on a whole new meaning. Now they use live holograms. People can interact with each other anytime, anywhere, while still being thousands of miles apart, providing they have access to CISCO’s live hologram transmission technologies of course.

A couple of years ago they showcased ‘Telepresence’ at the Nicosia Hilton, during their annual I.T. industry event. I was blown away, like many people who watched this for the first time. Forget Apple and the iPad, or Virgin's space plane, this is sci-fi art becoming life, and it's coming our way very soon.

...to be continued


LVB said...

Cisco is already laying the groundwork for that which will become "The Beast" one day, I have no doubts about that. Still, they do make some good stuff and play a huge role in our ability to reach and and talk to one another with amazing ease, from Arizona to Cyprus, so that's kinda cool. :)

Anyway, good start here, but I don't ter get the connection of Enron and Armenia, so you'll have to help me out here and finish this story one of these days.

... said...

Hi LVB - thanks for your comment. I always appreciate your support.

The post is actually in about five parts. It was originally a newspaper article that I began to write but there is too much info so I've changed it, and its become a big story for the blog now!

Come back soon as I will probably continue it tonight and tomorrow.

P.S. I am not knocking CISCO - they are responsible for the matrix that we can't live without now. However, its very easy to see how a technological armageddon could take place, given the right circumstances.

Lenci said...


The writers of the “Left Behind” series (a series of books that depict events leading up to the Rapture and Armageddon) had a vision of this hologram transmission technology that you’ve referred to. In the novels, the anti-christ is in lead government and has very intimate ties with United Nations representatives. He communicates with them using this technology and coerces them into believing he can “save the world”. I mentioned this to say that Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (writers), by divine inspiration, must have been aware of this technology and wrote the books to warn us.

I think of the “Blue Beam Project” that implicates the use of three-dimensional, optical holograms and sounds, and laser projection of multiple holographic images, by NASA, to disillusion populations to believe that the Rapture is occurring. These images will appear in different parts of the world and will be talking in all languages. The purpose is to confuse everyone into believing that their god is returning, when in fact, it’s all fallacious!

This is definitely the “new age” and we need to study the Word of God to know our enemy and be prepared.

Thank you for sharing this Marty…

... said...

Lenci! Its so nice to hear from you! Yes, I am aware of the 'rapture ready' culture as they say, and also the so-called 'Project Blue Beam'. The Secret Sun blog has an intersting take on this whole issue, and demonstrates how everything is really just manipulation of the masses. Depending on how sceptical you want to get, if you read that, you may change your perspective on this issue.

I actually saw a news article today talking about the development of 3D Holograms which go a step further looking like the Star Wars Princess Lea hologram (as seen in that movie)!