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She Looks Like an Angel... She Walks Like an Angel...

She's the man!
A little late to the party...

World Vision is an Evangelical Christian organization with a mission that includes “serving as a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Perhaps the best known program of World Vision is their child sponsorships.

World Vision explicitly states on their website that they “do not proselytize or work with those who insist on proselytism. Proselytism takes place whenever assistance is offered on condition that people must listen or respond to a message or as an inducement to leave one and join another part of the Christian church.” The organization ascribes to Red Cross standards prohibiting conversion activities. But consider the next paragraph from their website:

“At the same time, World Vision shares the Church’s commitment to disciple followers of Jesus Christ who bear witness to the Gospel by life, deed, word and sign, with the goal of encouraging people to respond to the Gospel. We do this through the life of service that we lead, the deeds of Christian love we perform, the words that we share about our faith and the signs of prayers answered as we visibly and concretely improve the lives of others.”
We're told Meghan has worked very hard to improve the lives of others, deciding that modelling, instead of Politics, was the route to take!
People in disaster zones and small children, the two primary populations served by World Vision, are both particularly vulnerable, and because of this they are particularly vulnerable to influence. All over the world, vast differences in power and resources say to desperate people: Christians have what you need; Jesus is the answer. The World Vision mission, in its own understated way, acknowledges this.

Make no mistake. In evangelical circles, the word “witness” is code for seeking converts. If it’s just the competent, compassionate aid, that you care about, then you’re likely better off sending your money to an organization further down the list like Doctors without Borders or the Red Cross. Valerie Tarico - Huffington Post

Consider the below article as a worrying hint to what these organisations are really doing behind the scenes...
Allegedly a front operation for moving money to places it's not supposed to under the guise of being 'humanitarian'!
An Australian government probe has found no evidence taxpayer money was misused by the NGO World Vision in the Gaza Strip, after Israel alleged millions of dollars were diverted to Hamas.

In August 2016, Israel accused World Vision’s Gaza head, Mohammad El Halabi, of siphoning off millions of dollars a year to the Islamist group that rules the Palestinian enclave – claims the NGO said it had seen no evidence for.

Australia had given millions of dollars to the charity’s work in the Palestinian territories in previous years and immediately suspended its funding for their Gaza programmes, with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) announcing a review. The Guardian

Apparently she's quit World Vision - as of yesterday!!! Despite Meghan attending a Catholic girls school. She is apparently Protestant so will be baptized into the Church of England before her marriage - make sense?
Meghan's best friend and travelling companion for many years is Markus Anderson. He's a director at private members club Soho House, which is now a world-wide brand offering, exclusive private parties for the rich and famous among a lot of other things. You need to be recommended by two other members to join, and should come from an entertainment/media or wealthy-some-how background!!

Close friends... just friends
Meghan's father Thomas Markle, was a lighting engineer, who worked for many years on the US TV hit series 'General Hospital', to which he won a joint Emmy Award back in the 80s. In fact, an Internet search shows that Megan's very first 'role' was on 'General Hospital', but as yet there is no video anywhere to back this one up.
Thomas Markle and "Daddy's Girl" Meghan (right) in her Disney Popcorn Princess T-shirt. The baby is apparently her nephew. According to her step-brother, as a kid, Megan's father would "parade her in front of his Hollywood friends"! He also said that they would pretend to strangers that Megan's mother was "the maid because of her blackness"! Not surprisingly, her brother is now estranged from the family!
There's a lot said about her 'Suitcase girl' stint, while modelling on 'Deal or No Deal' TV game show. Something apparently she'd rather forget.

She makes a great handler for Harry, don't you think? 

Harry's Girl - as seen on a London street recently. 
Strangely, Meghan also worked in Argentina, at the US Embassy, while in her 20s she studied Politics, but then decided she preferred to be a penniless waitress and actor in LA. Go figure!

The Bosch Palace, Buenos Aires - Argentina - Where Meghan once worked

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