Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome to the New World Order!

Are we already living in the NWO, but we’re just too dumbed-down that we don’t recognize it?


LVB said...

WOW - such an awesome display of what is so obvious, yet subtle enough that we just "get used to it"; i.e., DESENSITIZED.

These pics = millions of words.

Great post, Marie, as always. :)

Penny said...

Hi marie/marty

Yes we are already there/but the media keeps telling us otherwise

Which is why all but the few see it.

Your pic montage is excellent

LVB said...

"Were you born to resist,
or be abused?

I swear I'll never give in,
I refuse."

- Dave Grohl

(A great lyric, and one of the best songwriters ever, but unfortunately, also an avid Obama supporter.)

Not all that surprising though really, because the mental disorder that is "liberalism" is overwhelmingly common in almost ALL of the artists, writers, actors and musicians I've ever known or even heard about.

Not sure why I turned out so completely opposite - as a hybrid of libertarian/contitutionalist and rabidly anti-globalist, yet certainly very compassionate and tolerant in most ways.

Ultimately, I guess it's really a combination of the individual nature and qualities of our souls, and the choices we make in life - including what we choose to believe strongly enough to fight for - and against.

... said...

Nice lyrics LVB - I really like the Foo Fighters - great music!


... said...

I had so many more pics Penny, but I thought it might be overkill as the point was made!

It occured to me that all the things people are talking about, which will be ushered in with the NWO, are in fact already here! (lol)

motherbarbarian said...

This post really makes us take a new look at what has by now become a tired cliche - the NWO, something we have become accustomed to anticipating. As you show, maybe that's the point - to keep us from acknowledging that it is already in place. Thank you.