Monday, June 19, 2017

Finsbury Park Terrorist... or just a white van man from my home town?

London's latest terrorist - Darren Osborne of Weston-s-Mare!
Synchronicity on a very personal level really has been kicking in lately. I’ve found myself, more than once, travelling through the very multi-cultural part of Bristol City, on my way back from the hospital. Recently, while stuck in major traffic, I pondered that perhaps there would be more localised copy-cat terror attacks because of all the Islamophobia in the media lately.
Armed Police in Finsbury Park, London

Yesterday, I found myself stuck in Easton, the part of Bristol which now has anti-terror police patrolling the Jamia Masjid Mosque. What a target for the racists and others.
Seven Sisters Road, London 2017

Travelling back from the area by train, I encountered more anti-terror police and security checks at my local train station -for the first time ever. Usually, you don’t see any kind of policing at all. In fact, they only recently closed the local cop-shop and relocated out of the town.
Lonely Weston Station... until Glastonbury Festival approaches that is!
All of this extra security was due to a massively popular tourist event, the annual Weston Air Festival, where, hot off the hoof from Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s birthday, the Red Arrows showcased their fabulous display of awesome aerobatics, followed by the thundering roar of an RAF Typhoon right over the beach.

Red Arrows doing what they do best
My small home town used to be mostly forgotten eight months of every year. That’s until local artist Bansky put it firmly back on the map with his ‘Dismaland show’ at the defunct Tropicana. All this publicity, and rise in visitor numbers, is set to ratchet up a notch or two as word just in, the latest London terrorist suspect turns out to be from right here in Somerset.
Seven Sisters Road, London 1960

The media have already descended this evening at his mother’s house, poor woman. Local media have started covering the links between Cardiff, Weston and London.

Finsbury Park, Green Lane, and Seven Sisters Road to be more precise, are all old haunts of my father. Refugees from the Cypriot crisis of 1974 settled in the UK. Many were sent to London boroughs. My father already a fully integrated Brit citizen with years living in the city helped welcome them. Old friends have left now, but fond memories are brought up often about the Greeks, the Turks and the Arabs. I digress…
EuroFighter Typhoon doing what it does best

Old Westonian Darren Osborne, 47, who went to Broadoak School, is the latest right-wing terrorist. I could not imagine a more ridiculous concept than my hometown spawning such a high profile suspect. On reading further, it’s abundantly clear that Darren (I don’t know him personally) is just a disturbed individual. He is, as his mum says (the lady that lives near Tesco, off the Parade) NOT a terrorist.
Map of the Finsbury Park area - People were leaving prayers from various directions, not just the Mosque

Sadly, we will come to see that the media, plus government spin, about this latest atrocious event, will use this guy to further their agendas. Darren, a father of four, now living in Cardiff (quite a multicultural city itself) will awake from his mad stupor as the latest scapegoat for a diabolical agenda that, probably he has no idea of, and has yet to fully play out.

Weston Air Days Festival - Here's one for the Flat Earth mob!
Stay tuned… I hope to hear more from my Broadoak friends about him soon!

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Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Darren Osborne hey?
Now I get the "Darren" synchronicities you were referring to in the comment to me in your last post.
While I had seen pictures of this guy in the Oz news media, I hadn't heard his name was Darren Osborne.
I guess in a way I'm Darren born in Oz.
So it would be a LOL moment if it wasn't such a grim story.
It's a small world though as the poor Australian girl who was stabbed to death on London Bridge came from the area of Brisbane (or just outside of Brisbane) that I more, or less grew up in, the Redlands Shire.