Friday, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus - THE FUTURE New World Order IS NOW!

China Virus (I apologise in advance)
Well here it is folks, the much posited and reviled New World Order courtesy of a bio-hazard ‘contagion’ straight out of a Hollywood script writer's MAC. Coronavirus aka Novel COVID-19. That’s a new strain of a virus in a ‘family of viruses’ which cause things like a cold. They’ve been around a while, but we now have a new one (Novel) ‘Corona Virus Disease’, found in 20(19).

Like some, I do enjoy a good bio-hazard movie, Dustin Hoffman in ‘Outbreak’ (1995) was particularly good, as was Bruce Boxleitner in Contagion (2002 version), and 28 Days Later (also 2002 and far superior) with Cillian Murphy. There’s also ‘The Cassandra Crossing’ (1976). Universally panned by the critics, with its host of Hollywood greats, this particular movie had a bio-hazard background but was also a runaway train disaster movie that bombed at the box office. Ironically it made good money in Japan, can you see why?
The Cassandra Crossing (1976) A Sync messenger of doom? (See Twilight Language)
Back to the real strange and scary world for a moment…Yes, fear has gripped the world as nearly all of us realise the unthinkable suddenly is anything but. Falling through that instance in time. When was it exactly? About two weeks ago? Into some parallel universe, where all those sci-fi movies suddenly became non-fiction. We find ourselves collectively stuck in a moment where we thought we knew everything but know nothing at all. Prediction is pointless as the nightmare is suddenly lucid in the daytime. The terror is tangible, the panic, tactile. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Not to sound alarmist, Okay! Too late, I guess. Next week my government is sending out ‘letters’ to the vulnerable health system registered people of England to confirm if they should self-isolate. Failure to comply to your ‘notice’ means the powers-that-be now have the power to ‘arrest and detain’ in a venue of their choosing. Sound familiar?
Empty streets in your area now
Falling into this alternate reality, where all those disaster movies came true, means that civil unrest could also be part of the package. There were some instances of criminals targeting supermarkets yesterday evening, but only a few so far in London. Reading the latest news alerts and seeing that in the US there’s a ‘run on Guns’, and reports from many sources, of the military moving vehicles (and troops) in convoy via the M4 motorway near Bristol at night, makes you wonder.
Empty supermarket shelves coming to a town near you
Greta and her climate change screaming did nothing to save the planet, (She was here about two weeks ago also, shouting about something again) but some of the key messages we’re now having to following, like no flying, no travelling, etc. Staying at home to reduce our carbon footprint? It didn’t quite work out the way she hoped, did it? 
Faux paid for Climate Activist Greta Thunberg having a whale of a time in Bristol Feb. 2020
Financial Collapse – well, this beats all the models with forecasts of a 30s style recession heading our way this summer, companies collapse in droves and Boris and Trump keep throwing money at it like a coked-up Chinese Tech. CEO in a Moscow strip-club.

Remember Novichok? Now that was a great test of our resilience, especially here in the west country… Porton Down (the oldest chemical warfare installation in the world) apparently helping with the Coronavirus cure effort. Nice of them.
Testing, testing, testing, are YOU ready to take the test?
Do you like your ELE (Extinction Level Event) disaster stories to come in three’s? Well, Asteroid (52768) 1998 OR2 is on course to make a close approach to Earth on April 29th. Classed as a ‘potentially hazardous’ rock (just a name really) it’s not expected to have much impact on the planet, but the doom-seekers will say otherwise, naturally.

What’s number three? Oh, it’s earthquakes of course. Magna, west of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been experiencing unprecedented levels of aftershocks (a big swarm) following the 5.7 magnitude earthquake Wednesday. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that San Francisco, California, is shaking, or these swarms are increasing, especially anywhere near the Yellowstone Caldera for example, because if that suffers a catastrophic collapse, COVID-19 will mean nothing at all, it’s Sayonara everybody!
Peek-a-boo, this is not a joke. No, seriously, it isn't. It's a conspiracy of some proportion, but not a joke!
When I worked in the Middle East, a while ago now, you use to be able to buy surgical face-masks (made in China) at your local supermarket for two euros. It always seemed strange and ridiculous to me then, but I bought them for my asthma, so I could clean-up dust around the house. I lived through water and power-cuts and threats of war, but this time around it’s different. Seeing panic buying on the scale it is today in a Western country, truly unthinkable. Now all public places are closed to the public, even European borders closed, this was never imagined in my lifetime. 

Choosing to stay indoors and forfeit wages, my employer won’t pay, this is all unknown territory. Everyone is living in a state of limbo and only a thought away from being completely terrified about the future. What does it look like? I don’t earn enough to buy an electric car, never mind a robot assistant, now I doubt I ever will. Having a roof over your head and money to buy food was, for the most part, a life-stresser but manageable. At least we still have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Sky Movies to keep our minds on other things, and our freedom to use ‘Social’ media to communicate with each other… right? 

Oh, I just heard they have cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest this year… things are that bad, I guess.

Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom (1984) - Harrison fights 'Wu Han'


Tonkiri and Run Don't Walk on Twitter for some fabulous Coronavirus Syncs to really get you thinking


Run, Don’t Walk


Penny said...

Hi Marie:

It sure looks to me as if some type of new world order is in the process of occurring.

... said...

Hi Penny
The more I read on this issue, the more I've come to realise that this is orchestrated to fit an agenda. What 'Greta' couldn't get us to do voluntarily, we're now been forced to do by our Govs. I can see our choices and personal freedoms being greatly diminished never to return, before we know it, all in the guise of saving humanity from a virus (that know one has been able to say where it really came from)! Too convenient, especially when recently history shows a massive push for everyone to go Online for their entire living, high streets already shutting down, everything electronic ready for the 'Technological Armageddon'!
Scary times