Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More ПРОПАГАНДА from the British Media

A beautiful little girl being used again, in another attempt to destroy everyone's lives.
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Launching air strikes on Syria, over unsubstantiated claims of war crimes is no joke. After getting into people's hair on Twitter about whether the strikes were legal, I found myself being personally attacked for my views (not the first time).

What struck me the most was a simple question I posited, which garnered my highest read Tweet to date...49,301 views!

April 14th 2018

WHY did they bomb BEFORE the Inspectors had even started their investigation on the ground?

Total engagements1,253

I'm quite proud of this response, because it means not all the sheeple are sheep, however much the British media tries to brainwash them into being mindless useless eaters!

I can also boast another achievement over this whole disgusting Syria incident, and how my questioning Tweets seem to have rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

Most high profile attacker to date? Well, the Deputy Editor of The Sunday Times, Sarah Baxter! What prompted her to attack me? I commented on the above Front Page image, it's clearly doctored, but I simply said that it was shameful war propaganda.

If she's reading this (I doubt it) then I'll tell her that I do prefer The Independent to The Sunday Times any day of the week.

Robert Fisk's reporting from Douma, published in The Independent, echoes what I've been asking about since the attack took place. The UK/USA/France attack I mean! The one that has nothing to do with 'regime change', or altering the status quo etc. etc.

Robert Fisk, another journalist on the ground early in the Eastern Ghouta Tunnels used by the rebels

The Sunday Times should have run an expose piece, say about 'The White Helmets', done some proper journalism, and not be a mouthpiece for the propagandists. My hope that they were just misled is probably quite naive. It's shameful to think that so few seasoned, hardened, journos asked/ask the most obvious questions.

Update 19th April 2018: 

Citizen Halo https://twitter.com/haloefekti - A fellow blogger/Twitter commentator, who I've been discussing all sorts of news stories with, for a few years now, alerted me to the fact that she too has been attacked, far worse than I. This time by The Times Newspaper no less! They have even gone so far as to accuse her of being a Russian Disinformation Troll and Bot!

As crazy as this seems, it continues to be serious business. What occurred after the UK/USA/France 'one-off' attack on Syria last weekend, seems to have been a coordinated effort to discredit anyone questioning the 'chemical attack' narrative. It appears that many observers opposed to the latest bombing, have been specifically targeted in the media, especially online through social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

A nerve has well and truly been hit this week. A nerve belonging to those rather shady government actors.

The Times article, a case for the courts perhaps, or just bad reporting?
Even the BBC News have gone all-out to attack the questioners, deriding them as 'conspiracy theorists'. They even quoted from Twitter's Sarah Abdallah in their latest attack on free speech here:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-43745629

Remember, question the ПРОПАГАНДА and you may just find yourself under attack too.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Re: " The UK/USA/France attack I mean!"
Shouldn't that be the FUKUS attack?-)
Because they obviously don't care what any of US think about it anyway.

Maria Rigel said...

I don't believe for a minute the official NATO position, but I'm not going to believe the official Russian position, either. If the Russian government said the sky is blue, Russians immediately would go out and check if it's changed colour recently.

I have no idea what's going on in Syria. I'm not even sure if anyone really knows what's going on in Syria, much further than the obvious fact that there's fighting going on. Chemical weapons? Yes, there have been enough reports of usage to assume that they have been used several times. Who used them? No idea. And if you think you know, I suggest you think again.

And why does everybody and their mother want to fight in Syria? No idea. I mean, I've heard several theories. None of them fit too well the rough scenario that seems to go on the ground, namely continuous fighting from several factions funded by several countries, with no real effort to end the fighting. So I still don't know.

Given how little we know, how can you say the US is wrong in doing the strikes? We simply don't know. When a room is full of dead bodies, would you believe anything from any of the men still standing with a gun? Probably you shouldn't. And for all you know, maybe the one that stutters and can't get his story straight is the most decent of the lot. Or he might be the most dangerous mass murderer. You simply don't have enough information to tell.

... said...

Thanks Darren - good one!

Thanks Maria, I really appreciate your comments and questioning and the debate over this issue. I believe it's a serious one actually, and the questions DO need to be addressed and answered. I have quite strong views on what's happened. Of course, I'm not there on the ground so I'm having to read what I can find from all sides on the issue. But I know that the full story isn't in our domain right now.