Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mr Nix... the Original Mr Fix It!

Latest update at the end of this post!
Channel 4 News, one of the UKs primary TV news channels, airs explosive undercover footage of Marketing King Alexander Nix explaining the strategy and working practices of Cambridge Analytica – the London based firm now embroiled in a worldwide data protection scandal which threatens to bring down high-profile business and politicians, not to mention tech. high-flyers.
Cambridge Analytica Logo - Connect the Dots!
A saga about the buying and selling of intelligence worthy of any Pulitzer Prize spy novel, as they say, you couldn’t write it. So unbelievable that it may even be the catalyst to bring down the US President, perhaps?

Cambridge Analytica and its ‘Political’ arm – or CA with its Brain-connection logo – has been responsible for marketing and ad campaigns for some very big players including: Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, John Bolton, to name only a few. Most recently Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again drive for the White House too.

CA’s website gives us the by-line of ‘Data Driven Marketing’, and it boasts that it can ‘measurably improve your brand’s marketing effectively by changing consumer behaviour’. It does this by employing, ‘data analytics, and behavioural psychology to understand every individual’. It uses ‘Personality Data’ and ‘Predictive Analytics’ (BOTS) and works over five continents.

You can engage with the company through LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, but strangely not Facebook! It has offices on 5th Avenue New York, in Sao Paulo Brazil, and Selangor Malaysia, as well as London.

CA uses the information it gains to ‘engage, persuade, and motivate people into action.It can run the Polling statistics and political broadcast messages, as well as produce adverts on TV and Digital platforms. It has been profiled by The Financial Times, BBC News, CBS and Wired, (who all ran articles on how CA ‘assisted’ the US presidential campaign bid of Donald Trump) gives us some tantalising clues about what Mr Nix’s company really does, and who HE really is…

Before becoming CEO of Cambridge Analytica he was an analyst for Baring Securities in Mexico, he then joined Strategic Communications Labs (SCL) which had formed in 1993, born out of Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDI) of 1990 created by someone called Nigel Oakes, who had a background in TV production.
These companies, which are sister companies, are described as being involved in the study of mass behaviour and how to change it using psychologists and anthropologists. Their work expanded into the Military and Political arenas pretty quickly – Otherwise known as Psy-Ops.

Mr Nix, an old Etonian with apparent dubious contacts in MI5 and MI6, presents himself as a kind of advertising genius – a sort of Steve Jobs of Marketing – but dresses like a conservative politician – a caricature of the business elite. Even his name NIX has odd connotations, with a meaning of dark-night – seriously!

What does all of this mean? Well, I have never been too trusting of news coming out of Channel 4, especially after their biased journalism over the Syria conflict and ‘nerve gas’ attacks. So, now with the Skripal affair, and their Russo-phobic handling of that, this alarming story appears, literally out of the blue, to shake the foundations of all social media. Why and Why now?

Notice how the emphasis all over the news today is about  Facebook losing our data (or our data being harvested by CA) via another apparent faux-whistleblower – when the real story is what a handful of ‘Fix-It’ specialists are doing over at No. 55 New Oxford Street, London.
Whistle while you work!
The Channel 4 Special Report is eye-opening for more reasons than one – check it out if you haven’t already, but do remember to read between the lines as you connect those dots!

Update 21 March 2018: The story has taken on monumental proportions - threatening to literally spiral out of control - hold onto your digital hats - as CEOs, MPs, Journos, Tech High-Flyers, not to mention the POTUS himself become embroiled in the scandal that could bring down governments around the world... We're talking literally here!
According to various media Boris Johnson also met with CA and Mr Fix-It in 2016
Steve Bannon and that Breitbart headache just won't be going away anytime soon
Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy won't be left out in the cold on this story either, with Wikileaks and Hilary's e-mails thrown in for good measure!
One of the incriminating memos? Well not really, but it's a red flag that no one noticed from Dr Kogan and his research given to SCL
We hear today that Mr Nix and his backers and financiers have already created a new company that would take over the SCL and CA brand - Emerdata

The UK Government is about to pass new legislation regarding Data Protection and sharing and our rights, including the responsibilities of corporations. This could prove interesting.

As a side note... today the UK Met Police in London cordoned off the road around 55 New Oxford Street and Cambridge Analytica's offices were evacuated due to a false alarm... people were seen removing crates of documentation from the building according to Channel 4 News tonight... Yet the Commissioner has still not been able to enter the building to seize evidence... Are there people within the UK Government who are protecting CA (SCL) for some reason? It's a question worth asking.

Here's the full whistle-blower article from The Guardian Online... makes for very interesting reading. I suggest again though, read between the lines when connecting all these dots... Who is the real target in this story... Is it Putin? Is it Trump? Is it you and me perhaps?


Maria Rigel said...

I actually did some research on Cambridge Analytica and SCL back when the first batch of info about them came out. It was before the snap elections on the UK, and I have a friend who has journalist contacts in the Guardian. So I was giving my friend info to pass on to the journalists. At the time, the main line of journalist research seemed to be "follow the money". Because I have some IT background, I immediately thought that the real story was in the databases, and my research tried to steer people in the direction of "follow the data", while giving some starting points.

In particular, I located a guy in Canada (not the one that has come out) that was working in one of the spinoffs of SCL that had been involved in the Leave campaign. His online portfolio gave some food for thought. Especially this one: why would he be asked to create a platform for online voting in mayor, councillor and sheriff elections when it isn't possible to vote online for any of these races in USA or Canada? He also had something about extracting info from the interactions between users and a large Facebook group. Which leads to questions about what information, exactly, can a Facebook group owner extract from the people that interact with it.

On the Cambridge Analytica stuff, one thing that stood out to me was that somebody asked for the information they held on him, and they had various numbers with his estimated feelings on national debt, gun rights, traditional social values, etc. Obviously, these were the outputs of some model that needed some inputs to spit out those results. So the question is: where did those inputs come from? And shouldn't those inputs be also part of the info they held on him? (Which he didn't get).

Another thing I wonder about is the potential connection with meme magic and forum posts ending in 7.

Something else that's highly suspicious is where they seem to host their stuff. It's, a company with the attitude that the privacy of their customers is of utmost importance. The sort of place you'd go to put a database when you knew for a fact it was breaking the privacy laws of everyone concerned, because the host would never ask you any questions or give you any hassle.

Dennis said...

Maria, you are very intelligent. Keep digging girl! To shine forth is key. 87

... said...

Hi Maria

Thanks so much for your great comments and the info. I urge everyone to read up on this. Yes, I've been reading all The Guardian stuff... its all pretty unbelievable. Now I hear that SCL was most definately a government contractor for the MOD - you have to be to get on the so-called X-List... strange situation indeed.

I'm of the opinion that this is a lot more to do with global geo-politics than at first appeared... as they say the story continues...


... said...

Hi Dennis Thanks very much for your comment - Knowing someone is listening keeps me going!