Saturday, January 27, 2018

Phil Collins Rides the Mandela Effect Wave

The 'Hot Tub Club' Mirror for Members Only
Oh how I love the crazy Mandela Effect! Now that I’m apparently ‘aware’ I can see its residue everywhere. I’ve heard that the iconic 80s Pop-Rocker Phil Collins has been embroiled in another example of this high-weirdness with his song 'In the Air Tonight'.

After catching a re-run of the old TopOfThePops 1985 series on BBC Four, I discover yet another link to the time travel meme that’s astonishing.

In the video below you can clearly see (and hear) that Phil Collins was touring in 1985 as ‘Phil Collins and the Hot Tub Club’. Something I’d never ever heard of before. I don’t remember this at all, and I’m supposed to be a Collins fan.

Is this what is known as the Mandela Effect? I could swear under oath that Phil Collins was always just ‘Phil Collins’. I simply don’t remember the Hot Tubs. Anyone? The only Tubs I remember is Tubs from Miami Vice. Which, ironically, featured Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" song in its very first opening pilot episode scene! 

What immediately came to mind though, was the 2010 movie ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. It’s a weird link between time-travel and the 1980s, now seen through the medium of the Mandela Effect.

Phil from Hot Tub Time Machine played by Crispin Glover of Back to the Future fame. I've not seen the movie, but did notice the synchromystic 'Room 4 2 0' 
The contemporary Hot Tub Club minus top hats
The above video is a brief explanation of the original Phil Collins reported Mandela Effect. Does this make any sense? 

It's possible that people are just mis-hearing, mis-reading, and mis-remembering things. On the other hand, maybe something truly weird is going on right in front of our eyes. It could be an experiment at Cern went wrong, as some believe. 

Perhaps a scientist has discovered time travel and is actively working to 'change the future' a la Terminator style. Alternatively, the collective-unconscious has been hypnotized into an altered state. Time itself could be imploding? Who knows? It's all un-provable theory.

Catching re-runs of the old TopOfThePops 1985 series on BBC Four has brought back a lot of memories from my youth. I never imaged it would cause me to question the state of reality!


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That's funny, because I wrote a post in August, 2015, called 'The Clockwork Orange Effect?' (do you remember [to name one more Phil Collins song :-] as you left a comment on that post?) how hearing Phil Collin's version of 'Groovy Kind of Love' makes me want to puke, because it was the song me and my now ex-wife danced our wedding waltz to.

I remember liking Phil Collins music back in the 80s, but now I hate hearing his music played on the radio or across muzak shop and elevator speakers.
I gave all of my Phil Collins CDs away to people who still like his music, and I've done my best to erase Phil and his music from my life and memories (just like memories of my former wife).
How's that old saying go..."happy wife, happy life"?
I now have another saying..."unhappy life, ex-wife" ;-)

... said...

Hi Darren

Yes, thanks. I remember your post! I use to like Collins songs in the 80s for sure. Also like the Genesis stuff. Music can have a triggering effect but also a healing effect depending of course!

I'm a lot more into my rock music than anything else these days. However, I don't mind the odd pop song or even some classical!

As for Mandela Effects and Collins - I'm sure this is one, I just don't remember the Hot Tubs at all!!