Monday, June 20, 2016

The Jo Cox Killing... intrigue continues

Jo Cox and husband Brendan on election night 2015
The intrigues in the Jo Cox killing continue to rattle around the blogosphere and forums, but are nowhere to be found on the mainstream. Overshadowed by the grief and stories of humanitarianism circulating throughout the political spectrum, there's no room for doubts.

Today I discovered a rather different take on this 'tragedy'...

And a link with synchronicity about it...

Closer to the event, we hear yet again about a man named Thomas (Tommy) Mair...$category%20p$4%23p0wlEEY42e2UAwGd.97#kbKV88h98mBT17H1.97

Courtesy of Aangirfan Blog - The other Tommy Mair. Resemblance? 

A message to the public from the Dry Cleaner in Birstall...


Penny said...

Hey Marie

I linked over to your blog but now I should also include this one
I've updated my post to reflect her lecherous husband, interesting about Mr Geldof- he's despicable

thanks for the tip regarding no fly zone it was right up my alley
and glad to see you back at the blog :)

... said...

Funny how this story has now fallen down the memory hole isn't it!