Wednesday, January 30, 2013

African Queen Rocks the Kasbah Boat

The recent news of the abdication of the Queen of the Netherlands prompted me to recall an old blog post of my meeting with Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (and his mother Queen Beatrix 60% share in Royal Dutch Shell).
From the news we read that, “Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the oldest reigning Dutch monarch, announced her abdication on Monday evening in a sudden move three days before her 75th birthday. After 33 years on the throne Beatrix said she would relinquish the crown at the end of April. The abdication secures the Dutch throne for Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander at the age of 45.”

I read about the vast wealth that the continent has afforded to the Netherlands, and the many kingdoms that came before it. I wondered if there is some connection between the tragedies befalling the clan and the reasons behind her abdication. The unassuming Prince (as he was) and the power and riches he is about to inherit, along with the Bilderberg pass.

Really quickly I came across a nice picture, courtesy of Ashlee Buczek, of the African Queen in Mali. So, like all ‘there’s no such thing as coincidence’ mantras, North Africa suddenly appeared to sway to the synchronistic beat. After the recent Mali interventions, and the Algerian hostage crisis, I wonder if the Queen has decided to jump ship.
Meeting ATT the President of Mali in Dec. 2011



Orange is the colour, Beatrix is her name! The crowds cheer in their currently high-sync wigs, before the fatal car crash ‘attack’ that missed the royals in 2009.
King Mansa Musa of Mali, once the richest man in the world


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