Monday, March 26, 2012

Seeing is Believing?

I love the Internet, you can guarantee that where ever you may search, sure enough you will discover things you never knew existed, never thought possible, and absolutely denied you even had an interest in!

Recently, with more time on my hands, I’ve been reconnecting with my beliefs on many subjects, including the UFO phenomena.I’ve been re-reading about the Betty and Barney Hill case of 1961 as previously lost interview tapes of Betty have been made available on YouTube.

I’ve taken a fresh perspective on the Travis Walton case of 1975 after seeing old footage of the lumberjack talking about the night he was abducted. Naturally, I also reviewed the Rendelsham Forest case through all sorts of nonsense espoused by the Ancient Aliens TV series.

I haven’t really changed my view on the subject, I have smoothed out the corners of my core-beliefs and can see a nice clean edge of sanity appear around the whole ‘aliens among us’ debate.

Betty changed her story as she got older and confessed that her government was still very much in contact with her ’til the day she died.

Travis has refined his experiences to an almost perfect narrative and there is no room for alternatives unless you factor in mental illness, or an illuminati connection!

The Rendlesham Forest crew on the other hand seem to have expanded their tale into some kind of ‘warning to humanity’ message from the stars about the future environmental apocalypse… I am glad I still have a copy of the original News of the World front page from 1980; perhaps it is worth something after all.

While looking at alternative views on what is really happening with ufo/alien abductions I came across something thoroughly unbelievable, completely original, and totally engrossing. On a webpage called Vision and Psychosis.Net there is an explanation of Peripheral Vision Psychosis brought on by Subliminal Distraction.

The author of the research explains with examples and quite convincing arguments that everything from the Virginia Tech Shooter, the Betty and Barney Hill case, to the KONY presidential meltdown, are results of this little recognised, and barely understood psychological/physiological phenomenon.

It is a scary thought to believe that positioning your computer at the wrong angle for example, may cause you to have a ‘psychotic breakdown’ after long periods of regular continued use… It sounds crazy, but the idea is fascinating. I have not studied psychology but I can see how someone might become interested in the subject from reading this research material.

Another revelation that I experienced came by accident when I found a comment about flying orbs seen in the night sky. They could possibly be ‘Linear Illumination Shots’ used by the military in the field to light up a target area before making a decision on what do to. They are flying orbs, similar to distress flares although these are long-life white flares, sitting in the sky, all in a row and slowly moving down to earth until they naturally disintegrate.

In a way, I am a little saddened by the fact that there could be a real practical, observable, tangible, nuts-and-bolts answer to the whole ufo and aliens question… but I am willing to continue searching for the truth, however unsatisfying or disappointing it may be, eventually time will tell.

Next stop: A fresh look at the Beast of Bodmin.


Anon said...

Well researched!

- Aangirfan

LVB said...

Very interesting, Marie.

It's funny, the one video you linked here called "The Ted Loman Show", is a guy I remember seeing many years ago - he was on the local "public access" tv channel, where just about anyone could get on there and have a show discussing pretty much anything.

He and his fellow "new agers" used to go out in the vast desert areas near Tucson and watch for UFOs. They claimed to see them many times, most of which I'm fairly certain were military related. But not your typical helicopter and fighter jet stuff, parachute illumination flares, etc. Really bizarre things they claimed to have seen, and apparently did record some on video.

There is a big Air Force base near that area, so tons of activity.

And, for what it's worth, there is also a known CIA air operation nearby called "Evergreen Air":

It functioned for years as if it was just a small private company, but I think it was (and probably still is) used mostly for transporting drugs and weapons to and from Mexico, being it is very close to the border - under the protection of the same govt that is supposedly protecting us from those things, of course. :)

Take care and keep writing, it's good for you!