Monday, May 21, 2018

The Feminist Inside...?

I, and a few others recently noted, Meghan Markle, or the Duchess of Sex, I mean Sussex, is not your typical feminist
Congratulations to the couple on their happy and glorious wedding. Prince Henry of Wales and American TV actress, and purported feminist Meghan Markle, tied the knot on Saturday 19th May 2018, at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

In front of the Queen of England, we were treated to an exciting mix of Royal ceremonial spectacle, and lavish celebrity grotesqueness, with religious sacrilege thrown in for good measure.

It was a delight to see everyone's faces as Bishop/Pastor Michael Curry delivered his sermon about the Black struggle, slavery and poverty. I awaited the 'Can I get a Witness -Hallelujah - Thank You Jesus!' chant from the pulpit, but alas I was disappointed.

Not surprising then, that the latest addition to the Royal family-tree should come with some large baggage, and very dubious connections, one of which is 'World Vision'. A 'charitable' organisation that I've covered on this blog in the past.

The World Vision name is now emboldened onto the House of Windsor/Royal Family website, under the bio for Megan Markle.

I'm just reading through it now to see if it mentions the Hamas funding terrorists scandal, or the sex-for-favours in Haiti & Oxfam debacle, or her stint in Argentina

I'm also looking for any mention of the Duchess of Sussex and her glamorous feminist statement made on America's 'Deal or No Deal' Game Show. Hmmm... no luck yet....

Yes, I think I see a feminist of sorts here...
Hmm... I'm still looking for that feminist... gosh...which one is she again...?
Her work on US TV legal comedy-drama 'Suits' garnered her the chance to work for young people, as a UN Ambassador. She was invited to the role, she was never an activist, as claimed in most media and on the Palace's website.

Lies, when told enough times, have a funny way of morphing into truth...

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Maria Rigel said...

But does it matter at all what the royals are really like in private, when all we usually get to know about them is whatever the official royal spin is? It isn't as if they get to make any major decisions.