Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Grande Deception - Part 1

Ariana Grande pic from her Dangerous Woman 2017 tour poster 
The Grande Deception is what I am calling a diabolical false-flag, with real-world consequences; yet another psyop of the highest order. These ‘Evil Losers’, as the POTUS himself calls them, have really pulled a ‘fast-one’.

Suffering a lot lately with insomnia, I find myself watching endless late night news programs. Most of the time it’s been all about Trump, oh and that Pippa person, until Monday when everything changed.

Rarely do I catch a major event in real-time, except on the 22nd May at 10.55pm, when I was channel surfing between SKY, RT and the BBC. I stumbled upon a breaking news item which sent me immediately to Twitter and the unbelievable tweet that someone had bombed an ‘Ariana Grande’ concert…of all things!

I’ve been discussing the event ever since,with people who have swallowed the story whole, and with others that prefer to question the narrative.

Several reasons to be hesitant in believing this grand tale have already been mentioned by researchers online.

Yes, Mrs May and her Conservative Party were suddenly failing in the opinion polls, due to their attack on the poor and elderly population with welfare cuts and taxes, and only days left until the election.

A possible opposition party win (an opposition that opposes defence spending and bombing Syria) could prove tricky for the elites.

The Muslim/Islamic Fundamentalism question already majorly in the news, with the screening of the Rochdale paedophile case dramatization “Three Girls” on the BBC, bringing to light the little known fact that the perpetrators are (all but one) now out of prison.

Does a major ‘Muslim’ or ‘Isis’ terror attack in Manchester help anyone? It’s a good question.
Back to that night. On the anniversary of the Lee Rigby attack. May 22nd should have had a red-flag attached. Someone somewhere obviously marked it in their calendar.

I watched the news as it unfolded, minute by minute, between channels and Twitter. I heard the very first witness ‘Andy Holey’ on the BBC News confirm what he saw and more importantly where he saw it. He was interviewed twice on the telephone in the space of an hour. 

Then never heard from again.

Parents watched as girls ran screaming down the stairs from the auditorium... strange reactions

I’ve managed to find some of what he said online, along with another report where several witnesses say they heard two (not one) explosions. This is largely forgotten now.

I watched as within the space of 30 minutes a convoy of at least 20 ambulances arrived at the arena. Since when does an ambulance arrive within half an hour, I’m talking just one ambulance, never mind 20? Amazing response time.

Location, location, location
Mr Holey was asked, “Were you inside the arena when the bomb went off?”  “No, he replied, “It was in the ‘ticketing office’ area; the bomb was in that area, not inside the arena and not the street.” Immediately this information was then released by the police. Previous to this moment the media and police were saying that the bomb was on the inside of the arena.

The many inconsistencies should have people questioning this incident more, but they're not questioning anything. Youtube is now choc-full of 'False-Flag' videos but they're covering the same ole same old 'crisis actor' stuff... this is not what I saw on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

One witness was heard to say that Grande was ALREADY out of the stadium and in her coach on the road when the explosions occurred. Where is this witness now? Other witnesses said that 'she just left the stage'... so what is the truth? Where are these witnesses that were interviewed near the scene at 10.55pm?

I’ve managed to locate some of the reports, as well as a great time-line of the early breaking news from, of all places, a New Zealand outlet. It’s interesting and I will post it here tomorrow.

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