Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ascending through a Dark Knight

Authentic street art

Updated: 03/03/14
Since writing this post, and subsequently deleting the waffle, I’ve taken a personally hypercritical leap of joining Twitter. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, which is what I’ve done.
As syncs go, they arrive again. I searched for an update on the new Batman movie and what appears on my screen but an image of the above Batman graffiti – the very same one.
I haven’t enabled location, so that can’t explain it. Of all the pictures of Batman that could appear after a search, I get this.
Today I’m speeding around town and spot another piece of street art by the same guy, JPS Artist. This one’s called something like, ‘Use the force’.

All hail Synchronicity!

Whilst treading the broken pavements of my old home town, in search of a pharmacy, I came upon some enchanting graffiti along a narrow street called ‘York’.

As the artist confesses, it was ‘Painted on a Dark Knight’. I chuckled at first sight. Drawing closer to the image, I noticed the fine lines and accurate depiction of a comic Batman.
It’s not a ‘Banksy’ work-of-art, that famous street-artist lives just 25 minutes away from here, but it’s comparable in pop-art, irony, and superb expression. So far, I’ve not found a similar graffiti image on the websites, but I’ve posted it here for your enjoyment.

…Later, at the Pharmacy…the assistant tries to sell me Beyonce’s new perfume, ‘Rise’. I say no thanks, I’m not keen on Beyonce…she shoves the bottle into my face regardless…Its golden glass, and shiny plastic top, are reminiscent of a NYC sky-scraper or a cartoonish Manhattan (perhaps in flames). “Does Beyonce wear it?” I ask… The assistant looks at me blank-faced…
If things weren’t bad enough in our over-controlled and media-saturated society, the pop queen is now bombarding us with a new scent. I know I’m not the first to make these connections, but it’s always intriguing to see them pop up again and again. Now reinforcement, in luxury goods.



The journey to mankind’s enlightenment is fraught with surprises, and danger. A bit like a trip to the pharmacy. Who can save us now?


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