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Cameron's Camelot - More Cornish than Canadian!

David Cameron's faux-attacker de-arrested
Imagine the hallowed halls of Westminster on Wednesday Oct. 22, after news broke of the Canadian Parliament shooting. The muted voices of the gathered MPs and workers, security officials and media spokesmen, all wondering if such a thing could happen in the UK.

Sky News Oct. 27- “Scotland Yard has launched a security review after a member of the public appeared to collide with the Prime Minister in Leeds.

Former close protection officers and MPs have also called for a full inquiry into David Cameron's security arrangements after the runner was able to get close to him and members of his protection team as they left the city's Civic Hall.

Video footage shows the man, identified as Dean Farley, heading towards the group at speed while the Prime Minister visibly braces himself.

The dreadlocked 28-year-old then appears to bump into Mr Cameron before security personnel step in and wrestle him out of the way.

The PM appears to be alone for several moments before the team got him into a waiting car.”

It’s a false alarm we are told, a man ‘brushed’ against the Prime Minister, oblivious to who he was. Yes, this is what we are told, a misunderstanding!

Channel 4 News (UK) made a point of mentioning the T-shirt the man was wearing at the time, giving us no choice but to associate the incident with Cornwall, David Cameron's most favourite part of England.

“A Met spokesman said: "The man was arrested by local officers and was later de-arrested. The MPS specialist protection command is responsible for the personal protection of the prime minister and will now conduct a review of the incident in consultation with West Yorkshire Police."

Mr Farley, who was pictured wearing a T-shirt with the metal band Tintagel, was reported to have been on his way to the local gym."

King Arthur and Tintagel
(Source: Cornish Connexions web)

Cornwall and the legend of King Arthur are closely linked. Cornwall's claim to the story centers on the ancient castle at Tintagel. In fact, the site was occupied considerably earlier than the 13th Century when the castle, whose remains we see today, was built.

Evidence that it was an important Celtic stronghold and trading port in the period following the Roman occupation is significant, since many now believe that the Arthur story has its roots in that period and that the real life character behind the Arthur myth was probably a Romano-British warlord or tribal leader.

Tintagel fits the bill, in terms of many versions of the Arthur myth, as the location for Arthur's birth. There is a cave located within sight of the castle walls which would tie in with Merlin's role in Arthur's rise to power. Dozmary Pool, on Bodmin Moor, is widely held to be the lake to which Excalibur was returned by Sir Bedivere and in which the Lady of the Lake was said to reside.

The final link to the King Arthur legend lies in Cornwall's proximity to the lost land of Lyonesse. It has long been held that there was land to the west of Lands End which has now sunk beneath the waves. Legend has it that this was Lyonesse. Similarly, others have linked elements of the Arthur story to St Michael's Mount, which can only be accessed via a causeway at low tide.

However they have come about, Cornwall's claims to the Arthurian story are enduring and have become an integral part of the county's mythology. Since Tennyson wrote the Idylls of the King, Tintagel has continued to feature in many a modern re-telling of the Arthur story, including Channel 4's "Merlin" which saw Merlin assist Uther to deceive the Duke of Cornwall's wife into infidelity and so become pregnant with Arthur.

It was in Tintagel, according to this re telling, that Morgan Le Faye plotted against her half brother Arthur and where Mordred, conceived in an incestuous union between Morgan Le Faye and Arthur grew to power eventually causing the King's death in battle.

Unusually, Tintagel claims a link to not one famous tale but two! It is believed that Tintagel was home to a series of Celtic kings after the Romans left Britain to try to prop up their crumbling empire back home. One of these Kings is believed to be Mark, whose nephew was Tristan of this famous tale, Tristan and Yseult.

Historical Fact: The Cameron family enjoys annual holidays home and abroad, their preferred choice of the Cornish coast is well publicized, and the myths and legends of the area seem to figure in their lives.

Cornwall - Sept. 7, 2010
(Source: Beachhousecornwall)
Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha were on holiday near Port Isaac, Cornwall. Samantha had given birth to a baby girl whom they named Florence Rose Endellion Cameron.

The second middle name is taken from the parish, St Endellion, close to where the Camerons were staying in Cornwall.

The name, St Endellion, came from St Endelienta, a Christian Martyr who crossed the Bristol Channel in the 6th Century to bring Christianity to Cornwall.

Legend has it that Endelienta survived the crossing on cows milk but her cow was killed by a local lord. In turn, her godfather, King Arthur, killed the lord. Endelienta revived him and was subsequently made a saint – hence St Endellion.

Historical Fact: David Cameron is a descendant of King William IV
Historical Fact: Samantha Cameron is a descendant of King Charles II

I am sure there is a lot more to this story, Cameron's constant association by the media with Cornwall, the etymology, the numbers, JFK’s Camelot, even the ‘National Lottery’(company is Camelot in the UK). Who knows what all this means? There are others out there who can explain these synchronicities a lot better than I can.
Historical Fact: Cameron caught with his pants down... in Cornwall!

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Penny said...

You gotta wonder if they set that one up- just to turn the fear up a notch and then step back from it
and go oops we goofed, cant' be to careful and all that?

It does look as if the guy ran right for Cameron and his security people were conveniently not in his way

... said...

Honestly? That's exactly what I thought when I saw the video. Mainly because what they say the man did is not what he did!

He's obviously not 'on his way to the gym' in that video.

It was more than a 'brush passed' move as well.

Notice the media are now saying he was a 'protester', who 'shoved the Prime Minister!'

The t-shirt is maybe a sort of call-sign. So those in the know, know he's one of 'theirs', or something like that! LoL!