Monday, February 20, 2012

Qatar and the Financial Wiz-Khalifas

This will probably come as no shock to anyone who has read my previous biographical anecdotes. Most of you are quite familiar with how I manage to get myself ‘stuck’ in strange situations, and generally get myself into trouble. I tend to find myself somehow involved in shady companies, with shady bosses, making shady deals, where lots of money changes hands, but I never see any of it, and then something weird happens.

Today I am free. I have broken the chains that kept me shackled to the hedge fund administrator’s desk. Finally I made the decision and absconded from the evil-doers and their financial wizardry. I have walked out from a job that was slowly and meticulously sucking the life source from my being.

No more do I have to force myself to read pseudo-philosophic ramblings of hedge fund manager from hell Ray Dalio, or succumb to a self-inflicted lobotomy reading Barbara Minto’s Pyramid Principle, (two books that were a requirement by law, and which I tried with every excuse possible to avoid reading).

No more will I have to pretend to rejoice with 'the team' when an earthquake occurs, or war breaks out somewhere in the world, or Sarkozy speaks, because it means we are making a profit! Nor do I have to work fifty plus hours a week, and weekends, with no overtime, no bonus, no respect, not even a thank you. I will no longer have to listen to daily character assassinations of myself and my colleagues either. This was my final foray into the corporate world of international finance… I’m exhausted and I’m through with those bastards.

Lies rule our lives, but only if we let them.

The fund that bought me as a slave, sorry, that I worked for, was given one hundred million dollars by Sheikh Hamad Bin-Khalifa Al Thani - a very good friend of the West. The money is his government's pension fund of the people of The State of Qatar. Apparently this is a secret. However, I was never asked to sign a secrecy order and my contract has officially been terminated.

Therefore, I guess I can talk about it now?

Yes, just look at this. Even as I write it I cannot believe I worked for yet another company, whose sole purpose was to gamble money for the unscrupulous Arabs on the international stock market. The profits of which, used to fund war, to pay for weapons, and allow American military to continue to operate their routes through the Middle East. The product being death and destruction - allegedly. Did I just say that? I mean they probably spend it on those fancy hotels that no one can afford to stay in, that have bath taps made of gold.

Yes, indirectly, I worked to further the goals of the elite. Not my goals, for I am sheeple. This entire country (Cyprus) is full of sheeple. It appears we are all working here to further this agenda. My working life, my so-called career in administration, continued to be one big lie it would seem. A sick, sad world indeed.

So now what have I done? Unemployment is at an all time high, the country may very well be dragged down the toilet along with Greece the motherland. I am officially broke, as every penny I ever made has gone to the banks. I may very well lose my home and car too.

While this carries on, I do have one personal achievement that this hypocrite can be proud of. Finally, my writers' workshop group, which I mentor for free on weekends, has published its first book of recent works, called Synthesis. We have each contributed a few pieces of writing, and will sell the book completely for charity, to buy books for a local childrens hospital.

Being able to give something back to community has been invaluable to my own self-esteem which has slowly eroded over the past few months. The constant barrage of negativity received through working for an international hedge fund with the sole purpose of furthering the cause, the NWO…. No wonder I have become ill, I almost died, again. My morals, my thoughts, my dreams, my expression, were all being gradually stripped from me as I became a ‘cog in the machine’ again. No dead babies required this time.

Although I am quite terrified of being unemployed, it is nothing to the plight of my body and soul should I continue to accept my master’s whip. Perhaps I waited too long and allowed my health to deteriorate while I pondered my next move. Better late than never I guess.

I didn't really think about it until last week, that however many degrees of separation there are between me and the Emir of Qatar… the financial Wiz-Khalifa, I don’t need this kind of karma. I’d rather be jobless and alive, than a zombie slave of the elite.


LVB said...

Ahhh poor Marie, I am so sorry to hear of your situation, but I am on your side and believe you did absolutely the right thing in getting the hell outta there.

If there's anything I can do to help you, $$ or otherwise, just email me at

We can talk. :)

LVB said...

Thanks for the email you sent - it motivated me to do this.

... said...

LVB - as soon as I heard what that whore was saying about Syria I looked into what she has also said about Serbians and what her so-called directorial debut was all about because it is obvious that she is a disinfo agent, probably not willingly or knowingly as she is totally illiterate - what she purports to know, she has 'learned' from he ACTING career!!

aka Marty